Kevin paused in front of the oaken door that graced the graceful abode of Mistress Marquesa, the hypnotic witch, and went through the chain of events that brought him here.

As an investigative reporter for an online magazine that focused on the strange and esoteric, he was used to stories of magick and mystery, but this was a little different.

An anonymous tip via e-mail had brought him 3000 miles from home to interview a woman who was rumored to have magickal powers of seduction and temptation, and who was also suspected in the disappearance of several men in the area.

Having studied wicca himself, Kevin was skeptical of the claims being laid on this woman, but a story was a story, and since management was footing the bill, why not?

His first surprise came when he rang the bell, and the door opened by itself.

Surprised and intrigued, he stepped into a majestic and dim hallway, jumping in surprise as the door suddenly slammed shut behind him.

A row of twinkling lights on the wall seemed to beckon him down the hall, which soon opened into a large living room, complete with a huge sofa and other assorted decorations, tastefully sensual and teasing with dim lights, erotic oil paintings, and a soft tinkling of wind chimes and New Age music.

Then she walked in, and he forgot everything.

To say that she was beautiful was an understatement, for she was that and more.

Tall and blonde, she stood a few inches taller than he due to her shiny, sexy, six-inch spiked heels.

Her stockings were sheer and see-through, as was the bodysuit she wore, her nipples large and protruding through the fabric.

Her emerald eyes were shining with excitement and secrecy, as if she knew something that he did not. Atop her head was an archetypal witch hat, but there was nothing about her to suggest this was a costume.

Kevin also could not help but notice her firm, large bosom, due to the low cut of the bodysuit, as well as the large shiny pendant that was nestled between them, the low lights in the room flickering off it and him.

He also blushed a little when he noticed the darkness of the material over her mound, especially when he realized it was wet, and caught the quick emanation of feminine arousal.

Silently cursing himself for wearing khakis that allowed his member free reign to roam and grow, he cleared his throat and made a pretense of politeness.

“Mistress Marquesa, I presume,” he said, bowing slightly as she offered him her hand to kiss.

Mistress grinned wickedly. “Hello, my handsome guest. You are Kevin, come to interview me? Is that why you came?”

Kevin blushed again, and tried to avert his eyes from her, quickly kissing her hand and sitting down on the plush, overstuffed sofa.

“I just made some tea,” she purred, leaning over as she filled a cup in front of him with a steaming, heady brew from a kettle, again giving him a large look at her magnificent breasts.

“I am sure that you will find it relaxing and soothing, especially after your long, tiring flight.”

“Um, thank you,” he mumbled, taking a hefty swig of the brew, which tasted vaguely of strawberry and peppermint.

She sat very close to him, wedging him between herself and the end of the couch where he sat.

Her perfume was very strong and plentiful, and Kevin found himself growing dizzy, even more so as she lit a hefty stick of incense that was protruding from between the legs of a small nude statue on the table.

Soon a hefty aroma of jasmine drifted over him, the incense surrounding him like an erotic fog.

Dimly aware of the small stain that was appearing on his pants from his leaking pre-cum, he made a vain effort to rearrange himself, taking out a pen and small notebook from his shirt pocket.

“Uh, I would like to ask you some…..questions, regarding some missing men,” he stammered, finding it increasingly difficult to keep his composure in the presence of such a fantastically beautiful goddess.

Mistress laughed. “Ah yes, let me explain. You just sit and relax and listen to my words, and soon you will understand everything. You have travelled long, but now you can relax and listen, and I will explain.”

As she spoke, she slowly brought her shapely hands up to her bosom, running them along the thick chain that held the large pendant, until it suspended over her breasts, glittering in the light.

Kevin stared, fascinated.

“You see, my dear, I really am a witch, blessed by the Goddess herself with powers and abilities that all women possess, yet many have forgotten. My duty is to bring Goddess worship back to this land, and to all who live here. I have several sexy young women who work with me, procuring powerful men to come and visit me, where I reveal all.”

As she said this, she held the pendant in front of Kevin, and began to slowly move it back and forth.

“These men have been fortunate to discover one of the great paradoxes of life, that by surrendering and serving women, they actually are made to be free, secure in the knowledge of their place and purpose in life, to serve all women everywhere, beginning with my sisters and myself.

“That is why I summoned you here, my darling Kevin. You have an inquisitive mind, and write well. After perusing your columns, I surmised that you could be of use to me, spreading the word of my doctrine to other unaware males.

“Knowing that you are just a male, after all, and an aroused one, it would be so easy to enlighten you to your destiny in life. Your answers lie here, with me.”

Kevin stared wide-eyed at the glittering pendant, and tried to resist.

“Mistress, I am a reporter, and I must be objective, and not involved, and….”

His voice trailed off as his cock twitched, its insistence painful against his pants.

Mistress again smiled wickedly. “Now, my dear boy, just relax and listen. Surely you find me attractive? Isn’t it nice being here with me, sitting on my comfy couch, listening to my soft, sensual words, feeling the tea spread through you? Even now, as I speak, the potion I placed in it is relaxing your inhibitions, making you more susceptible to my sexy words, relaxing you and arousing you at the same time.”

The pendant was swinging faster now, and the notebook and pen fell from Kevin’s hands unaware.

“That is right, Kevin. Just relax and look at the pretty pendant, my pretty, arousing pendant. It was handcrafted to catch your attention. Just look at the pretty colors as they flash back and forth, back and forth, back and forth, relaxing you, making you feel slightly sleepy, slightly sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, sleepy, your eyes heavy now and tired, your body heavy and sleepy and tired and relaxed and aroused, hearing only my voice, seeing only the lights, listening only to me in my erotic room, my sexy spell surrounding you like a hypnotic fog, enshrouding you, enveloping you, surrounding you in a sexy weave of sleep, seduction, and magick. Relax even further, your heavy eyes drooping ever lower, closing now, closing now, closed now, drifting in sleep, swimming in sleep, drowning in sleep, drowning in desire, drowning in sleep, seduction, and submission, sleeping Kevin, sleeping Kevin, sleep Kevin, sleep Kevin, sleep, sleep, sleep, sleeeeeep, sleeeep, sleeeeeeeep.”

Kevin fell back into the couch, his mouth slightly agape, his mind wrapped in the spell of Mistress.

Mistress tingled as she scoped him. He was a cute man, and she was curious to see him in his natural state. “Open your eyes, Kevin, and remain asleep,” she commanded.


He slowly did so, and found his vision filled with the iridescent liquid that was her eyes.

“Look into my eyes, Kevin,” she commanded. “Look and obey. All that I say will be your world. I am your world now, and in my world, you must come to me as a newborn would. Stand up and remove your clothing.”

She grinned as he slowly shuffled to his feet, his dazed expression turning her on as he clumsily removed his shoes and socks, pulled his shirt over his head, and dropped his pants.

She gasped slightly when she saw his thick and veiny penis, and noted that he wore no underwear. “Come with me, my darling,” she whispered, as she walked away, her perfect ass swaying from side to side.

She took him into her playroom, which was equipped with all the toys and tools for a dominatrix, as well as a huge canopy bed.

Fastening his hands over his head, and his ankles in the restraints on the floor, she slowly explored his body with her sharp nails and tongue, scratching and licking and teasing.

Deftly blindfolding him, she felt a burst of pleasure as she clipped nipple clamps on him, and made a mental note that she was going to need a larger cock ring.

Binding his engorged manhood, she now began her seduction in earnest, slapping his bare ass in time to her chants, his cheeks soon growing bright red under her erotic onslaught.

“You must obey Mistress, Kevin,” she commanded.


” I must obey,” he murmured.


” I must obey.”


” I must obey.”


“I must….uh….obey.”


” I must….uhhhh…obey.”


” I must…uhhhhhhhhh!”

His body suddenly shuddered, and his hypnotized and enslaved mind was dimly aware that he had just experienced a non-ejaculatory orgasm.

Mistress ran her hands over his body, which was hot and trim, his heart pounding in his chest.

Walking over to a wall, she pressed a button, and her bound slave was now elevated off the ground, while a large hypnotic spiral suddenly appeared on a screen.

Placing a pair of headphones on him, she removed the blindfold, filling his dazed eyes with the irresistible spiral, the subliminals buried in the audio voice tracks dominating his mind and will.

” Just relax and enjoy sweetie, while I call the girls,” she winked, leaving him to his erotic surrender.

Kevin felt himself falling into the spiral, the weaving lines pulling him in insistently.

How long he was suspended there, he did not know, but he soon found himself lying in the middle of a pentagram that was embroidered into thick, plush, red carpet.

Another spiral on the ceiling held his gaze, while he stroked himself to a cadence of sexy chants from the witches, who danced around and around him, challenging him to surrender, daring him to give in, to allow the sensuous sorceresses to cast their spell on him, to find freedom in surrender, to become the slave and boytoy that he was destined to be.

The last vestige of his free will vanished as he realized that he wanted this, that he had always kept at bay his desire to submit, and now he could, for this was his natural place in the world.

As the chants reached a climactic chorus, his body spasmed and he cried out in ecstasy, pain, and pleasure, his seed spurting halfway to his chest, his sperm spillage being quickly mopped with oak leaves by each of the thirteen members of the coven, who then burned it in an incense brazier.

Mistress laughed in triumph.

Hours later, or maybe days, slavekevin puttered about the living room, clad only in an apron and feather duster, content to clean his Mistresses home and interior, aware but not noticing the peals of girlish laughter as the other witches of the coven took him as their toy.

He calmly kneeled in front of all of them, offering foot massages and back rubs, even offering himself as a human foot rest.

Again, he heard their comments, but paid no notice, realizing that his body and mind was now no longer his own, calmly waiting until the women would summon him to their chambers to please them with his tongue, body, and cock.

Mistress smiled again as his hands kneaded her shoulders. She was so looking forward to seducing him.



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