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a story in honor of Goddess Marquesa’s Birthday on July 1

               I had been marking her movements very carefully since my girlfriend and I had followed her into the supermarket. My first view of her from the back was breathtaking. Gorgeous legs, lush blond hair, and a curvaceous figure that her sheer white sundress clung to enticingly. When she turned to procure a shopping cart and I saw her bewitching green eyes, my heart skipped several beats.

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An Average Night

A true story from the adventures of Goddess Marquesa


I arrived at the restaurant to meet My friends after a pleasant day of relaxation. I had been savoring victory energy for a while. My weekend encounter with My select slave had gone exactly as I planned.

The slave, whom I call primatehunk, is a scientist and a beautiful specimen. A fit body and a sweetly handsome face…charming…intelligent…he could have any woman he desires.  Of course, I will ruin him for lesser women.  I have been breaking him down slowly…compelling him to acquiesce ever more thoroughly to My will. When I had him on his knees and commanded him to take My strap-on dildo into his mouth he resisted. The look in his eyes as I rubbed the tip of the dildo against his cheek….the moment of surrender as he took the shaft into his mouth and began to suck…..Mmmmmm. I had been wanting to celebrate ever since… Read more…

I’m going to F*ck your ass!

 The mention in My blog of strap-ons and rubbersex brings Me to describe My most recent experience in using My strap-on with a slave.

First, I want you to see Me right NOW!  — or imagine Me — clad from head to toe — I love wearing My open-faced hood — in My best, shiniest latex catsuit, fitted so well and so tightly as to make My body seem vacuum sealed from head to toe, unmasking to y-o-u-r eyes even as it covers every peak and valley, every cranny and crevice of My extraordinarily sexy body.

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What is a strap-on?  It’s a dildo, but then you know that silly boy!  It’s a very special dildo because it is most often intended to be ‘used’ by Dominant Women on submissive subjects of both sexes.  In either event, the spot where “the rubber meets the road” (pardon the pun!) is the anal or vaginal orifice of the submissive.
Most commonly, strap-ons can be obtained in both latex or silicone rubber, and both versions feel and perform their task just about the same.  Personally, I prefer latex over silicone because the former substance is impermeable to bodily fluids whereas the latter is not.
This feature makes a latex toy easier to clean and disinfect afterwards.
To explain the toy’s design, it may be best to start by thinking about how it does its magic.
It sounds simple enough:
The rubber shaft shaft forms a key part of a pelvic engine, which is comprised of the pelvis of the Dominant Woman and the toy itself.
Like a piston, the shaft moves back and forth, in and out of the body cavity, in the process stimulating through pressure and by feel the nerves lining the tissues through which it passes.
To the submissive, this is where the magic occurs:  the passage of the piston produces ecstasy and joy — and sometimes a little pain!
You can readily see that, for that stimulus-producing movement to take place, the shaft must be alternately shoved and pulled, mimicking the movement of a penis, and these actions, in turn, dictate the design of the instrument.
The flexible rubber shaft is attached to a flat trapezoidal piece of leather or very stiff rubber, perhaps three inches wide and four inches high, that rests snugly against the pubis bone of the Dominant Woman who supplies the energy to power — really, to drive — the shaft home.
This pubic resting place provides the ideal platform from which to transmit Her pelvic thrust down through the shaft when She rams it home.
Simultaneously, the rubber trapezoid serves to broaden the tender area that must absorb the pressure of Her thrusts — Her vaginal muscles lack the solid mass to perform this job well.
Okay, this explains the shoving.  But what about the pulling?  Three holes in the trapezoid allow accommodate rubber straps that wind around each of Her legs and Her waist, the straps functioning like natural ligaments.
Not only do the straps keep the harness snug against Her pubis, but when She pulls back, the straps and trapezoid together act as a harness that pulls the shaft from its orifice.
To use a crude mechanical analogy, the pelvic engine is half bulldozer and half tractor, the bulldozer shoving — or more accurately, thrusting — the shaft home, and the tractor pulling — tugging — it back into position for the next thrust.
Am I turning you on with this description and the visualization, My pet?  Have you ever had a dominant woman use a strap on – on you?

Bad Bunny

This story was conceived by Goddess Marquesa, and is based on events She experienced


                “Humans are social animals.” I know I have heard it before, but I never gave it much thought or understood what it really meant. Until she taught me.

She was on a date with another man when she came into the restaurant where I work. I sometimes wonder if my life would have been different if the seating hostess had sat them at someone else’s station. Probably not. Karmic gravity would almost certainly have brought me into her orbit if she came within half a mile of me. Read more…


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