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(editors note… here’s a fans impression of Leqsquisite…)

1. It’s always a treat to see you, whether it is your shapely, sexy legs, your breasts, your hair, or your lovely face.  (I think your face intrigues me the most!)
2. I had a hard time getting the feeling that I was going under, maybe because I have been working 7 days a week and am very tired, but, as always, my “pleasure pole” responded as instructed.
3. I liked the suggestion that other women’s legs will remind me of you!  I hope they do!
4. I wish that I could feel like I’m going “100 times deeper” when instructed, but that has never happened for me.
5. I did very much enjoy fantasizing about laying my head on your thigh and stroking your legs.  Very, very, much!
6. I also liked gazing lustfully at your legs while being commanded to release!  And I liked the afterglow time afterward.
I have often wondered how you ever learned so much about the male libido? You are a master!
I really appreciate the “pseudo-relationship” that I have with you!
Thanks for making it more personal by allowing me to write to you.
You really are part of my life!

Hypnotique Testimonial

I wanted to thank you for the Hypnotique Slip Sliding into Sleep file was so great within minutes of listening i could not keep my eyes open …i can remember very little of the file ..and your voice is wonderful velvety soft so nice i said i think a lot when listening to inductions although not with this one within minutes i think i was gone..and i don’t know but as i write this my whole body seems to feel as if it’s pulsating in arousal ..again thank you so much have a great day … you are a very very good hypnotist..


From a French Fan

Dear Krystal,

Like I told you some days ago, when I saw you on the net, all my past was moving in front of me, because when I was a child I was dreaming about a lady with a soft voice and soft legs. I was interesting by surrender too but too young to understand what it was.
When I saw you, surrender and the lady were here in the same time! It was impossible for me to believe in. It is strange, normaly, a child is playing with other childs! But I was dreaming about you and surrender! And you are now, not when I was child. Read more…

A little help from my Wife


One day I left my computer on with Krystal’s website up and my wife found it. She decided to spend some time on the site and learned a lot and planned something for me. That night she said she had a surpise for me and told me to go up to the bedroom take off all my clothes and sit on the end of the bed and wait for her. She came into the room in a light robe I could just see through a little. Under her robe she had on my favorite bra. A really sexy one that made her 38D breasts look huge with great cleavage. Her panties were high cut and tight. As always I did not know which to look at first. My wife took care of that for me. She said don’t move and look through the robe at her great big breasts. I did as I was told and started to get hard. She said just relax and stare at her breasts. Read more…

Review of Legsquisite

Truth be told, I have been a fan of Mistress Marquesa/Krystal Mesmer for many years. There are many files that have had a significant effect on me over that time. On balance, I tend to prefer the files that have a caring, sweet dimension to them as well as the always powerful and erotic dimensions. Legsquisite is one such file (although there are many others that fit that description). Read more…


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