Not only have My beautiful, bountiful breasts long been the objects of wonder, admiration and worship by My subjects, but they also have provided, and continue to provide, inspiration for reveries, fantasies and just plain lustful ogling admiration by men at large (I often think I should charge them for the view!).
And, because nothing displays the female breast — and My breasts — to voyeurs better than latex, I shall now discuss one of My favorite latex accessories:  the Bra.
Now, rubber and latex bras come in all sizes and designs, and I like all of them, but three models really stand out and rank as My very favorites.  The first model, which is far more than any mere chest covering, extends upward, from a couple of inches above My navel, and covers My boobs and all My body above them — including most of My head.

Openings for My arms and face allow freedom of movement from the shoulders out, and affords Me an unobstructed view of the visual impact of this garment — and My body — on My subjects, which is attention-grabbing and breathtaking.
Some fetishists prefer the model with full sleeves; I prefer it sleeveless — easier to don and doff.
Next, there’s a bra the lower edge of which extends upward, from about two inches above My navel to My chest above the boobs, and features standard brassiere shoulder straps — of latex, of course — to prevent the top of the garment from falling down.
It is made so that My boobs lie unsupported.  This is ideal, because this design best reveals the natural — the unsupported — profile of the breast, which, when it is completely encased in rubber, provides rubberists with a wonderful turn-on.
The third model is cut like a standard woman’s bra, with perhaps a modicum of uplift support for the boobs, except that it features holes through which the nipples protrude.
These openings invite an onlooker to touch, tease, taste, suck, lick and otherwise tantalize and titillate — or just admire.  One feature that all these models share to a greater or lesser degree is that they not only reveal the full valley between the breasts, but they also conform to the size and shape of the breast they cover, so the way the boob naturally flows from the chest down into its bra cup covering is faithfully revealed to the voyeur in all its glory.
Such a bra shows off the shape and beauty of the breast in a way that no other covering can match.  Again, I cannot overstate the importance of a well-cut bra, because, to many rubberists, the view it reveals is one of the most powerful visual turn-ons that latex provides.
           Most fashionistas and others agree that bra and panties are the basic foundation garments for any lady’s couture.
We’ve talked about bras, so we now turn to panties.  As with latex bras, there are many designs for panties as well.  To overly simplify, panties come in two styles:  Those that open up through the crotch, and those that do not.
Panties that open to reveal the genitalia and anal opening offer the domina and Her playmate a cornucopia of wonderful opportunities for play and exploration with hands and fingers, gloves, dildos, tongues and more.
Some models, which are more than just panties, come with one or more attachments that fit into certain bodily recesses — anal and vaginal — of the wearer.  These attachments form an integral part of the garment; they don’t come along with velcro or snaps or a zipper so they can be detached when not needed or desired.
           The last rubber clothing item I shall discuss is, literally, the topper:  the Hood.
To be sure, some L&R adherents prefer to see a lady’s hair flowing naturally down over Her rubber-clad shoulders — and maybe down to Her rubber-clad ass — but to others, a latex hood that covers most, or even all, of Her head, provides additional, and most satisfactory, visual pleasure that perfectly tops off Her costume.
One of My slaves gets immensely turned on by a woman wearing a rubber hood.  Personally, I prefer a cowl that, like Batman’s, covers My neck and the crown of My head, except that unlike Batman’s, which covers the eyes and nose and allows breathing and sight only through the narrowest slits, My ideal hood covers only the upper half of My forehead, leaving the lower portion of My face completely uncovered, along with My eyes and nose.  (I must add that hoods come in many styles; some enclose the entire face with small openings for eyes, nose and mouth, but these models cover too much face to suit Me.
I prefer My face, with all its expressiveness, fully revealed to My subjects.)   A most satisfactory variant of My favorite hood comes from British and German designers, which is cut so that the face opening extends from my hairline down over My forehead and comes to a point about three-quarters of an inch above My nose.
Two semi-circular arcs on My forehead follow and highlight the contours of My eyes.  Both my subjects and I really like this model, My subjects because they find this style not just esthetically satisfying but maximally erotic, and I because it naturally draws their attention to, and focuses it like no other visual cue, on My Emerald Eyes.
To be contiinued…..