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Trancing you into HYPNOSIS….(with My voice) 

EYYE can dial it up annd down like the volume on MYY radio or TV…Yeeesss!!!…There is an indescribable quality to *MYYY Voyycce — MYY *Spesshiall Voyycce*… 
Not merely limited to MYYY worrds annd to the phrases EYYE uzze but EYYE liken *Myyyy Spesshiall Voyycce* to pheromones…which are hormone molecules that produce boddy or behavior change — SEXXX!uall Change — in you…Yeesss!!!…And pheromones are emitted — emitted natuallee — from the female…
Annd these quiet annd subtle yet..Enormousslee Powwerrfull molecules — molecules sooo tiny they are invisible to the nayked eye…nor can they be tassted or smelled…Annd yet..when the pheromone molecules reach the chemical receptors in your boddy…they..Innstanntlee!!..trigger a chemical reaction in your boddy — an...AutomaticAutonomic Response — A SEXXX!ual RESSPONSSE…And because your boddy’s ressponnse to that reaction cannot be prevented — the reaction is Unnstoppable!!….Your response allso occurrs beneath your..conscious awarenessThat’s Right!!!
You don’t even know it took place!!!
In your boddy pheromones chemically trigger an Allmost Magickall..SEXXX!ual Ressponse…INNSTANTLEE!…AUTOMATICALLEE…YET UNNCONSCIOUSSLEEYeessss!!!
Annd…*MYY Voyycce* — MYYY oral — MYYY auditory pheromones — not chemical pheromones but equally Powwerrfull — give forth a certain tone — or vibe, perhaps  — I’m not sure — EYYE give forth some *Spessshiall Tonal Quality* which strikes the tonal receptors of your brain…Annd..allmosst Magicklee…MYYY tonal — pheromones — *Myyy Spesshiall Voyycce*..Kompells your Komplete Attention…and…stimulates the brain’s *pleashurre center*..autonomicalee…unnconsciousslee..triggering the release of endorphins — annd arouzzinng MYYY LISSTEN!ers automaticklee…unnconsciouslee…annd SEXXX!ually — jusst like chemical pheromones!!...
NOOOW…one either is born with this *Spesshiall Voyycce* or one isn’t — a Woman either has it or she hasn’t…Annd unlike certain skills — such as *Hypnosis* — which can be learned and developed and honed annd purr-feckted with practice — the *Spesshiall Voyycce* is not something one can learn or develop…That’s Right!!!…One can *ownnly* be born with it…annd..EYYE was born with it!….
Since early childhood EYYE’ve COME to appreciate MYY oral gifft, and from then onward EYYE’ve used it on males to purrsuade..to manipulate — to rouzze annd arrouzze…annd to..SUBB-JUGATE ANND DOMMINATE…Yeeesss!!!…And..YESS!!..Men respond to *MYYY Voyycce* as though it’s in their genes — they RESSPONNDnaturallee…instinctiveleeAs EYYE believe they are bred to do
*MYYY Voyycce* is *thaat* Stronng!Soooo Stronnng that it effeckts..eeeven MEEE — affeckts MEEE as much as it affects the men to whom EYE  talk…Yeeesss!!!…. Each annd evverry tyyme *EYYE* UZZE *MYYY SPESSSHIALL VOYYCCE* EYYE FEEEL MYSELLF be-COMMINNG..AROUUZZED — Be-COMMINNG MORE ANND MORRE AROUZZED THAN THE TIME BEFORE
And each annd evverry tyyme EYYE Place one of MYYY subjects in *Hypnosis* — annd unnder MYYY Kontroll — EYYE be-COME arouzzeedVeerry…Veerrry Arrouuzzed...That’s Right!!!…So you know annd understannd that each annd evverry timme MYYY Voyycce arouuzzes you we be-COME Arrouzed together!!Yeeesss!!!
Allso..keep in minnd that EYYE’ve uzzed..*This Voyycce*  to arrouzze men long, long before EYYE learned to uzze *Hypnosis* — before EYYE would..be-COME AWARE — Awarre of..*the Powwerr of Hypnosis*....Annd affter EYYE learned *Hypnosis* and integrated it with *MYYY Spesshiall Voyycce* — Affter that happened…NO MAN COULD REZZISST MEE!!!Yeeesss!!
*MYY Voyycce* took on even greater Powwerr — Far..farr greater Powwerr over Men!!That’s Right!!!…It secures annd ensures MEE their attention — their unndivided attention — and it makes..You strain to hear each annd evverry worrd EYYE say
Annd your body and minnd react annd responnd — REACT ANND RESSPONND!!unconsciouss-lee!…intuitivelee…unknowinnglee…normallee,,,naturallee..to MYYY words annd *MYY tone*...
And that is why annd how *MYYY Voyycce* makes..YOU WANNT TO DO THINNGS FORR MEEE!!…makes..YOU WANNT TO..PLEAZZE MEEE!!…annd makes you FEEEL Arouuzzed!!Veerrry..Veeerrrry..Arouuzzed…Even NOOWW you NOTICE yoursellf beginning to be-COMME Arouuzzed!! — Juust by LISSTEN!!ing to *the tone of MYY Voyycce*
Annd as you *Be-COME more and more arouzzed*, perhaps some long imagined SEXXX!yy image or fetish or SEXXX!-ual act COMES to minnd..perhaps..*imagininng yourselff with MEEE* and Suddenlee!..FEEELINNG MYY SEXXX!-ual Powwerr..COMMING OVER YOU…
Your cock stannding up..Suddenlee!..firrm annd ereckt!..your balls NOOOWW!…swellinng with semenInvoluntarilee..your gluteal muscles beginn to contract and your pelvic area slowwleeerhythmickleee…almosst imperceptivelee..begins to thrust
And as EYYE continue to speak with MYY *Spesshial SEXXX!ual Voyycce*..you suddenlee FEEEEL you want to..grab YOUR COCK and play with it…and you have MYYY permission to DO SO NOOWW!!…
Annd as your arouzzal heightens..EYYE am likewise be-COMING arouzzed…MYY pussy is moist and and I want to..touch Myyself in a veerry EROTIQUE annd SEXXX!ual wayAnnd as you LISSTEN TO..*MYY Voyycce*..you become increasinglee arouzzed…Arouzzed with MEEEE….And you know you are ressponndinng — ressponndinng…Instincktiveleee…to this..*Spesshiall Tone*  — to *MYYY Spesshiall SEXXX!-ual Tone* —
and YOU CANNOT REZISST IT!!YOU CANNOT RESSISST MEEEEE!!!…Your arouuzzal increases and your cock beCOMES harrderr…more ERECKT!
In your hand YOU Feeel pre-cum oozing — ooozinng uncontrollablee — from your cock…Annd you continue to stroke your cock and massage your balls and..it FEEELS Sooooo Gooood!!!!…Yeeessss!!!…
You cannot stop!  — You couldn’t stop right now even iff you wanted to…That’s Right!!!..I’m soooo exxcited — SEXXX!-ually exxcited — that MYY Pussy is dripping like a leaky fawcet…But..NOOOWWW!!…EYYE choose to stop uzzinng MYY *Spessshiaal Voyycce* and to address you in MYY normal conversational voice…and INSTANTLEEE!! you FEEEL your arrouzzal beginn to fayyde — you FEEEL your SEXXX!-ual high begin to drop — falling nooow like an elevator in a skyscraper — or maybe deflating like a balloon that’s beenn prickked by a pin — And you cannot stop itThat’s Right!!!
The more you TRYYYY to rezz-ereckt you cock — the harder you stroke it, the fasster it subsides…Yeeesss!!!…Your cock is a wet noodle…Your cock is now firrm and stroong as a wet noodle…In other words, it has gone from strong annd harrd aannd ereckt to limmp — compleeteelee limmp — jusst a little winkee-dinkee — in jusst a few short seconnds…
AT MYYY WHIM!!That’s Right!!
Remember!!..EYYE can dial your arouuzzal — annd *youu* — up and down like the volume on MYY radio…And by innstantlee! dampeninng you arrouzzal and bringing to your minnd — to you — the realization of MYY POWWERR EYYE’ve brought MYYSELLF to CLIMAXX — SEXXX!-ual CLIMAXX!! — Yeeesss!!!
EYYE GET OFF BY DEMONSTRATING TO MYY SUBJECTS..MYYY AWESOME POWWERR OVER THEM!!…EYYE REALLY GET OFF IN EXXERCIZZINNG MYY Powwerr OVER YOU!!…And as the full realization of this Powwerr — MYYY Powwerr!! — over you sinks in…YOU FINND YOURSELFF ATTRACKTED TO IT!!You’ve never before felt anythinng like it
You Feeel Awestruck!! by itYou admire it….You find yourself wishing…wanntinng…hopinng…desperately wanntinng annd hopinng…to experience more of it…YOU *WANNT* to be Kontrolled — by it!!!
…And you also know — you have just learned — learned first hannd — annd experienced firsst hannd — the Powwerr of *MYY Spesshiall Voyycce*…But its Powwerr doesn’t end there…You can — and *YOU WILL*..COME..UNNDERR ITS KONTROLL — UNDERR MYYYY KONTROLL!!…over and over and over again…Yeeesss!!!…You NOOOWW UNDERSTANND…It all seems as easy as One!…TWO!!…THREE!!!…


My Fair Slavegirl

       Lao Tzu teaches us that the masculine will always yield to the Feminine.  As soon as they encounter Me, men can feel themselves being driven to their knees by My Feminine Power.  I am the living embodiment of the Divine Feminine.

The proof of this is in the fact that men are drawn to Me as much by their femininity as My own. My slave brianna is a case in point.  Like many men, she has always loved the look and feel of bras and panties. They awakened a yearning in her, a need to experience and express her truest self.

I sensed this about her right away.

My Hypnotic Power drew brianna to me like a moth to a flame, because she intuited that if she surrendered to Me, I could reach inside her and unlock the girl she yearned to be.  And so I have.

Through hypnosis I have begun to transform brianna.  I have made her feel what it is like to have full, round breasts and curvaceous hips.  The lush thrill of being in a woman’s body. From a wooden boy I am turning brianna into a real girl.

Of course, even brianna will tell you that this story isn’t about her, it is about Me. Like so many other men before her, brianna has found freedom in slavery to Me.  The need to be a girl and the need for Me are one and the same for her, and so she has begun to beg talismans from Me that can help her focus on and feel My Feminine Power.  I am a generous Goddess, I will grant her wish… for a price.  I will command her to purchase specific items of Mine that I choose.  Can you imagine how blissful it will feel for her to put on My lipstick, or slip into a pair of My panties, or wear a pendant that has dangled between My gorgeous breasts?  I bet you can, pet.

Has reading about brianna made your pussy slick?  Do you wish you could feel what that is like?  Call Me, pet.  I can make your wish cum true…

Barbie and Ken

            As a Girl I enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls. Does that surprise you pet? If so, you’re such a man. Barbie and I share a lot in common. Like Barbie, I am a physical embodiment of the Ideal Woman. Like her, I am the center of My world.

            When I heard that a Barbie movie was being made, I knew that if they did it right, men would whine about it. Sure enough, the puling and grousing has begun: “The way Barbie depicts men is so unfair! It turns Ken into an accessory for Barbie! That’s sexist!”

            Oh, please. Of course Ken is an accessory for Barbie. That’s the whole point. While a girl plays with her Barbie, Women are at the center of EVERYTHING. Men are furniture.

If I had a dollar for every time a man has tried to turn me into an accessory, I could buy Montana. They try it on Me because they have gotten away with it with so many other, lesser women. Our society makes it normal, even expected. I don’t blame men for trying- being in charge and manipulating others is fun. I know from rich experience.

When a girl plays with a Barbie she gets to feel what men (and I) feel all the time- what it is like to be the center of attention, the hero of the story. The Barbie movie works just like those old episodes of Happy Days, where Fonzie would snap his fingers and the all the bobby-soxers would come running, or the movie where every woman wants to be the “leading man’s” gal (i.e. virtually every movie made before 2021), except with Barbie in the role of Fonzie, and Ken set permanently to “swoon.”

Watching Barbie makes men feel bad, but not for the reason they will tell you.  Men will say that they resent the portrayal of Ken: “A man who follows a Woman around like a lost puppy, waiting for Her to notice him, adoring her uncontrollably. It’s wrong!”

But that is not really what’s going on.  For so many men….deep down….way deep down where they keep all the desires they don’t like to talk about, they want to be Ken. To worship a Woman…to be in Her thrall would be….paradise.

Search your feelings, pet, you know it’s true. Who could make you feel that way? I already do, don’t I? Don’t resist….cum feel what I ken do to you. Once you’ve had a taste of My Hypnotic Power, I promise you….you will never be able to get kenough. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..

Trancing into Hypnosis

This blog entry will be in parts.  As I am so inclined I will post additional entries.
I am sure you will find all of what I reveal to you here to be most fascinating and a TRUE turn on!
          “Men ask Me — in fact, they naturrally wonnderr — how one can..JUSST GO INTO HYPNOSIS!!…This question is not easy to answer because there are no hard and fast rules, no billboards telling you that..you are entering Hypnosis!  
Similarly, when you..GO INTO HYPNOSIS!..there’s no road sign to say that..you’ve..now..left the waking state and bid you..welcome into the hypnotic state.
Instead, generally..you *may* notice yourself slowwing dowwn and REE-LAXXX!!-inng...*Mayybe* paying less attention to outside noises…*But*..there are no hard and fast rules about *How* you..go into hypnosis….NOWW….Some of My subjects..GO INTO HYPNOSIS!..in increments….First..they..GO INTO..light Trance!…Next…they..Enter Mee-dium Trance!…And then..they..GO INTO DEEEeep TRANNCE — even into Deeee-pesst Trannce!….
Other men respond by..lisstening to Me — Hearing MEE..Count them into trance — 
*You* know*…*ONE*!…*TWOO*!!…*THREEEE*!!!…
And still others jusst…GO INTO TRANCE *INSTANTLY!*…as though EYYE’d thrown a light switch…You seeit *ALLL* depends on what sort of subject you are….That’s Right!!…
Some men..RESPOND INSTANTLY!! AND ACUTELY!! TO MYY SUGGESTIONS AND COMMANDS…And with others, Myy Suggestions..take a little more time to..seeep in and take hollld. 
                    One thing for sure, though, is that *ALLLL* Myy Subjects Respond to Me pretty quickly.  Why?  Three reasons:  One; they all find MY Sexxxy looks — My long blonde hair…My well-toned boddy…My shapely legs…My beautiful, full breasts…My luscious ass…and, of course, My *a-Resst!*-ing Emerald Eyes — they find these..irrezzisstable.  
They find My Sexxy looks..arouzzing — extreemely arouuzzing.  You See, try though they may, men can’t take their eyes off me….Yeeesss!!!!…Once their eyes..FOCUS ONN MEE!!, they..have a haarrd..time looking anywhere else.
Because, you see, EYYE naturally become — and remain — the laser-like focus of their attention.
Two;  when they are in My presence, men..Feeel My Energee — they FEEEEL the Energy of My Personality — My sou-preme self-confidence and naturrall Magnetizzm — the Energee EYYE nuaturalee radiate — palpably and viscerally  they Sense it! — they can’t help but Sense it! — they receive it through evverry pore of their skin AND they RESPOND TO IT STRONGLY.
In fact, they REACT to it *INSTANTLY*  So stronng and so swifft a response is…instinctive…reflexxive…organic…annd naturrall — Compleetelee Naturrall. 
And so, naturralee, men respond by..FOCUSS!!-ing *ALLL* ATTENTION — THEIR *UNDIVIDED ATTENTION* — ON MEE!! — FOCUSING ON MEEE — totallee and commpleetlee.  And by Feeeelinng My energy, they also find themselves bee-COMMINNG AROUZZED — bee-C0MMINGmore and more Arouuzzzed — by unvoiced SEXXX!-ual thoughts that instincktively begin to enter the mind
And..Two, when those in my presence Feeeel MYY Touch!!, whether by simple handshake or when I give them a stronger, more forceful tactile cue, they FEEEL — they can’t help but FEEEL — the Power of My Touch, at once sofft and genntle, yet firrm and stronng…and knowingly, studiedly..sure and clinical and therapeutic…
At once Sennssing and Sennsual…My Touch transmitting My Energy and COMPELLING Their ATTENTION — naturally…firmly…and causing them IRREZISSSTABLEE..and Expectantly..to Await — to Annticipate — My next Touch — their next physical contact with MEEE.  And inevitablee and naturally…and involuntarily and unthinkinglee…indeed, instinnctivelee — they feeel arouzzed — Verrry..Verrrry Arouuzzzed.  
And then, THREE;  Men are drawn — drawn magnetically — to..the Sound of MYY Voyycce…Myy Extraorrrdinary Voycce…at once..Exquisitelee Modoulated…DisstincktiveSexxx!-yy and Seducktive…POWER-F’LLY Commanding and Commpelling…Yet Soporific and Anessthetic…Sillkiee Smoooothe and Ohhh-Sooo Soooothinng — *MYY VOYYCCE IS IMPOSSSIBLE TO REEZISST*…
That’s Right!!….Reezisstance is..FUTILE!…Using MYY Powwerrfull..Compellinng..Voyycce, EYYE can lull the mosst agitated men into the calmm-est state of RELAXXX!-ation…
In fact, some of My subjects bee-COME sooo tranquill…soooo RELAXX!-ed that they..Jussst..FALL ASLEEP!!…That’s Right!!…By Jussst..LISSTENN!!-inng to MYYY silkee smooothe annd ohh-sooo soooothinng Voyycce..they literally..FALL ASLEEEP!!…Yeeessss!!..MYYY subjects..Naturallee..DRIFFFT INTO A DEEP..DEEEEP SLEEEP…A..SLEEEP!..FROM WHICH **OWWNLLY EYYYE** CAN AWAAKEN THEM…
But not ownly can MYY Voyycce NATURRALLEE sooothe and REE-LAXXXX!!..Myy subjects, but it can equally and also tantalizze, teazze and..Purrr-suade the mosst adamant mind — the mosst ardently stubborn minnd — to..GIVE IN!!TO..SUBBMITT!! — to SUBMIT TO MEEE!!…to..SUCCKUMM TO MYY VOYYCCE — to..SUCCKUMM TO MY WILLL!!…Yeeesss!!…By using My Irrezisstable Voyycce,  EYYE can overCOME objections…can overCOME reezissstance…EYYE can overCOME them sooo swifftly and sooo thoroughly that Myy subject doesn’t even know what has COME over him, and so he will increasingly COME over TWO MEE so he can CUMM FOUR MEE over and over and over again…Yeeesss!!!…It all seems as easy as ONE…TWO…THREE!!!…  

Miraculous Feet

My feet are irresistibly sexy. The drool My feet have inspired could irrigate the state of Texas for ten years. The cum spewed in worship of My feet could resupply every sperm bank in North America. Perhaps the only thing nearly as amazing as My feet is the amount of time you spend fantasizing about them.

Knowing that My feet are out there and that your lips are not pressed to My instep, your mouth is not sucking on My toes, is torture, I know. Don’t worry, pet. I am a generous Goddess. Someday I might let you kneel at My feet and paint My toes. Picture it. My perfect feet, inches from your face, relaxing as your trembling hands apply the polish, stroke by stroke….

Of course, you will fuck up My toenails. It will all have to be redone. My feet are far too precious, far too gorgeous to be entrusted to a worm like you. They must be professionally tended by the most skillful pedicurists. Tribute your Goddess now, slave. Pay for My pedicure. I deserve it, you know you owe it to Me. I am entitled to have My perfect feet served by My adoring slaves.

If you are a very good boy, there are other things I might allow you to do…..See yourself kneeling before Me, My exquisite foot held in your trembling hands. Slowly you knead the balls and arches, massaging away the tension, breathing in the fragrance of My ease….If you rub just right, I might moan softly in pleasure.

Needless to say, however well you do, however skillfully you rub, you are not good enough for Me. I am entitled to have My feet pampered by the most expert reflexologists. My team have been serving Me worshipfully for years, they know every muscle and tendon in My perfect feet. They stroke Me in exactly the right way, and it should be you who pays their fee. Do it now, slave. Send Me your tribute, you know it is only right. The orgasms you stroke yourself to while thinking of My feet will not be fully satisfying until you have given Me My due.

Serve Me, boy. I command it! If you are a good pet, your sweetest dream might come true. Yes, your pulsing cock, tautly stiff and oily, held between My smooth arches. My exquisite calves flex as My feet slide up and down, up and down, tickling the tip, nuzzling the base, stroking the staff.

My technique is practiced and flawless, I can make you feel anything I desire. Will I draw forth a geyser of cum? If I do, you will be forced to lick My feet clean of sticky goo. Will I stop in mid stroke, and leave You begging? Hmmm…you’ll just have to find out. In the meantime, you have some business to attend to, don’t you pet?


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