The mention in My blog of strap-ons and rubbersex brings Me to describe My most recent experience in using My strap-on with a slave.

First, I want you to see Me right NOW!  — or imagine Me — clad from head to toe — I love wearing My open-faced hood — in My best, shiniest latex catsuit, fitted so well and so tightly as to make My body seem vacuum sealed from head to toe, unmasking to y-o-u-r eyes even as it covers every peak and valley, every cranny and crevice of My extraordinarily sexy body.

 And NOW feel — just feeel — the Raw Sexual Power — the Dominant Power emanating from ME.  And Now, in My presence, STRETCH YOURSELF AND LET ME STRETCH YOUR MIND, Close your eyes and Open your nostrils and Inhale, and just allow the pungent, unmistakably intoxicating scent of rubber to make you Come Alive as you Join Me in My Rubber Salon…and picture — just imagine — the scene I’m about to describe.

And as I describe what takes place, Just hear My voice, and let yourself be drawn, drawn slowwly deeeper into the rest of the proceeding. Yeesss!!

Just let My voice help you Join Me — help you become part of the proceeding, along with Me…

I am preparing to receive a visitor.  He is a subject who has served Me for years and years.  He is fit; his body, well toned; and, he is blessed with a fine set of masculine equipment.  I first met him in a bar, liked what I saw, and so, judiciously using My special hypno-tease voice, which nobody can resist, I covertly hypnotized him — he never knew what I had done to him.

Since I had hypnotically seduced him, we’ve had many encounters.  I used him sexually, over and over, and from time to time, strictly at My whim, I abused him, and through these dalliances, I became well acquainted with his mind and his body.

But My interest in him didn’t stop there:  I also worked long and hard to have him come completely into My Power.  I assiduously and painstakingly trained him, honed him, programmed him mentally, physically and sexually, pushed his mental and physical boundaries.

I cultivated in him the highest standards — My standards — of service and servitude, and of sexual performance.  In fact, thanks to My exacting guidance and expert tutelage, his physical and sexual capabilities expanded far, far beyond anything he could have imagined.

I completely transformed him, and he has come to respond to Me and My hypnotic triggers and commandsacutely and exceptionally well.  He has morphed not only into a splendid slave but the ideal sex toy.

No, far more than a ‘mere toy’, he has become a finely honed, finely tuned sexual instrument, and an extension of My sexual and dominant persona.  Today, I own him.

             In the days preceding his arrival, I have been growing progressively more excited — sexually excited — at the prospect of not just seeing him, but of having My way with him.

Before his arrival, as I thought about what I might do to him while I pulled on My Rubber garments, not only did I become damp between my legs but My boobs began to swell in anticipation, so much so that I found it quite difficult to stuff them into the suit and pull it on over them.

They feel sooo tight, seeming ready to burst open the latex material like an overinflated rubber balloon.

Oh, I am ready, soooo ready.  So, too, is My slave.  He’d better be!  He knew in advance that I have commanded his presence for My pleasure and fulfillment, and from long experience, he knows how I expect him to prepare himself, mind and body, for My therapy. I want him to come before Me clean and empty.

The doorbell rings, and as with Pavlov’s drooling dog, its tones this morning begin to moisten My pussy.

As My slave comes in the door, he presents himself, with all appropriate deference and servility, for My pleasure and satisfaction.  To receive him, I am dressed in basic black:  My body is sheathed in black.  My latex catsuit fits My body like a glove.

Complementing it is My open faced black rubber hood and long, elbow length black latex gauntlets

The suit shows off My magnificent body…magnificently, and just pulling it on makes My natural sexual power surge through My body and mind.  To explain, without My latex covering, I exude My customary sheer personal and sexual power — but the simple act of pulling this rubber casing over My body somehow seems to amplify My Power.

And this isn’t just sexual power, either:  I now radiate a total, overwhelming aura of command and control, attitude, dominion and superiority.  I want him, want him badly.

And, I haven’t yet pulled on My strap-on!

 My slave, on the other hand, exudes deference, compliance, docility, submission — total submission — he is eager to serve, to please, to obey, to obey unhesitatingly.  The raw personal power I exude only magnifies these qualities in him.

As I close the door behind him, he kneels down on the floor without prompting and greets Me by kissing My feet and My legs.

I return his greeting with calm enthusiasm, in the process giving him visual, tactile and oral hypnotic triggers that both relax and arouse him.

My pussy dripping like a leaky faucet, I command him to rise, and I lead him into My Latex Lair, My Rubber Play Room, in which I recline majestically on a much used chaise longue, upholstered in rubber (of course!), and then bid him to kneel before Me and resume kissing My legs.

Slowly, methodically, he works his way up My inner thighs, and thanks to years of hypnotic programming, while he continues to kiss My legs, working his way up, first to my inner thigh to My pussy, he enters a light trance.

 I love this.  I know he is now completely in My power, completely under My control, and like a programmed robot to instantly do My bidding and obey My commands.  This thought brings a sudden flood of moisture to My pussy, and a satisfied sneer, born of equal parts of power and lust, curls my lips.

Feeling now extremely aroused, I now grab his head, positioning his mouth over My pussy and command him to Lick!  As his tongue laps at Me, I savor its slippery warmth and pressure through the latex film covering My pussy lips.  For a few moments, My upper lips part as I savor the feel of his talented tongue on My lower lips.

Presently, though, I feel the time has come for action.

          I command him to open his eyes, rise and remove all his clothing and pile it neatly in a corner.  I suggest to him that the act of carrying out My command will send him deeper and deeper, and deeper still, into My power.

As he complies with My command, his movements become progressively slower and slower as his own acts sink him inexorably deeper into My hypnotic sway.  As I suggested, his eyes close as he finishes.  After he completes this task, I command him to open his eyes and step over to and up upon a moveable wooden platform six inches off the floor.

Next, I order him to stand at parade rest while I proceed to inspect him.  His motor skills diminished by My sleep suggestions, he moves slowly, very deliberately, as he complies with My command, easing himself over to the spot I want him.  When he is properly positioned, I begin My inspection.  I am thorough so I take My time.

I want him perfectly clean shaven, his underarms and, especially, the area around his genitals.  I hate five o’clock shadow and stubble — all these spots or surfaces I don’t just want, I demand My slaves be hair free.  To Me, failure to appear well groomed means failure — failure to RESPECT YOUR GODDESS and failure to OBEY YOUR GODDESS, and  failure to CARRY OUT THESE COMMANDS — MY COMMANDS — I will not tolerate.

Moving slowly around My slave with dramatic, calculated deliberation, I poke him and prod him, feeling his muscles.  My rubber-covered nipple brushes up against his chest, and, knowing what it is, his body twitches convuIsively.

It turns Me on to see him twitch at My touch, and in response, My pussy begins to drip uncontrollably and My own nipples harden with desire.  Moving directly in front of him, I look into his eyes while I twist his nipples and briefly fondle his cock and balls to further increase his arousal.

He returns My gaze, his eyes transfixed on My arresting Emerald Eyes.  With him focusing on My eyes, and feeeling *ONLY* my sooothing, sexy touchI am now the center of attention.  I have not uttered a single word. My slippery gloved fingers continue to move easily over his cock and balls, gently kneading…teasing…fondling.  In addition to arousing him, their effect is also extraordinarily relaxing and sooothing.  And as I carefully, deliberately continue to heighten his arousal, he slowly begins to lose touch with all other stimuli in the room and goes into his own space.

So deeply does he descend into himself that the two of us could be performing this act at rush hour in Grand Central Station and he still would be oblivious of people around him.  I wouldn’t:  I’d love it.  I love this!  I love sending, transporting, men into another dimension.

At this point, I’m feeling equally aroused, transported along with him.  As I slowly, gently, deliberately continue to stimulate him, My gaze remains riveted on his eyes, waiting for what must soon happen.  And it does:  Suddenly, unconsciously, in his inevitable response to My ministrations on his cock and balls, and to the sheer ecstasy resulting from it, the eyes defocus and glaze over, and the eyeballs roll up in their sockets.  


In doing so they send Me the signal I’m waiting for. “SLEEP!!”  My command is sudden, sharp, and accentuated.  “Sleeep!Sehleeeeep!!  In stages, I lower the tone of My exquisitely modulated voice from forceful and commanding to softly seductive as I continue, “Go DEEEEPDeeep, Deeeep a-Sleeeeeeep!”  I continue on in this vein, even as I continue to fondle and tease his cock and balls while I command him to go deeper still into My Power.

Then I wrap one hand around the base of his scrotum and, still fondling his cock with the other, I slowly and deliberately tighten My grip on his scrotal sac until it causes discomfort.

 Very softly, but with the greatest intensity, I say to him, “YOU BELONG TO ME! […Squeezing tighter…]  You will *ALWAYS* remember that.  Won’t you?” [accompanied by a veerry tight squeeze]  “Yes, Goddess.”

Softly, relaxing My squeeze, I continue to tease and fondle with both hands, and I tell him, “That’s Right!  You exist only to *Please Me*, to *Serve Me*, to *Service Me*.”  My pussy dripping with pure sexual power, I remind him, “You will do *EVERYTHING* I demand of you.  You will OBEY MY EVERY COMMAND INSTANTLY, without hesitation.

From this moment on,”  I say with special emphasis, changing the focus,”…You are My *sex toy*, and you serve only for My pleasure.  You are about to Serve Me and Please Me, and in doing so, you will feel more joy, more pleasure, more satisfaction, and more fulfillment than you have ever felt before.  That is because you will be Pleazzing Me, Serrving Me, and Serrvicing Me — consecrating and dedicating yourself, body and mind, for Me and My Pleasure.

This is the highest expression and sole purpose of your life — and by which you signify your total and absolute submission to Me…Sooo…feel verry, verrry goood, and Go Deeper and Deeper into My Power as I prepare you to be used as an instrument of my pleasure….”

              Now My tone shifts.  “Have you cleaned yourself properly, as I have commanded you?”  I ask sharply.  [“Yes, Goddess.”]

I enjoy administering pain to slaves who displease Me, and I derive the most satisfaction — some might say the most perverse satisfaction — in administering enemas, because since early childhood, rectal play — sphincter play — has gotten Me off.  I have always enjoyed inserting, sometimes ramming, objects up the ass of boys and, later, grown men.

Watching my subjects writhe in pleasure and, sometimes, agony, makes Me feel so hot, so sexually dominant, I can hardly stand it.  I quiver all over in excitement — sexual excitement — when I administer a prostate massage — and so does My subject.  It goes without saying that I derive the most supreme, sometimes perverse, pleasure from these activities when I am wearing rubber gloves over My hands and wrists.

Now….Watching him closely, I unzip My catsuit between my legs and pick up My strap-on.  Now My pussy is already moist, but I want the strap-on to slide into place extra smoothly, so I coat the portion that will remain inside Me (I call it the “A end” — I am the Alpha Person in this procedure) with a light coating of lubricant.  To be sure, My already moist pussy is already receptive to the dildo, but with the extra slippery goop running off it as I insert it, it slides right in.

Sensing it enter My pussy not only feels goodsooo goood, but it sends a massive surge of personal and sexual power up and down My body, and unconsciously, My free hand brushes My nipples, and My vaginal muscles involuntarily contract.  Just as the act of pulling on my catsuit makes Me feel powerful, sexy, and commanding, the act of strapping on My strap-on sends another, more powerful surge of energy and moisture to My pussy.

I am now fully cocked and loaded!  Mere words can barely describe the excitement and power running through Me.  With the straps of My tool buckled loosely (I like to leave it a trifle loose so that I derive more feeling from the pumping action that will come soon.0

I deepen his trance much, much more, and then, I take a few drops of lubricant on My gloved hands, grab his cock.  My slippery, rubbery touch causes his naturally substantial cock to become erect, and knowing this, I deliberately, teasingly fondle it as I direct him over to a low lying barrel, with a small table set next to it.

            I must add here — immodestly — that many dommes who bestow on their slaves the rite I am about to perform on My fortunate submissive feel compelled to restrain them; they tie them down to prevent them from moving.  You may wonder why I stay away from tie-downs, handcuffs, or other restraints.

Why?  Because I don’t need them.  For you to be so privileged to SERVE ME at this advanced level, you have been highly and painstakingly programmed, you are NOW so deeply in My Power and so completely under My Control that physical restraints are completely unnecessary.

The Power of My Voice and My persona obviate the need for any such hardware.  More important, though, consider the notion that restraints are needed only for those who would resist.  For My slaves, resistance would be unthinkable because My Voice and My Power are irresistible — completely irresistible!!

Once you submit yourself to Meyou are now totally under My Control and completely in My Power.  Moreover, once you have submitted to Me, you are so happy to be in My Power…so excited to be in My Power that the mere thought of resisting Me would never enter your mind [Besides, even if you did, you still couldn’t resist Me because you have been programmed not to].  That’s right!!  My Power over My slaves is Supreme — that’s how Powerful I am.  I truly have this slave, literally and figuratively, over a barrel.

            The barrel over which My slave now rests is set on a sturdy wooden stand which, at moments like this, prevents it from rolling over.  It is made of wood, and, as My generous concession to the comfort of My slaves, it’s padded with thick layers of foam neoprene rubber.

Lying heavy in the air, the smell of rubber permeates the entire room.  My slaves and I find this scent not only intoxicating, but arousing in the extreme — it heightens our already powerful feeling of sexual excitation.

I direct My aroused and sleepy slave so he faces the barrel, which he does, then I command him to bend over it and spread his legs.  He complies instantly.  I dip the tips of the fingers of My right hand into a large, open transparent jar of lubricant which I had thoughtfully placed on the table before his arrival.

The lubricant, which has the color and consistency of honey, is the same substance that proctologists employ to lubricate their proctoscope before they insert the instrument into the ass of their patients, and I have found this goop ideal for My purposes as well.

 I gently insert one, then another finger, into his anal opening and gently feel around, and begin to stretch the opening to more easily admit My instrument.

 I begin to gently knead his prostate.  As I push against it, I command him, “Contract the sphincter muscle as tight as you can…Tighter…TIGHTER STILL!…Veerrry Goood!!…Now RELAX it!…Yeeesss!!! ”  


Now, I begin to run my fingers up and down against the prostate, mimicking the movement of a cock, and gently pressing it, adding to the very real pressure of his contracting sphincter.  I continue, “Each time you feel the pressure of My fingers in this spot your sphincter will contract, your sphincter will contract tighter — even TIGHTER! — than the time before…And each time you feel a thrust in this spot your lower abdominal muscles and your gluteal muscles will also contract, just as you sphincter is now doing.  That’s right!!!

“And with each successive thrust you feel, the sensitivity of your prostate will increaseThat’s Right!!!…With My each and evverry thrust, the sensitivity of the prostate will grow greater and greater…and it will feeeel sooo goood…sooo goood.”

As I say this, My rubber-covered free hand has somehow found its way to his cock and balls, and with each push from My thrusting hand, it alternately strokes his cock or kneads his balls, occasionally running rubbery fingertips over the cap and glans of the cock.  He moans in ecstasy.  “Yeeesss!!!That feels goood, sooo goood!!Doesn’t it??

As I continue on, you will experience the need to cum — You will want to cum — You will feel the urge to cum,” I half-suggest, half-command, “But you will not be able to cum — You will not be able to ejaculate — until I command you to do soThat’s Right!!You will cum — eventually — You will cum — and you will *ONLY* be able to cum on MY Command — You will cum *ONLY* on my CommandDo you understand??“….”Yes, Goddess!” “Veerrry Goood!!”

               These preliminaries completed — his sphincter opened I withdraw my fingers and step back for an instant to survey things.  With his ass still above the level of the “B-end” — the Business end — of My strap-on, I push the moveable platform up behind him, its height just high enough so that the B-end will be positioned at the optimal angle from which I desire My strap-on to penetrate his anus.  Mounting the platform, I dunk the B-end into the jar of goop.  Dripping honey, I slide the B-end easily up into the ass of My slave, and then slowly, veerry slowly, I begin to thrust.

To be continued…..