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Pussy Whipped Christmas

I saw the email at 4:06 PM, December 24. It had been sent at 3:30. “Get here within one hour and you will have the chance for a special reward.” It was from Goddess Marquesa. I sprang from my desk, told the office manager I had an emergency for which I had to leave, and raced for my car. Read more…

An Interview with Bob

INTRO:  As one of the Magnificent Mistress Marquesa’s most favored slaves – so I’m told, and of course I pray that it is really true – I am privileged that I am allowed to perform many tasks in accordance with Her strict orders.

One of the tasks recently assigned to me by Mistress was to interview male submissives and record those interviews.  Because I am just a lowly, stupid slave She allowed start by speaking to a submissive who served Mistress Racquel, the beautiful petite associate of the Marquesa.  This meant that I didn’t have to seek out slaves in the normal commercial B&D clubs. Read more…

The Baroness of Marilana

Matthew has only had three women in his life.

The first is the Magnificent Mesmerizing Mistress Marquesa. Although he lives in Miami, he visits Tampa at least four times a year for fashion shows. Each time he manages to serve the beautiful Goddess extensively. He treasures these brief interludes of paying homage and lavishing gifts on this true Goddess of Feminine Superiority, Beauty and Domination. Read more…


A story inspired by Goddess Marquesa





The package arrived at my office wrapped in plain brown paper and addressed to “Dr. Fletcher, PsyD MD.” Inside was a wooden box, stained a light red-ochre color, with the name “Pandora” painted on the cover in gold leaf. It was accompanied by a note in a round feminine hand: Read more…

Saturday with Mistress Marquesa

This time I’ve bitten off more than I could chew, not to say I have any regrets because I don’t, but I was with people who have been at this for a long time and I felt like a freshman. The events of this week began with an invitation to spend time with Mistress M. on Saturday and that it was just for fun, a social gathering and that it was not going to be a session, “How could I say no?” Read more…


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