I arrived at her condo at exactly the time she commanded. Valentine’s Day is of course special, but I had learned not to be late, or early, to any appointment with her. She expected to be obeyed. That troubled me, but not so much that I had thought twice about accepting her invitation. If I had gone against her orders, it was more likely that I would have showed up early than late. It had been a week since I had last seen her, and I could barely contain my excitement.

“Hello, professor,” she purred as she opened the door, and my heart stopped. She was wearing only a black bra, black panties, black stockings and garters. Her black stilettos gave her four more inches of height, and made her already exquisite legs stretch seductively. An excitement lit her green eyes that made her more beautiful than I had ever seen her, which made her almost too beautiful to bear.

I leaned in, hoping to kiss her cheek and breathe in her perfume, but she slapped my cheek playfully (I had felt her real slaps, so I knew the playful kind when I received one). “Be a good pet,” she commanded. “You’ll get to kiss me before the night is out, but on my terms. You know that by now.”

I did. I followed her into the main common room of her condo. As we entered she turned and held out her hand. “Take this,” she ordered.

I took what she was offering, giving her the flowers that I had brought her in exchange. Looking down at my palm, I saw that she had given me a little red gummy bear. “What’s this?” I asked.

“Eat it,” she ordered, ignoring my question as she placed my flowers in an empty vase . “It will put you into a mushy headspace, where I want you.”

I popped the gummy bear into my mouth and ate it as I had been told.

“Good boy,” she said. “Now take off your clothes and get on your knees.”

I still had enough perspective to wonder at how hard my cock became as I did as she said. I had never been ordered about by a woman as she did to me, but I had also never been as attracted to, mesmerized by or completely enamored of a woman as I was for and by her. I had met her at a party six weeks before, and my world had been spinning off its axis ever since. Nothing about her was like anything I had encountered before. When she introduced herself to me as “Goddess Marquesa” I knew that I had entered new terrain, but I had no idea how far afield she would take me.

As I undressed she poured herself a glass of wine and sat cross-legged in a comfortable armchair where she could have a good view of my naked frame. When I was kneeling, the sight of her arrayed as if on a throne made my already hard cock even stiffer. A bead of pre-cum formed on its head.

“What’s that?” I asked, pointing to an odd shape in the middle of the room. It was a large 4’ X 4’ cube, draped in pink satin and bound with a large red ribbon and bow.

“That is your Valentine’s gift,” she explained, then lapsed into silence, sipping at her wine.

“Will you hypnotize me again  now?” I asked.

“Shhhh pet,” she said. “No more questions. I want to let the gummy take effect before we continue.”

We sat silently for the next while, I don’t know how long. Time collapsed for me. All I could do was stare at her and feel how much I wanted her. My head became foggy. She must have seen me begin to sway as I became woozy, because she rose from her chair.

“you are ready for your gift,” she said.

“What is it?” I asked, my voice sounding strange and distant in my own ears.

“It is a bit different than a usual Valentine’s gift,” she said. “Most people will give you a Valentine’s gift to show you how much they love you, but I have chosen a gift to show you how much you love Me.”

She pulled the satin sheet away from the cube, revealing a cage underneath. In the cage sat Victor, my colleague at the university. His eyes were open and unfocused, his mouth hung slack. He was obviously hypnotized.

“V–V-Victor?” I stuttered. “What is he doing here?”

“he is your gift,” she said, “or in any case he is what I will use to give you your gift.”

“I hate Victor!” I protested. This was true. Victor and I were rivals in the Chemistry Department. We had been competing for grants, lab space, and other emoluments for years.

“I know,” she said, rolling her eyes, “you have made that clear to Me several times. I finally decided to make some good use of that information. I went to the university today, seduced and hypnotized victor. I have been playing with him for a while, but now I will use him to give you your gift.”

“But Victor is a fat slob!” I whined. This was true. I may be Victor’s academic rival, but objectively I am much more attractive. He is overweight, balding, and a terrible dresser, where I am fit, have a full head of hair, and have above average taste in clothes for a college professor. “You can’t like him as much as you like me!”

“That may be true,” she said, “but I enjoy having a big stable of men, and victor is a nice novelty item. he can be quite adorable when he is not droning on about how much he hates you. Besides, I mainly collected him so that I could give you your gift.”

Without warning she turned and left the room, leaving me staring at Victor. “You bastard!” I mumbled, trying to process the situation through the fog the gummy bear had caused in my brain.

When she reappeared I was shocked to see that she now had a huge erection. Looking again, I realized that her cock was not anatomical. She had strapped it to her pelvis using a leather harness that wrapped around her curvaceous waist. The dildo was pink and glistened with a thick coating of lubricant.

“Come brace yourself against the chair that I was sitting in, and bend over,” she commanded.

“Are you going to fuck me up the ass with that thing?” I asked.

“No,” she answered. “I am going to fuck victor with this. he is going to fuck you.”

“What?! I cried. “No way!”

She laughed. “I like you very much, pet. Cute, funny, smart. Everything a Mistress wants in a slave. But you have been resisting the nature of O/our relationship. I have explained how wonderful life will be when you surrender completely to My control. It’s time for you to learn.”

“This is crazy!” I blurted. “You can’t expect me to….”

“Enough whining!” she declared, cutting me off mid-sentence. “Do you know Who I am? Do you realize how lucky you are to be here?”

“You are wonderful,” I soothed, “but you must understand….”

She had picked up her telephone and begun tapping the screen busily, which cut me off again.

“What are you doing?” I asked.

“Do you know how many men would give their left nut to be where you are now? This train is going to happen. It is a fantasy of Mine…I got the idea from a cartoon I saw online. If you won’t take victor’s cock up your ass, I can have another man here who will in about ten minutes.”

I was flabbergasted, completely undone. For about thirty seconds I knelt helpless, my mind full of static, my mouth hanging open, a trail of drool running down my chin.

Finally the faint sound of a ring coming from Goddess Marquesa’s phone brought me out of my daze. “Wait!” I cried. “I’ll do it! I’ll do it!”

  She pressed the “end call” button on her phone’s screen, laughing as she did so.

“What’s funny?” I asked.

“The way you said ‘I’ll do it,’” she explained. “It was so cute…as if you had a choice.”

Victor’s cock stretching my anus hurt, and at first I could only feel pain and humiliation. But as the Goddess pumped her hips and moaned softly with delight I became intensely aroused. The pleasure in my prostate built steadily, until cum began to spew from my cock in a geyser of ecstasy. Seeing me begin to cum, Goddess laughed.

“What do you have to say to Me, slave?” She asked.

“Th…th..thank You, Mistress,” I moaned, my eyes rolling back into my head as electric bliss coursed through my entire body.

“What else, shitstain?” She demanded.

My brain was burning down to ash, I had only a few scraps of awareness left. But the words bubbled out of me spontaneously:

“i LOVE YOU!!!!”

The End


A Goddessful Valentine’s Day to all!




Goddess Marquesa