NOTE:  This is what, at first reading, to anyone but Mistress Marquesa, appears to be a rather ‘standard’ B&D/S&M fantasy – One that was written for Marquesa’s personal amusement by slave greg some time ago.

It was dutifully read, enjoyed, and stored away along with other B&D memorabilia at the time.  She had gotten an extra surge of enjoyment from this story at the time because it revealed, very openly, to Her some of slave greg’s more ‘secret’ and unspoken inner needs – some that She had not felt a strong need or particular urgency to explore in his nature before.  Now, without any prodding or effort on Her part, She knew the power She could hold over him – to use whenever She felt the need arise.

Though it may be judged, prematurely, as ‘standard’ B&D, that is precisely where its strength lies.  It’s “everyman’s” B&D /S&M fantasy, embodying, as it does, the core motivations, the deeply ingrained and imprinted (virtually instinctual) yearnings of the male worshiper under the Beauty and Dominance of a Superior Female.  It can serve as a true prototypal model against which most any D&S fantasy can be measured, tested, and judged.

I had seen Her around my apartment complex and found Her stunning looks intimidating.  She had pure gorgeous golden blonde hair which curled reverently and enticingly just above Her shoulders.  Its silky, sexy appearance gave Her a very special feminine aura and glow.  Tall – She was nearly six-feet – but feminine and graceful, yet with a certain power to Her well-developed, abundantly curved, devastating shape.  It was extremely difficult to steal a look at Her without feeling a strong urge to pleasure myself.

I wanted to introduce myself to Her but the few times when I had a possible chance – at the pool, in the laundry – Her glaring crystal blue eyes told me I had better keep my distance.  She had the aura of a Goddess, and to me, She was one!  I wished there was a way I could please this intoxicating and stunning stranger.

My opportunity presented itself much sooner than I had dreamed possible.

One morning as I started to go out for a run, I saw Her standing next to Her car,  Her extravagantly beautiful face frowning as She stared at a flat tire.  She was dressed for work – a blue dress, dark stockings, and flashing blue pumps.  A gold chain hung from Her lovely neck, complimenting her wonderfully soft, feminine, golden hair.  This was my chance to show Her my interest.  Putting my right hand in my pocket to conceal my obvious excitement, I walked up to the car with my heart pounding in anticipation.  The angry woman barely looked up as I approached.

“Hi, got a problem?” I asked cheerfully, feeling dumb at the awkwardness of my greeting.

She turned Her head and stared at me like I was an idiot with Her eyes piercing through my nervous soul.

“I’ve got a damned flat tire as you can plainly see.” She said.  Her teeth clenched in tight frustration.

I thought She might start yelling at me because of Her irritating situation and I said, “Let me change it for you.”  I looked at Her for a second and then quickly averted my eyes to Her fascinating feet in their sexy blue pumps.  I felt like falling to my knees and begging Her to allow me to change the tire… that was how much I wanted to please this woman.

“Do you think you can change it without screwing up?’  She asked me harshly.

I was a little surprised by Her strident tone – after all, I was offering to change Her tire.  Maybe other men would have been angry with Her response but I was willing to do just about anything She asked of me.

“I think I can handle the job okay,” I said, forcing a smile.  She just glared back and handed me the keys.

“The stuff is in the trunk,” She said as She stepped back to watch me work.

As I changed the tire She stood over me and when I knelt down to loosen the bolts holding the wheel, I couldn’t keep from staring at her beautiful feet.  She sighed and told me to hurry up.  She paced next to me as if I was the cause of Her troubles.  I gladly absorbed this woman’s ire and even felt really lucky to just be allowed to change the tire on Her car.  She did nothing to help me and Her only words were criticism.  This was one hard person to please; yet pleasing Her was what I desperately wanted to do!  As I finished – the quickest I had ever changed a tire – I sat back on my feet and tightened the last lug on the wheel.

“You did a pretty good job,” she said, her voice a melody in my head as She came closer, “I could use a good worker like you.”

I glanced at Her feet and then looked up, my adoring eyes hypnotized by Her ‘baby blues.’  “i would like to do whatever You want me to,” i said, feeling my words were inadequate.

“Good. I have a feeling that you may be of some use to me,” She said as She smiled at me – not a smile of friendliness but a wicked smile, a smile of warning.  “Of course that will have to be determined by your performance.  I am very demanding,” She warned me as I remained on my knees, genuflecting before this Goddess.

“i’m available for whatever You need,” i said softly.

“I hope you’re telling me the truth because I have been looking for some guy who really enjoys pleasing women.  You would enjoy pleasing Me, wouldn’t you?” She asked.

These were the words i had longed to hear from a woman for many years.  “Yes, i would love to please You!  Please give me a chance,” i said as I stared at my greasy hands.

“Good, you’re already starting to beg.”  She smiled a somewhat softer smile but it was still a look which meant She was serious about Her words.

“I’ve got to go to work, but I come home for lunch.  You do know how to cook?”  She asked, distain in Her voice.

“Yes,” i answered.

“Good!  You will be at my apartment at noon, building E, number 20.  I might not get home till a little later than noon, maybe even much later, but I still expect you to be waiting at My door… and don’t you dare be late!  My name is Danielle,” She said as She walked around to get into Her car, purposely brushing my leg with Her foot, leaving a patch of dirt on my thigh.  “Remember, noon!”  She said as She got in Her car.

i finally rose to my feet, hand in pocket!  “Yes, Danielle,” i said, “i’ll be anxiously awaiting Your arrival.”

She drove out of the lot in a cloud of dust, tires squealing, as She left me standing in a state of shock.  This woman was incredible!  i was sure I had found someone to take over my life, to tell me what to do – it looked like I had finally found a Mistress – a true Goddess who might permit me to serve Her, worship Her, and eagerly obey Her commands.

i walked quickly over to Her apartment a few minutes before noon to wait by Her door.

From my apartment i could easily have seen Her pull into the parking lot and i could have met Her as She walked to her door… but She had told me to be waiting at the door and i wasn’t about to miss this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity by disobeying Her order.

As i waited i kept imagining what it would be like to be Danielle’s slave.  i pictured myself kneeling at Her feet, awaiting Her commands.  i even thought of what it would be like to be whipped by this beauty and how i would suffer for Her if it would give Her pleasure.

Time passed slowly as i waited.  i was anxious to begin preparing Her lunch even though i was terrified that i might not do my job to Her satisfaction.

At 12:30 i heard wonderful (erotic to me) high heels clicking on the walkway outside.  i stood straight, anticipating Her arrival from around the corner… “you don’t know how lucky you are to be allowed to fix my lunch,”  She said haughtily as I followed Her into the apartment.

Her place was immaculate.  She was obviously an exacting person.  She was absolutely perfect in my eyes.  Intriguing and excellent works of art adorned the walls.  She threw Her keys into a dish next to the door and sat down on the beige sofa.  i awaited Her orders.  She looked at me as if trying to decide what She might give me to do.

“I had a hard morning showing some jerk a house that he never intended to buy… all that walking and frustration for nothing,” She complained.  “All that after a flat tire this morning… why don’t you come over here and massage my feet,” She ordered, pointing to the floor with Her lovely, perfectly manicured, shining red fingernails.

“Sure, if that is what You would like,” i said, shrugging my shoulders.  i thought I was going to burst as I walked over to the couch and knelt in front of Danielle… no longer with my hand in my pocket.

“I’m going to get straight to the point,” Danielle said, crossing Her gorgeous legs. Her right foot just inches from my face.  “I need a servant, a houseboy… a slave… ! If you think you might be interested in such a position then you can stay, otherwise get out of My apartment and don’t you even dare look at me again!”

She said it all in such a way that left no doubt about Her intentions.

“i would very much like to be Your slave,” i admitted, “it is something my simple soul craves.  i feel I have been destined to be the slave of a beautiful lady since birth.”

“Since birth,” Danielle mocked, “that’s quite a long while slave!  I’ll give you a chance to prove yourself to Me, but believe Me, if you don’t do a damned good job the I can assure you, you will fail to meet my standards and you’re out the door!  But… if you try hard and don’t screw up too much, the I might find you are enough use to be worth the trouble of training you properly.”

Danielle stopped talking, letting the words sink in.  i said nothing, not daring to speak.  i immediately understood my tenuous position and desperately wanted to make Her happy.  This was my chance-of-a-lifetime… a chance to fulfill my wildest and most lustful dreams… to serve and obey the commands of a truly deserving and demanding Goddess!

“You can start by cleaning my shoes with your tongue.  If you do a good job then I will let you rub my feet, slave boy.”

i bent over and started cleaning the blue leather, running my tongue along the entire shoe from the heel to the toe.  i hung my head under the foot and sucked the heel, then i bravely pit my tongue on the sole of the shoe, licking the dirt and grit from the bottom of Her shoe.  i was really warming to the task.  Warm?  i was hot – my hard uncontrollable cock wanted to explode in my pants!

“I’m glad you aren’t missing anything.  I would hate to be very upset with you if you didn’t do s good job on such a simple task as cleaning My shoes every day.”

“Yes Ma’am,” i said as She switched Her legs so I could clean the other shoe.  Her gorgeous sexy legs were more than my poor excited soul could stand.  I went ‘over the top’!  i couldn’t hide my excitement.  Fortunately, for me, the Mistress chose to ignore my pleasure.

“You will always address me as ‘Mistress’ and of course, you will simply be called ‘slave’.  “After all,” Mistress Danielle said as She began to laugh, “I don’t even know what your stupid name is!”

“It’s brian, Mistress.” i said between licks.

“Whatever… I’m sure I will soon forget such a silly common name,” She said, obviously bored by my words.  “Take off My shoes,” She ordered.

i slipped off the pumps very carefully, trying very hard to show them the proper reverence.  Her toenails shined through the Her dark stockings.

“you may kiss My toes to show them your respect and then go fix My lunch,” She commanded.

i gently and reverently kissed Her beautiful toes and them backed away slightly, still on my knees.

“There is some tuna salad in the refrigerator.  I would like a sandwich and a glass of iced tea.  Certainly even a clumsy slave like you can handle that,” She said.  “Before you do that though, turn on the television – I like to watch the ‘soaps’ while I relax and eat my lunch.”

“Yes Mistress,” is all i said as i quickly responded to Her commands.  i fixed the sandwich and brought it back to Her.  i knelt before my Divine Goddess, shakily holding the plate and presented it to Her, hoping that this simple meal would be to Her satisfaction.

“you may massage my feet again as I eat,” She told me as She watched Her television program.

i started rubbing Her feet and for the next forty-five minutes i gave Her the best massage possible, ignoring the tired feeling in my hands as i attended to Her lovely precious feet.

Mistress Danielle said little to me but did honor me with the comment that i was doing a reasonably satisfactory job of massaging Her feet.  It was something i would be required to do frequently for She loved massages of all types – particularly a good foot massage – and of course, i was only too eager to satisfy Her need… and my own craving.

“I must get back to work,” my Mistress told me about two o’clock.  “I want you to quickly clean up the dishes.”

i took the few dirty dishes into the kitchen and washed them as Mistress Danielle disappeared into Her bedroom.

A few moments later i went back into the living room where i saw that she had again sat down on the sofa.  i saw that She had a thick leather strap in Her hands.  Her beautiful blue eyes gleamed maliciously as i stood before Her.

“Drop you pants, bend over and grab your ankles,” Mistress Danielle coldly ordered me.  “One of your primary functions is to relieve my stress – and whipping a slave is a marvelous way to ease the tension.  You do want Me to feel better, don’t you?” She taunted.

“Of course Mistress,” i said as i grabbed my ankles as She had instructed.

“Pull down your underwear stupid.  You don’t possibly think I would whip you any other way except on your bare ass, do you?” She asked with scorn.

“No Mistress, of course not!” i responded as I yanked down my shorts and resumed the position.

“How many licks should I give my piece of shit slave?” Mistress Danielle asked Herself aloud.  “What do you think slave? How many should I give you?”

i didn’t know what to say.  i knew that any answer I gave was sure to be the wrong one.  “As many as You desire Mistress,” Was my response.

“Of course I’ll give you as many as I desire you stupid flippant slave… but you shall give me a specific number,” She snapped.

i hesitated, then said, “ten,” figuring it would be a reasonable safe answer.

“Ten,”  Mistress Danielle said as She considered the number.  “I really don’t think that will be enough.  Twenty it will be and that’s being quite lenient!” She stated arrogantly.  “you will count and thank me for each one, of course,” She said as She prepared Herself.

i held my ankles tighter and waited for the first blow, the first of many to come.