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Pussy Whipped Christmas

I saw the email at 4:06 PM, December 24. It had been sent at 3:30. “Get here within one hour and you will have the chance for a special reward.” It was from Goddess Marquesa. I sprang from my desk, told the office manager I had an emergency for which I had to leave, and raced for my car. Read more…

The Drive Home


A Comment from Marquesa:
“The following story includes a method of subjugation that I, personally and professionally, find unethical and unnecessary.
That being the administration of hypnotically active drugs to dominate and control an “unwary victim.”
However:  What you are about to read is the product of the author’s mind and is integral to the plot of the author’s fictional story.
I have done nothing to alter the story, in that respect.”


The drive home was, as it always is, boring.  I drive fifteen miles to work, then fifteen miles home, day in and day out.  Normally my mind is on autopilot while the car drives itself.  This night was different, however.  Friday night, I had just sent my wife and son on a two week visit to her sister’s house.  So now I had no reason to hurry home. Read more…

Mystery Machine Halloween Queen

A Goddess Marquesa Halloween Adventure



“Geez, Scoob! Who’s the pretty lady?” asked Shaggy, a trace of drool showing on the scruff of his chin, “And why is Velma crawling on the floor?” He and the other members of Mystery, Inc. had just been let into the front door of an attractive West Florida condo, to come face to face with an even more attractive West Floridian woman. She had blond hair and deep green eyes, and wore a low-cut aquamarine dress that showed off her magnificent breasts and gorgeous legs to stunning effect. Read more…


Note to the reader: This story is based on actual events.

            I don’t remember how we met her. All of a sudden all four of us were crowded around her at this little beach bar on a Friday night. It was spring break, and because we are at school in Florida none of us had headed home. Instead we hung around the shore clubs, looking to score out-of-town hotties who had come to the beach to unwind. Read more…

The Present

           I noticed her as soon as she walked in the pub, and I wasn’t alone. Curly blond locks falling around graceful shoulders. An hourglass figure so sexy it seems unreal. Legs… her legs… even now words fail me. She wore a short black dress that accentuated every thrilling curve of her body. Her eyes are a green hue so uncanny they must be enchanted. One look at her made me dizzy from how hot I became, and how fast. Read more…


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