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Bad Bunny

This story was conceived by Goddess Marquesa, and is based on events She experienced


                “Humans are social animals.” I know I have heard it before, but I never gave it much thought or understood what it really meant. Until she taught me.

She was on a date with another man when she came into the restaurant where I work. I sometimes wonder if my life would have been different if the seating hostess had sat them at someone else’s station. Probably not. Karmic gravity would almost certainly have brought me into her orbit if she came within half a mile of me. Read more…


            Goddess Marquesa looked at the four men arrayed around Her table. Each in his own way was yummy. The beefy stud to Her left was smiling pleasantly, as was his habit. The beautiful blond youth next to him was sulkily pouting, no doubt jealous that there were other men present. Across from him was a short, rather plump man with a bright look in his eyes. Next to the Goddess on Her right was an older man who could not hide a salacious grin.

“You boys all have a lot to be grateful for this holiday. Tell Goddess what you are most thankful for,” Goddess commanded. Read more…

The Shrine

     I found the shrine three weeks after moving into my new house. It was a secret room, secluded in the rear quarters of the beautiful old colonial manse in upstate New York. I had purchased the house, along with the fifty acres of property on which it was situated, hoping to have some seclusion. I had decided to retire as a hermit after the company I founded was bankrupted by the pandemic and my girlfriend left me.

The building was what my real-estate agent called a “fixer-upper.” I don’t really have any home improvement skills. But I figured that watching YouTube videos and learning how to mount drywall and apply spackle would be a good distraction from my personal woes. Read more…

Queen of Space

            I arrived on Space Station Shakti along with the rest of the delegation. I am lead Psychologist, since my doctoral research had focused intensively on the benefits of hypnosis in treating neurosis. Like most members of the team I approached our mission with a mixture of curiosity and skepticism. We had all seen the sensational stories in the media; we had all heard scandalous tales and fantastic rumors. What could possibly be going on at Shakti? Read more…


Note to the reader: This story is based on actual events.

            I don’t remember how we met her. All of a sudden all four of us were crowded around her at this little beach bar on a Friday night. It was spring break, and because we are at school in Florida none of us had headed home. Instead we hung around the shore clubs, looking to score out-of-town hotties who had come to the beach to unwind. Read more…


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