Your Turn

Mistress Marquesa’s

s t o r i e s   o f    e n s l a v e m e n t


Your Turn                      (a poem by slave dan)

Relax as you feel My web weaving

Around and around in your mind

Replacing your tricks and conceiving

With a power that’s Heaven to find


Give in as the silks of My spinning

Entangle you more than before

Evolving a change-filled beginning

To a helplessness felt in your core


You can’t know what pleasures await you

In My lock that’s your key’s perfect fit

Be grateful the gods did create you

Because now it’s your turn to submit


A Happy Birthday Wish!

Your Power and Your Beauty now

As ever make men scrape and bow

A Soul of steel, a Mind sublime

The Sexiest of any time

You are a gift to all You know

i do adore and love You so

Your presence makes the world so great

That all must stop and celebrate

And so i beg that i may say

Goddess Divine, Happy Birthday!

Your Goddess Marquesa is celebrating HER Birthday all of the month of July!

The Red Paddle

Krystal rose

Clear glass case

When You look at them

Do You see me?

On my hands and knees

ass bared, soul bared

underneath the Red Paddle


Love and pain

pain and Love

each man’s destiny

Aren’t they here?

Perfectly alloyed

in my heart, in my soul

underneath the Red Paddle


Strong Right Hand

bright pink flesh

As the contact lands

How much? How many?

Ever i remain

captive heart, captive soul

underneath the Red Paddle





In The Night

In the night.


A whisper.

“Yes Goddess, i will remain asleep”

Breath tingles my ear.

A whisper.

“Yes Goddess, i love You”

A finger tip upon my cheek.

A whisper.

“Yes Goddess, i will serve and obey”

A touch so intimate.

A whisper.

“No Goddess, i can never escape”

A kiss.

A whisper.

“Yes Goddess, forever”

i sleep.


slave mike

Rainy Day Goddess (a poem; with apologies to Waylon Jennings)

Rainy Day Goddess


Are You a woman? A Goddess?

No more or less

Than both the same

In one fair frame.

How could light so Divine

Sparkle and shine

But from a woman’s heart? Read more…


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