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a story in honor of Goddess Marquesa’s Birthday on July 1

               I had been marking her movements very carefully since my girlfriend and I had followed her into the supermarket. My first view of her from the back was breathtaking. Gorgeous legs, lush blond hair, and a curvaceous figure that her sheer white sundress clung to enticingly. When she turned to procure a shopping cart and I saw her bewitching green eyes, my heart skipped several beats.

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An Average Night

A true story from the adventures of Goddess Marquesa


I arrived at the restaurant to meet My friends after a pleasant day of relaxation. I had been savoring victory energy for a while. My weekend encounter with My select slave had gone exactly as I planned.

The slave, whom I call primatehunk, is a scientist and a beautiful specimen. A fit body and a sweetly handsome face…charming…intelligent…he could have any woman he desires.  Of course, I will ruin him for lesser women.  I have been breaking him down slowly…compelling him to acquiesce ever more thoroughly to My will. When I had him on his knees and commanded him to take My strap-on dildo into his mouth he resisted. The look in his eyes as I rubbed the tip of the dildo against his cheek….the moment of surrender as he took the shaft into his mouth and began to suck…..Mmmmmm. I had been wanting to celebrate ever since… Read more…

I’m going to F*ck your ass!

 The mention in My blog of strap-ons and rubbersex brings Me to describe My most recent experience in using My strap-on with a slave.

First, I want you to see Me right NOW!  — or imagine Me — clad from head to toe — I love wearing My open-faced hood — in My best, shiniest latex catsuit, fitted so well and so tightly as to make My body seem vacuum sealed from head to toe, unmasking to y-o-u-r eyes even as it covers every peak and valley, every cranny and crevice of My extraordinarily sexy body.

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Bad Bunny

This story was conceived by Goddess Marquesa, and is based on events She experienced


                “Humans are social animals.” I know I have heard it before, but I never gave it much thought or understood what it really meant. Until she taught me.

She was on a date with another man when she came into the restaurant where I work. I sometimes wonder if my life would have been different if the seating hostess had sat them at someone else’s station. Probably not. Karmic gravity would almost certainly have brought me into her orbit if she came within half a mile of me. Read more…


NOTE:  This is what, at first reading, to anyone but Mistress Marquesa, appears to be a rather ‘standard’ B&D/S&M fantasy – One that was written for Marquesa’s personal amusement by slave greg some time ago.

It was dutifully read, enjoyed, and stored away along with other B&D memorabilia at the time.  She had gotten an extra surge of enjoyment from this story at the time because it revealed, very openly, to Her some of slave greg’s more ‘secret’ and unspoken inner needs – some that She had not felt a strong need or particular urgency to explore in his nature before.  Now, without any prodding or effort on Her part, She knew the power She could hold over him – to use whenever She felt the need arise. Read more…


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