As a Girl I enjoyed playing with Barbie dolls. Does that surprise you pet? If so, you’re such a man. Barbie and I share a lot in common. Like Barbie, I am a physical embodiment of the Ideal Woman. Like her, I am the center of My world.

            When I heard that a Barbie movie was being made, I knew that if they did it right, men would whine about it. Sure enough, the puling and grousing has begun: “The way Barbie depicts men is so unfair! It turns Ken into an accessory for Barbie! That’s sexist!”

            Oh, please. Of course Ken is an accessory for Barbie. That’s the whole point. While a girl plays with her Barbie, Women are at the center of EVERYTHING. Men are furniture.

If I had a dollar for every time a man has tried to turn me into an accessory, I could buy Montana. They try it on Me because they have gotten away with it with so many other, lesser women. Our society makes it normal, even expected. I don’t blame men for trying- being in charge and manipulating others is fun. I know from rich experience.

When a girl plays with a Barbie she gets to feel what men (and I) feel all the time- what it is like to be the center of attention, the hero of the story. The Barbie movie works just like those old episodes of Happy Days, where Fonzie would snap his fingers and the all the bobby-soxers would come running, or the movie where every woman wants to be the “leading man’s” gal (i.e. virtually every movie made before 2021), except with Barbie in the role of Fonzie, and Ken set permanently to “swoon.”

Watching Barbie makes men feel bad, but not for the reason they will tell you.  Men will say that they resent the portrayal of Ken: “A man who follows a Woman around like a lost puppy, waiting for Her to notice him, adoring her uncontrollably. It’s wrong!”

But that is not really what’s going on.  For so many men….deep down….way deep down where they keep all the desires they don’t like to talk about, they want to be Ken. To worship a Woman…to be in Her thrall would be….paradise.

Search your feelings, pet, you know it’s true. Who could make you feel that way? I already do, don’t I? Don’t resist….cum feel what I ken do to you. Once you’ve had a taste of My Hypnotic Power, I promise you….you will never be able to get kenough. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha…..