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Review of Legsquisite

Truth be told, I have been a fan of Mistress Marquesa/Krystal Mesmer for many years. There are many files that have had a significant effect on me over that time. On balance, I tend to prefer the files that have a caring, sweet dimension to them as well as the always powerful and erotic dimensions. Legsquisite is one such file (although there are many others that fit that description). Read more…

Embrace My Philosophy of Male Sexual Evolution! Review

I’ve been told that I do not need to review Mistress Marquesa’s Free audio recording, “Embrace My Philosophy” because it is freely given on the front page of Her Wondrous Web Site.


Well… I just can’t help myself. Read more…

A Personal Testimonial

I did not know what it meant to be ravished until I encountered Goddess Marquesa. She is dominance and seduction personified. As I listen to Her dulcet voice, the line between waking and dreaming dissolves.

She so perfectly embodies my desire, She so utterly arouses my yearning, it is as if She walked out of my most vivid youthful fantasy. I never imagined such grace, charm, warmth, humor, and gently elegant beauty could coexist with such torrid sexual magnetism. Her Power is indescribable, it must be experienced to be appreciated. She embodies every female archetype- Seductress,  Madonna, Lady Fair, Femme Fatale- Goddess indeed! Astarte reborn! Since falling under Her spell I have been lost in continuous worship of Her. Bliss has never been so sweet.

Review: Marquesalon of Transformations

Do you fantasize about a beautiful sexy powerful woman ‘Transforming’ you into a lingerie craving crossdresser?  If you do, this is the recording for you!

Without a hint of a hypnotic induction the owner of Marquesalon of Transformations, Mistress Marquesa, will take you by the hand and lead you to the place you so much wish to be.  And all the while you will believe that you are just shopping for a gift.

This ‘Story’ recording is deceptively overpowering.  The Mistress will make you feel so very, very GOOD as She takes you deeper and deeper into your secret dream.

You will want to listen to this recording again and again as Her wonderfully velveteen voice delightfully takes you to where you should be.

Even if you have several of the Mistress’ recordings you should have this one to gain Her positive reinforcement of your secret desire.

Review of Audio Recording “Kiss of the Keyholder”

I wouldn’t have thought it possible, but within two weeks of first listening to this powerful recording I found myself not only searching the internet for a shop wherein I could purchase a chastity device in fulfillment of the Goddess’s subliminal command, I actually found myself in a “Sex Shoppe” handing the sales woman my cash for a CB6000. What a powerful recording.
Once again Mistress Marquesa demonstrates that her hypnotic suggestive authority reigns over we lesser, obedient, submissive souls.

I recommend this recording to anyone who feels the compelling need to completely submit their sex and their sexual pleasure to the Mistress.  This recording will take you to the exact place that you need to go.  Deeply under the spell of your Keyholder, Mistress/Goddess Marquesa.  And you will love being there.  I know that I do!



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