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My first emerald eye-opening experience with Erotic Wonderizm Surrender was when….

My then *Significant Other* showed me a classic VIDEO of marvelous lady expert  hypnotist, Pat Collins. 

We cuddled while watching her cleverly coax some sexy reactions from a group of on stage hypnosis volunteers.

I was impressed, CURIOUS AND INTRIGUED. I instantly got awesomely *TURNED ON* by the mind’s powers, and sensual Mesmerism’s potentials IN THE HANDS OF A BEAUTIFUL HYPNOTIST.

Soon after…My passion partner and I started exploring intimate experimentation with sensual Spellbinding.

If you have ever visited me for a LIVE session, you already can declare that my mutually satisfying HOT erotic HYPNOTIC sessions are the real deal.

My one-on-one SENSUAL HYPNOSIS sessions [In-person or on the phone] are always SAFE, FUN, SEXY, and PLAYFUL.

And they are indeed… VERY EROTIC.

I’ve well-developed generous goodie bags of exciting, inventive ways for willing individuals to relish as much SEXY FUN with Me enthralling them as we desire! 

As you keep exploring my website’s many decadence delights, you WILL swiftly surely see, hear, and feel Erotic Hypnosis or Fem-dom Hypnosis entrancingly amps up your wildest fantasy and/or fetish dreams beyond imagination!

IN FACT, you can have fun with sensual spellbinding as a couple too!

A fellow hypnotist recounted his girlfriend’s sexy hot exhilarating FANTASY which she yearned to try. 

After wonderizing her, he told her when she reached enhanced orgasm it would feel 100 times more POWERFUL and FULFILLING than ever!  It worked!

They’re ever-increasingly having the time of their lives enjoying in bedroom Beguilingwhenever they choose.

They are a titillating testimony to how erotic hypnosis wonderfully enhances love-making.

I’m skilled and certified in classical and sensual HYPNOSIS for many years now….and I always have and always will respect and appreciate each sensuously experimental person or sexual submissive I wonderize!

“Newbie or devotee, thanks for being here with Me!

I hope you delight in my website’s

Bewitching Stories!


Mesmerizing Pictures!

I caringly create each and every exquisite ecstasy here to soothe, stimulate and sexually SATISFY you. 

I revel in crafting and offering you the hottest erotic hypnotic play and Fantasy/Fetish content available anytime and anywhere…”