Miasmo Chapter three.

“Leila, my dear, how lovely to see you!” commented Miasmo as Leila arrived at the door to this huge secluded house.

Leila looked at this stunning, mature woman and her mind whirled in a complete daze as she took in the other woman’s beauty. She felt she had known her forever, but had no idea why.

“Look into my eyes, Leila and listen to me now!” Miasmo commanded. Leila’s eyes glazed over and she couldn’t stop herself from falling into a deep hypnotic trance. Miasmo deepened the trance and now had full control over Leila’s faculties. “Come with me, Leila, my dear. We have lots to do and much news of your life to catch up on.”

Leila walked in a lazy, catlike way as her muscles rippled. Her sensuous, sinewy movements were sending shivers of delight down Miasmo’s spine. Miasmo couldn’t wait to get acquainted with Leila’s voluptuous, muscular, and tanned body. Leila would be well used during the evening to come. Miasmo would soon condition the strong woman into believing she was a true dominatrix and a bullwhip Mistress–which was exactly what Miasmo needed in order to fuel her sadistic tendencies. Miasmo knew she would soon see the wonderfully proportioned woman in action. She would release one of the boy slaves from his hypnotic imprisonment and let Leila have full use of his weak and puny body for whipping practice.

“Leila, I have some body oil here and I want to give you a wonderful, relaxing massage. Strip and lie on the leather couch, my slave!” commanded Miasmo.

Leila did as she was commanded–not really knowing why. She just had to do whatever Miasmo told her. It was as if she was in a dream. She was totally enthralled by this buxom, mature woman. Miasmo took off her robe to expose her still very well toned body. She was rarely nude in front of her slaves. But being ‘au naturel’ felt more comfortable for what she was about to do with Leila’s enslaved body and mind.

“Do you mind if I smoke while I massage you, Leila?”

“I …….. !”mumbled Leila.

“Of course you don’t, my dear!” interjected Miasmo.

“Of course I don’t!” said Leila in a low, monotonous voice.

“Good …………. Very good, my dear! You are doing very well, Leila, and I know you will have a wonderful time here with me!” said Miasmo.

Miasmo reached over to another small humidor and removed a silver tube about six inches long. She deftly unscrewed the metal cap with her well manicured fingers. She extracted a thick Cuban cigar, a Romeo y Julieta Churchill. She held the cigar up to her nose and ran it under her nostrils several times, revelling in the wonderful aroma of the unlit cigar.

Leila lay on her stomach and awaited Miasmo’s administration of a massage.

“Relax, Leila. Close your eyes and just drift further down within your own mind. Your thoughts closing down. No thoughts now as you drift in time and space. Drift deeper and deeper in time and space!”

Miasmo’s voice droned on and on as she flicked a gas lighter into life and started to rotate the head of the big cigar in the orange flame. She did this for a few minutes until the end of the cigar began to glow. Wispy, grey, fragrant smoke began to curl into the air of the room. She held the cigar to her full, red lips and gently puffed further life into the cigar. She moaned quietly as the first draw of smoke hit her taste buds, passed the back of her throat, and on into her lungs.

“Ahhhhhhhhh! Wonderful” she said aloud.

Miasmo, now content that the cigar was well lit, placed it into a conveniently placed ashtray. Then she covered Leila’s back, shoulders, and buttocks with baby oil and proceeded to go to work relaxing Leila’s muscles even further.

Leila was so relaxed through Miasmo’s hypnotic induction that it was not long before the hapless girl was completely out of this world and about to enter another. Her new world would be one of kinky sex, domination, bull whipping, hypnotic enslavement, and cigar worship.

Miasmo paused for a few moments to take some more smoke.
“Leila, listen to me. Gently breathe in the smoke from my cigar as I exhale it into your face. Remember the aroma as you know it captivates you, enslaves you more and more to me. You will want to learn about the pleasure of cigar smoking when we have finished here. You will beg me to teach you all about the etiquette of smoking fine Cuban cigars, Havana cigars, only the very best cigars in the world,” intoned Miasmo as she continued to massage Leila’s huge muscular thighs.

Miasmo worked on the girls legs, her back, and shoulders. However, she was careful to avoid Leila’s most sensitive parts as she would pay particular attention to these later as part of her conditioning therapy. Miasmo ordered Leila to turn over, which she did as though she was in a deep dream where her existence was pure pleasure and only Miasmo’s silky voice was her window on the world. Miasmo took a long draw from her expensive cigar and after a second inhaled the powerful smoke into her lungs. She blew out the smoke gently over Leila’s body as she knew that the next part of Leila’s hypnotic brainwashing would eventually bring them both to an almighty orgasm. Miasmo continued to massage Leila’s already very relaxed muscles. she held the cigar between her teeth and puffed contentedly as she worked on Leila’s huge well defined calf muscles, then her thighs, and her inner thighs. She was careful to avoid overstimulating her pussy. Next she turned her attention to Leila’s abdominals. Then she moved around to the head of the couch and reached over Leila to massage her pecs. Again and again her warm, supple fingers ranged over the girls shoulders and down her biceps, over her wrists, and as far as her hands. Leila was now in big trouble as the hypnotic trance was deeper than ever and her subconscious was totally open to Miasmo’s suggestions. Leila would be unable to resist whatever thoughts and commands were placed there. She would be totally and utterly enslaved to the diabolical Miasmo for ever.

It was time for the final programming to begin. “Leila, my dear, can you hear me?”

“Yes, Miasmo!” Leila could just about mumble.

“Good, you are doing so well, darling! Listen carefully to my words now!” Miasmo said as she tweaked Leila’s erect nipples into a compliant, pleasurable state. “You are about to have the most pleasurable orgasm of your life, my dear. And when you do, you will pledge total control of your body and soul to me, Madam Miasmo!” As she continued her speech to the girl, she reached down with one hand to play forcefully with Leila’s engorged clit.

It seemed like an age had passed before Leila climaxed and her mind succumbed completely to the skillful brainwashing it had received from Miasmo. Leila was programmed for total obedience and would now be turned into Miasmo’s personal property to do with as she pleased.

Miasmo Chapter four.

Several weeks had passed by and Miasmo trained Leila, her female bodybuilder sex slave, into a true sadistic dominatrix in her own right. Leila was standing beside Miasmo as she sat on her throne-like chair with the prick shaped legs. Two boy hypno-slaves were standing ,frozen in time and space, a few paces away from the throne of their Mistress. Also seated on a big leather couch were two females, both brunettes, dressed only in tight Basques, nylons, and high heels. The brunettes were busily engaged with vibrators–plunging them in and out of their pussy’s under the hypnotic command of the wicked Miasmo.

Miasmo had done a favor for an old friend and had put on a hypnosis show at the local girls’ college. During her performance she had thought to herself, “What the hell, why not recruit some new playthings.”

Leila was decked out in a tight-fitting, all-in-one, leather body stocking high cut to the thighs. Her big, muscular arms were encased in long, black leather gloves. On her feet were black six-inch high heeled pumps that made her well over six feet tall. In her right hand she held a long bullwhip. She was now experienced with it’s use, under Miasmo’s expert training program.

“Come here, slave boy !”commanded Miasmo as she reached into a large humidor to extract a Hoya de Monterray double corona Cuban cigar. She cut the end and began to warm the other end of the cigar with a lighter.

“In a few minutes, boy, you will awaken and be completely aware–although unable to speak. You will remain silent. But, you will be able to moan and groan, whether this be with pleasure or pain!”

Miasmo backed the boy up to a wooden x-shaped cross securely fixed to the wall. She drew smoke from her big cigar and had Leila restrain the boy to the cross. His wrists and ankles were firmly secured and Miasmo commanded, “Now awaken, little slave boy!” The boy blinked for a few seconds in the subdued lighting of Miasmo’s playroom. He shook his head and could only think, not talk. He wondered where the hell he was and how did he get here? Why was he naked and who on Earth were these other people? He caught sight of the two girls wanking themselves with the vibrators and of the tall, extremely muscular woman standing next to Miasmo. Seeing the two girls playing with themselves instigated a stirring in his nether regions.

“Leila, see to his prick, my dear. Ensure he is fully turned on!”

Leila moved to face the boy and knelt down before his bound body. She snaked out a leather sheathed hand and held his cock in her strong grip. She stroked delicately and used his precum to lubricate her gloved hand.

The boy looked down at this amazing female bodybuilder before him. The sight was indeed incongruous–her huge muscles against his puny, weak body. He moaned as Leila increased the pace of her devil’s work.

“Careful, Leila, we do not want him cumming yet, my dear. After all, he is a bad boy who cannot control his manly responses when confronted with such an erotic scene.”

Miasmo took a deep pull on her cigar and inhaled the spicy flavored smoke. Looking over to the two girls she slowly exhaled as she commanded them, “Faster, girls, faster now. More pleasure for you both. But, unable to climax until I suggest this to you.” They both complied looking deeply into Miasmo’s eyes, unable to resist her hypnotic suggestions.

“Leila, suck his cock for a few minutes, darling . I want to watch his face and hear him moan,” Miasmo commanded as she took yet more smoke from her cigar.

Leila steadied the boy’s cock and held it in a firm grip as she licked her voluptuous lips. And then those lips enveloped the head of his prick. Her tongue swirled around the sensitive skin. The boy’s body strained against his bonds. His face contorted with the extreme pleasure she was producing on the head of his cock.

“Wonderful, Leila, you are indeed talented, my dear. Look up into his eyes, my dear!” ordered Miasmo.

Leila worked on the boy’s cock as she looked up into his eyes. She could see the effects of the tremendous pleasure she was giving him. He strained even more against the restraints on his wrist’s and ankles. He was trying to move away from Leila and move towards her all at the same time.

“Stop!” commanded Miasmo.

Leila let the boy’s cock slip slowly from her mouth.

“Are you my slave, boy?” asked Miasmo. “You are able to talk for the time being, boy!”

The boy thought for a moment now that he was able to do so. Slave he thought! Who the hell is this woman? “No ………….. Who the hell are you? What have you done to me, you bitch?” he said.

“Good,” thought Miasmo, “he has some spirit left in him,” she mentally observed.

“So you feel you are free then, boy?” she asked whilst exhaling cigar smoke in his face.

“Leila, get your whip and teach this boy a lesson in obedience!” she ordered. The muscular Leila obeyed her hypnotic Mistress and took up her position several paces from the boy. “Time to exercise your right arm my Bullwhip Mistress!” What the boy did not know was that the end of the long bullwhip was only made from strands of fine, soft silk and wouldn’t hurt him at all.

Miasmo caressed the boy’s face and commanded him to, “Sleep!” His eyes slammed shut immediately as he was powerless to stop himself from sliding down deep within his own mind. She continued to caress his face as she convinced him that when he felt the whip touch any part of his body it would hurt like hell. But only she knew it would not damage his skin at all.

“Awake, boy!”

The boy was again aware of all around him.

“Begin, Leila!”

“No, no not this. You can’t do this to me!” the boy shrieked as Leila drew back the whip and took aim.

The end of the whip flew through the air as though in slow motion. As the end of the whip reached the head of his prick, it was travelling at supersonic speed and made the indicative whip crack sound. Then the end of the whip hit his dick’s head. Although in reality it did not hurt the boy, it’s touch was merely a caress, to the boy’s mind it was pain like no other he had felt before. The boy screamed as though in agony. It was a good thing Miasmo’s house was in such a secluded location. The two wanking hypno-slave girls didn’t even blink an eyelid or take a break from their stroking during all the noise the boy was making. Leila continued time and time again to strike the boy’s body with the whip. Her aim was immaculate, for she had been well trained. The slave boy’s body was soon covered in beads of sweat– as to him this was terrible pain. Miasmo could se that he had almost passed out.

“Are you my slave?” she asked again.

“Yes, yes …….. ”

“sleep, boy!” she commanded once more. “I know you are, my dear!” Her laughter was nearly as loud as his screams had been.

To be continued