INTRO:  We’ll skip our usual, long-winded introduction for this tale which we found to be completely self-explanatory.  Hope it gives you the kicks (especially if delivered by lovely, nylon-clad foot) that it did for Mistress and me!

After many long years of dreaming, hoping and endless searching, I am now very excited – yet content – to report that at long last I have found a truly gorgeous dominating Superior Woman to serve as Her foot slave!  This is not to say that my service is limited to Her feet only.  Out of sheer gratitude and reverence I would do anything to please Her but I must say that I do adore Her lovely feet with all my slave heart.

It all started several weeks ago when I became captivated by Her article “From the Slave’s Cell” in Hollywood Playdates and New Reality.  At the end of the article She mentioned Her compassion and understanding, “for recession ravaged rascals,” during these hard economic times.  While I still make more money at my business than the statistical average U.S. family, it is not what I had been accustomed to making and spending preciously… but since the economy seems to be recovering (very slowly), my business is also making a slow recovery, so I guess I really shouldn’t complain.

The effect this has had on my passion for B&D/S&M was to curtail my search for a truly Superior Woman to worship on whom I could lavish my hard-earned profits.

Also curtailing my efforts in this area, in which all my dreams and fantasies lie, has been the fact that I have never – until now – found a Mistress that I truly wanted to serve beyond the point of just the “session” itself.  As a result, my deeply rooted needs had never been fulfilled.

Waking up rather early on a Tuesday morning a few weeks ago I decided to go to a small local restaurant for breakfast.

Afterward, when I had paid the check I noticed a piece of paper in my wallet lodged in front of my driver’s license.  Taking it out an unfolding it I saw a phone number with the name “Marquesa” written on it.  Then I remembered the article in New Reality.  It was now 8:30 a.m. and I felt a very compelling urge to call.

“No, must be too early,” I thought.  However, something made me call anyway.  I couldn’t resist.

On the other end I got an answering machine but something in Mistress’ voice made me hang on and listen carefully.  I left a message as instructed and waited for fifteen minutes, as the voice instructed, before calling the number again.

I had very serious doubts that I would get anything but the machine again but I just couldn’t pass up the small chance I might have to make a person-to-person contact with this Lady with the very sexy voice.

My prayers were answered.  This turned out to be a very special turning point in my life.

From the attitude and tone in Her sexy voice, I could tell that I was speaking to someone very special.  After a brief conversation in which I revealed some very personal information about my fantasies, etc., She told me that She felt I might have some potential and that She would consent to have a face-to-face interview.  The interview would determine whether or not it would be worth investing the time it would take to train me properly in this potential relationship.

She didn’t sound very interested in me at first, but She seemed to change Her attitude very quickly after I mentioned that I have a very strong foot fetish.  She then responded, “Oh, it has been a long time since I’ve come across a good new foot slave.”

It was all ‘down hill’ after that brief exchange.  I was given instructions on where to go for the interview and the times to make my calls.  My heart was pounding!  Could this be the Lady I’ve been dreaming of all my life?

After I placed the second call upon arriving at the designated meeting place I was made to wait more than an hour past the time She stated She would arrive.  Several times during that hour I nearly gave up hope and felt like leaving, but something inside me made me wait.

I’m so glad I didn’t leave!  Once She finally arrived I instantly forgot all about the frustrating wait.  She was absolutely stunning!  I can’t begin to describe or do justice to Her marvelously beautiful, sexy face and body.  To believe it, one must see Her in the flesh.  I was in total stunned awe!

She instructed me to get in the passenger seat of Her glistening burgundy sports car.  She then drove us to a quiet spot to conduct the interview.

She proceeded to tell me what to expect from the relationship on Her part and then She was kind enough to ask me for my expectations and desires.  It was actually very difficult for me to concentrate and speak coherently as I was continuously distracted by Her beautiful face, Her wonderfully full breasts encased in Her black leather tube top and, of course, by Her lovely, irresistible feet.

She was wearing a pair of open-toed sandals that showed off Her exquisitely polished toenails,  If I hadn’t been prevented by the gearshift console that lay between us I would have gotten on my hands and knees right then and there to pay homage to Her lovely feet.

When She was satisfied that She had all the information She wanted, I was told that the interview was over and that I must call Her precisely at 9:00a.m. the next morning to arrange for my first training session.  She then asked me to please leave so She could get to Her next appointment.

I complied immediately to Her command, so thankful and feeling so wonderful that I gave no thought to the fact that all passing by could plainly see that I was in a very excited state.

I was also a mile from my car!

In Her parting words before driving off, She instructed me to prepare a list of ten things I would love to experience and five things I would definitely not like in our coming relationship.

I began preparing the lists that very night.  I kept changing, rearranging and rewording it.  I actually woke up several times that night to work on the list.  Each time I awoke I was so excited from the dreams I was having about my new Mistress that it was hard to get back to sleep – but I wanted more dreams of Her.

Finally 9:00a.m. arrived and I feverishly punched in my Mistress’ number.  The line was busy.  I tried again five minutes later.  I was elated and my heart was pounding when She answered.  She gave me a time to meet Her at Her home.  I grew very excited as I heard her final words to me:  “slave boy.”

If these words had been uttered by anyone but my Mistress I don’t think I would have liked it but somehow Her tone was so playful and impish I was thrilled.

When I entered Her home I dropped to my knees and looked at the floor as I had been instructed to do.  As She stood over me I couldn’t help myself… I had to look up at Her radiating presence.

Mistress immediately caught me stealing this look and proceeded to give me a very stiff reprimand.  She wanted to know if I was too stupid to follow Her instructions.  I begged Her forgiveness and promised never to disobey Her instructions again.

Reluctantly, She seemed to accept my apology but I was warned that any future violations could result in severe punishment and possible banishment.  I could tell from the tone of Her voice that She meant business.  I resolved to be very careful to keep my promise.

I was told to disrobe and leave my things at the entryway.  Mistress then walked across the room to a stairway and beckoned me to crawl across the floor after Her.  I moved as quickly as I could because I wanted to be as close to Her beautiful, radiant self as I possibly could.

We entered Her bondage room not far from the top of the short stairway.  I was totally enthralled by what I saw and from the anticipation of what was to come.

She seated Herself on an elegant black-lacquered chair.  To me this chair symbolized my Mistress’ throne.  “Get over here slave – on the double!” Mistress commanded.

“Come close so I can put this leather collar around your worthless neck as I do to all My slaves.”  As She said this She looked directly into my eyes and I could do nothing but obey.

I obediently extended my neck to facilitate my collaring.  She fastened it tightly, the attached a metal chain which She tugged repeatedly as She informed me, “you slave, are My property to do with as I please.

I was totally transfixed and replied as meekly as I could, “Yes Mistress Marquesa.  Thank You.  I am your slave and property.  You may do anything with me as You please.”

Her response to my statement was swift and cruel.

“Quiet slave!  I did not give you permission to speak!”  As She spoke She gave me a swift kick across my butt and every organ in my entire body twitched with pure pleasure.

After what seemed an eternity, during which She gradually calmed Herself, I was instructed to bend down while still on my knees to kiss and pay homage to Her wicked-looking black stiletto-heeled shoes.  All my dreams were coming true!  I was in heaven and my heart was racing as I reached a state of ecstasy I had never dreamed o, much less experienced.

While I was feasting on Her lovely shoes with my flicking tongue, Mistress Marquesa proceeded to give me Her House Rules.  I knew from Her previous actions that I must pay close attention.  Under the circumstances this was indeed hard to do as you can well imagine.  Somehow I managed because I knew my entire future with the Mistress depended upon my strict compliance with even the most trivial of all Her rules.

To make things all the more difficult She gave me permission to remove Her left shoe and then alternately massage and kiss Her very regal, heavenly foot.  I bobbed up and down as I obeyed my very benevolent Mistress.  I inhaled the exquisite aroma emanating from Her wonderfully alluring foot.  Beads of sweat began to form and roll off every square inch of my body surface as the rapidity of my breathing and my pulse reached astronomic proportions.

How I survived this brief interlude in heaven I’ll never understand!

Suddenly, as I was reaching a peak of excitement, my Mistress commanded me to stop.

“you will now repeat back to me all of the House Rules I have just given you, slave.  Any mistakes and you will be given appropriate punishment!”

My heart sank.  Slowly I pulled each rule out of my memory and repeated them to my Glorious Mistress.  I knew my very existence in Her heaven depended upon a flawless rendition of Her words from my memory.  To my utter amazement and infinite relief I was able to perform this small miracle!” Good boy! You have passed my initial test with flying colors!  I shall now read your list of ten things you would love to experience in our relationship.”

“One:  you would like to kiss and lick your Mistress’ lovely feet.  I just let you do that, haven’t I slave boy?”

“Two:  you would like to kiss and lick your Mistress’ boots and shoes.  What a one track mind you have slave!  I’ve just let you do that very thing also haven’t I?”

“Yes Mistress, “ I replied gratefully.

“Three:  you would like to keep your Mistress’ shoes and boots cleaned and polished for Her.  Well slave, I do have an entire closet full of shoes in the other room.  I could lock you in there for several hours each week so you could take care of them for me.”

Her recitation on and on in a similar vein until She had read and commented on all ten.

I felt a very great sense of humiliations She read aloud the list of ways I wanted to be dominated and serve Her, yet it was wonderful to have a truly Superior Female discover and know what I had kept secret for all these years.  I was thrilled to the core of my slave soul to realize I was exposed to Her divine eyes!

When She had finished reading my list the Mistress informed me that, as Her foot slave, I would be permitted a position in Her life no higher than a piece of furniture – a foot stool to rest Her feet as She engages Herself in other activities of more importance to Her.  Strangely, this did not bother me in the slightest.  I was much too overwhelmed by the tantalizing thought of being Her lowly foot slave!

To firmly establish Her control, Mistress Marquesa then ordered me to lie across Her black leather bed, face up.  She hand-cuffed me to the headboard and tied my ankles to the baseboard.  She then tied the rope around my body, expertly engulfing each part for the fullest restraint and pleasure.

Taking a cat-‘o-nine-tails She began to whip me across my chest, stomach and thighs.  I was in paradise!

A cruel, yet amused smile came across Her lovely lips as I began to feel my energies blend with Hers.  It was a wonderful altered state of consciousness I was experiencing.  This could be happening somewhere far away in a distant galaxy for all I knew or cared.  This wonderful experience justified everything.  It was my whole reason for living!

The excitement peaked and I desperately wanted to touch myself – but with my hands bound to the bedposts it was impossible.

“Are you having complete pleasure, the way you thought it would be?” She taunted me.

“Yes Mistress,” was all I could say.

“Now if you want something else salve boy, you will have to beg me for permission – but until I grant it to you, you are to continue doing just what I have ordered you to do, you are to continue to entertain Me!”

She then leaned over and very kindly poured some lotion into my hangs to keep them lubricated.

“you are to please your beautiful Mistress,” She said as I began to beg permission to end my tormented pleasure.

Finally when She realized that I couldn’t hold back any longer She shouted, “Alight slave boy! OK!  Have it your way, you may release all your pent-up feelings for your Mistress.  Show Her the full extent of your humble bodily cravings – you nasty little boy – show your Mistress how happy you are She is giving you this pleasure!”

After my head was clear the two of us spoke for a while and for the first time in my B&D/S&M experiences I didn’t feel like getting dressed and leaving right away.  I just wanted to stay and relish this exquisite moment.

Finally when I was dressed and ready to leave, Mistress Marquesa called to me from where She was standing at the top of the stairs, “Before you leave salve, you must crawl up to me and kiss My feet once more!”

I never crawled so fast in my life!  …  Then after this one last feast I was told it was time to go.