A true story from the adventures of Goddess Marquesa


I arrived at the restaurant to meet My friends after a pleasant day of relaxation. I had been savoring victory energy for a while. My weekend encounter with My select slave had gone exactly as I planned.

The slave, whom I call primatehunk, is a scientist and a beautiful specimen. A fit body and a sweetly handsome face…charming…intelligent…he could have any woman he desires.  Of course, I will ruin him for lesser women.  I have been breaking him down slowly…compelling him to acquiesce ever more thoroughly to My will. When I had him on his knees and commanded him to take My strap-on dildo into his mouth he resisted. The look in his eyes as I rubbed the tip of the dildo against his cheek….the moment of surrender as he took the shaft into his mouth and began to suck…..Mmmmmm. I had been wanting to celebrate ever since…

The restaurant where I met My friends is a new establishment offering a “fine dining” experience. The understated but elegant décor made me hopeful as the maître d’ escorted Me to the table. My friends had arrived before Me and greeted Me eagerly as I approached.

“Wh-what c-can I get you to drink?” the waiter stuttered as I took My seat.

I smiled, My grin twice as wide on the inside. I saw the signs in the waiter right away…he was captivated. Pupils dilated…breathing shallow….a slight bulge already beginning to show in the crotch of his pants. My friends have no idea that I am the Goddess Marquesa….as far as they know I lead the same vanilla lifestyle they do. But men….particularly submissive men… can often intuit Who I am before they even realize it consciously, and the effect is immediate.

“I’ll have a lemon drop martini,” I said, favoring the waiter with a gorgeous smile. It was like shooting fish in the proverbial barrel…the waiter had trouble keeping his balance as he withdrew to place My drink order.

Dinner was fun. The food was good, but not as delicious as I have had in other local restaurants.  Even so, I enjoyed the plate of lovely scallops I had for an appetizer.

The waiter’s fascination with Me grew so obvious it was almost embarrassing. When one of My friends asked him for another fork, he kept his eyes glued to Me as she was speaking, and continued staring at Me as he replied, “Yes, Miss…i will bring that right away.”

When the waiter brought the check at the end of the meal I grabbed it.

“You can’t treat us!” My girlfriend protested. “This place is so expensive!”

I smiled coyly and said, “Wait here, girls. I have to go to the Ladies’”

The path to the Ladies’ Room took me past the bar, which had a clear view of My table. Seated at the end, where he could watch Me closely through the entire meal, was My slave hypnodork, exactly as I had commanded him to position himself. Out of the corner of My eye I had observed him following My every move and hanging on My every word during dinner. I am at My most charmingly beautiful when I am enjoying Myself with friends, so after an hour of observing Me hypnodork had obviously entered a fugue of palpitating desire.

I signaled to him with My eyes as I passed, and he needed no hints. As I arrived at the door to the Ladies’ Room I heard his footsteps following Me obediently. The bathrooms were single-occupancy, so after glancing about to ensure that W/we were not being observed, I grabbed hypnodork’s wrist and pulled him into the Woman’s bathroom, locking the door behind Me.

Before hypnodork could speak I flung him against the wall. As a piece of manmeat he is low on the scale of My slaves….short, slightly pudgy, and of extremely average looks. But he is witty, and smart, and keeps Me amused, so I enjoy having him around. At this moment he was as aroused as I have ever seen a man become…and that is saying something. I took his rigidly engorged cock in My hand through his trousers and squeezed it tightly.

“You’ve enjoyed watching Me all night, slut…” I cooed in his ear, bringing My face close to his. “Now you are going to pay the bill for My friends and I.”

I put the check in his front shirt pocket. “The waiter is cute,” I observed. “Give him a 25% tip.”

“Yes, Mistress!” hypnodork gasped.

I liked that. Sometimes slaves blather on so. It is refreshing when a man simply obeys. “Good boy,” I said. “Generous pet. I will make good use of you soon…”

“The bill’s taken care of, girls!” I declared as I arrived back at the table.

As My friends laughed and headed toward the exit, jokingly protesting My generosity, I found the waiter. I pressed a slip of paper into his hand. “My number,” I explained. “Call Me if you want to serve…”

The boy began to stammer some sort of reply, but I was already headed to the door. I drove home and poured Myself a drink. It had been a full day, but I was not satisfied yet. I still needed to work off some victory energy. Picking up the phone, I hit one of My speed-dial numbers. “Come here now,” I commanded when the connection was made, and hung up.

My doorbell rang twenty minutes later and I answered it wearing only My underwear, stiletto heels, and a strap-on dildo. The slave I call hypnopervert could barely keep his tongue in his mouth when he saw Me…..the kinky slut.

I’ve hypnotized him so many times that it is as if I have a private door into his filthy mind. Within ten minutes he was deeply in trance, naked and bent over, with my dildo up his ass. I pumped ferociously, knowing that this was not his first time at the rodeo.

“I’m not the first Woman Who has fucked you, am I, slut?” I asked as I rocked My hips vigorously.

“No, Mistress!” he replied.

“Tell Me about another time you’ve been fucked!” I commanded.

“Once a mistress was fucking me just like this,” he said, “and called a big male slave into the room.”

“What did you do then, slut?”

“I sucked his cock while she fucked me, Mistress!” he cried, tears flowing down his face as I stretched his already distended anus.

That made Me very hot. Sweat flowed down My body and juice from My pussy. I could see primatehunk’s face in My mind. I savored the look of abject defeat in his eyes….the little moan of surrender that escaped his lips as he sucked the same shaft that was now in hypnopervert’s ass. The moan that told Me he was Mine….

After I came, I pushed hypnopervert to the floor and went to grab a towel. When I was dry I relaxed into a love seat at one side of My parlor, and pointed to the opposite side of the room. “Crawl over to that wall, slut!” I ordered, and hypnopervert obeyed. “Stroke for Me,” I commanded.

The kinky slut grunted and moaned as he stroked his steel-hard cock, his eyes fixed on Me the whole time. I know the look very well….the desperate hunger….the fevered yearning….the realization that he will never really be able to cum quite this hard for anyone else….ever again….then………OOOOOOOHHHHHH.

When hypnopervert was gone I showered and walked toward bed, a delicious tiredness traveling through all My limbs. My phone rings….a number I don’t recognize. Huh….who could that be? Oh, of course….the waiter! That poor boy, he has probably jacked off to Me twice already, but still can’t resist. Should I answer? Let’s see….do I need another toy? Besides primatehunk, and hypnodork, and hypnopervert, and blondie, and all the other pets who serve Me locally, there are all My phone slaves, and internet sluts…But then again, he is quite cute. Hmmm……