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a story in honor of Goddess Marquesa’s Birthday on July 1

               I had been marking her movements very carefully since my girlfriend and I had followed her into the supermarket. My first view of her from the back was breathtaking. Gorgeous legs, lush blond hair, and a curvaceous figure that her sheer white sundress clung to enticingly. When she turned to procure a shopping cart and I saw her bewitching green eyes, my heart skipped several beats.

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Queen of Space

            I arrived on Space Station Shakti along with the rest of the delegation. I am lead Psychologist, since my doctoral research had focused intensively on the benefits of hypnosis in treating neurosis. Like most members of the team I approached our mission with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism. We had all seen the sensational stories in the media; we had all heard scandalous tales and fantastic rumors. What could possibly be going on at Shakti? Read more…

At Her Feet 

“I want to p-purchase a Valentine’s Day g-gift certificate for one of your customers,” the man on the other end of the phone said. It was my first day of work at the Cupid Salon. The shop was busy and the boss had barked at me to answer the phone. Something about the man’s voice gave me the chills. He spoke as if he was in a trance. A trance of love. No…..worship. Read more…

Tunnel of Love

“Why have you come here?” Goddess Marquesa asked.

“I don’t know,” I answered, and it was the truth. She had agreed to a private meeting with me only after much pleading, but I could not identify the root of my pressing need. “The trance sessions I’ve had with you have been wonderful, but lately I don’t feel myself. Look…” I held up my hand, palm down. It trembled involuntarily. “I can’t make it stop. I have trouble sleeping. I can’t focus at work. What’s happening to me? Can you help me with this?” Read more…

Kiss Ass Pet

            I noticed her as soon as she came into my shop, Palm Tree Cards and Gifts of West Florida. She is the kind of woman who is noticed wherever she goes. The curves of her body, the litheness of her movements, and the general aura of her presence all command attention.

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