i hesitated, “Ten!” i finally replied, figuring it would be a reasonable and safe answer.

“Ten?” Mistress Danielle asked, as if astonished, and considering my answer to be self-serving.  She replied:  “I really don’t think that’s nearly enough for such an impudent slave.”  You need more to get a better understanding of your need to obey My commands implicitly.  Twenty it will be – a very lenient number indeed!  You shall count and thank me for each lash, of course, just like those hapless slaves I reads about in bondage magazines.”

Mistress Danielle pulled back the leather instrument and slashed my ass vigorously with the strap.

“One, thank You Mistress Danielle,” i said.  i was surprised by the pain. i had often fantasized about being punished by a beautiful woman but the reality was proving harsher than what i had expected yet – somehow – even more exciting!

“I hope you enjoyed that slave.” Mistress Danielle said, stroking my ass reassuringly with Her lovely manicured fingernails.  “I haven’t even started to get going on you,” She exclaimed, raising Her voice from a whisper as She lashed me once again with the strap.

“Two, thank You Mistress Danielle,” i said, the stinging in my ass hurting but bearable.  Number three quickly followed… this time the leather biting part of my thighs.  Mistress Danielle was using far more force than with the first and I felt ready to fall over from the pain.

“Did that hurt my poor suffering little slavey boooy?” Mistress Danielle teased as She viciously brought down number four even more solidly into my burning ass.  “Good, my slave!  I really hope these hurt because when you hurt, I feel pleasure.  I can feel the tension sliding down from my beautiful head through My arm and out into your ass… and you do want to please me, isn’t that right?”

“Yes, Mistress Danielle.  Please use me. Hit me harder if You desire,” i panted, disbelieving that i was actually asking Her to hit me harder!

“I like your positive, compliant attitude slave!” my Mistress chortled, putting Her full effort into the very next stroke.

“Five – oh thank You my glorious Mistress!” i managed to gasp as the searing pain coursed through my body.  “you can take it.” i told myself.  “Suffer exquisite pain for your Mistress!  This is nothing compared to the agony you will eagerly endure for Her!”

Number six was best described as coldly brutal, nothing held in reserve as the Mistress was obviously enjoying an unrestrained emotional high that carried through the remaining fourteen lashes.

As She continued beating me my mind went away, into a “room” where i could escape the pain.  Each slap with the piece of cruel thick leather brought my into yet another “room” – a deeper place where i could somehow manage to stand the pain.

Toward the end i had managed to believe i was outside myself – a mere observer of the carnage.  Finally the blows ceased.

The phone rang and Mistress Danielle tossed the strap on top of my back as i remained bent over, holding my ankles and not daring to move.  Frankly, i doubt if i could have moved for a full five minutes or so – i was so frozen in that position.

“Stay as you are, ”She said, “don’t you dare move a muscle!”  She sat back down on the couch and started to talk.  I listened to her conversation in my delirium.

“Yes, I think I have finally found a truly obedient and submissive slave.  I just whipped his worthless ass with the strap and the welts are coming up beautifully.  His worthless ass is now turning a lovely shade of purple,” She laughed icily into the phone.  “I’m sure I’ll find a great many uses for him… that is if he continues to perform adequately.  Okay, Sis.  I’ll see you later.”

Mistress Danielle hung up the phone and walked over to me.  She took Her soft, lovely hands and teasingly rubbed my throbbing bottom.

“you may thank Me now, slave boy.” She said.

i fell to my knees, instinctively understanding what i was supposed to do.  I put my lips to Her stocking covered toes and kissed.

“Thank You  Mistress, thank You for the beating I so richly deserved.”  i mumbled humbly – deeply meaning every word.  i felt so grateful for being allowed to kneel before this Goddess.  i would gladly suffer anything She wished to do to me.

“Pull up your pants and get my shoes, I’m late for the office,” Mistress Danielle commanded.

i fetched Her pumps and gently put them back on Her adorable feet.

“I want you back here at six o’clock sharp! You will fix dinner for my sister and Me – then we’ll see what else you can do for me!”

“Yes Mistress Danielle,” i said, wondering what her sister could be like.  We left Her apartment and i escorted Her to the car, opening the door for Her in the most servile “valet” manner i could muster.

“Remember:  SIX!, don’t you dare be late!” she warned me.  Then She left in another cloud of dust with tires squeeling.

i thought about what i was letting myself get into.  Did i really want to serve Her with no questions?  Yes indeed!   i was ready to accept whatever She commanded – the more difficult the task, the more pleasure i’d get!

i nervously awaited the evening.

At six I literally ran over to Her apartment.  She was already home.  She was still dressed as She had been earlier, She hadn’t even slipped off Her shoes.

“Strip off your clothes slave! You will either be naked or dressed as a woman from now on when you are serving Me… understand?”

She punctuated Her words with three sharp slaps across my face.  She seemed in an angry mood and I knew I had better be careful.

“Yes Mistress,” i said – quickly stripping off my clothes.  i then fell to my knees to await Her next instruction.

“Hmmm! Your ass is still quite red slave.  I guess I may have to whip you in other places,” She mused ominously.  “Quickly, clean My shoes and then take them off My tired feet.”

Immediately i went to work and cleaned the blue pumps as She relaxed on the sofa watching the evening news while sipping a glass of wine.  Ten minutes later i slipped off the sparkling clean pumps and lightly kissed Her lush warm and moist feet.

“Did I give you permission to kiss My feet!” She asked, furious that I had the gall to kiss Her body anywhere… even Her sexy feet.

“No Mistress, i’m sorry,” I immediately apologized.  i realized it was already too late… i was in a lot of trouble with Her!

“Right now I want you to prepare dinner.  My sister will be arriving soon.  I’ll deside your punishment later.  Refresh my glass of wine, then go prepare the Chateaubriand fillet you will find in the refrigerator.  If you don’t know how, you’ll find a perfectly adequate cookbook in the far right cupboard.”

“Yes Mistress,” was all i could say.  i felt terrible for my indiscretion.  i fetched the wine as ordered, then started broiling this marvelous, most notable of all fillets, always more than adequate dining for two blessed souls.  A few minutes later the door bell rang.

“Answer the door slave,” Mistress Danielle curtly ordered.

i opened the door to let in Mistress Danielle’s sister.  Her sister ignored me completely and walked straight past me into the living room to give my Mistress a hug.

“How are you Karen?” Mistress Danielle asked Her sister as they sat down on the sofa.  She snapped Her fingers, “Get over here slave and greet My sister,” She said, Her voice still betraying Her displeasure with my earlier mistake.

i crawled over to the couch.  Karen was a little shorter and heavier – perhaps even fifteen pounds overweight but truly voluptuous with dream tits and ass.

She had the same gorgeous blonde hair and pretty face but she looked to be only about nineteen or twenty, five or six years younger than Mistress Danielle.  She was wearing a white blouse, that could not hide her luscious breasts, and a pink sweater, tight-fitting blue jeans with white socks and a pair of black flats on Her lovely feet.  i kissed Her shoes and told Her it was an honor to meet Her.

“Shut up you stupid jerk,” She replied as She gave me a hard slap across my face.  “I’ll tell you when you can talk to me and when you have permission to pay homage to My shoes or lovely feet!”

i was embarrassed and surprised by Her reaction.  This young lady certainly already understood Her authority over me.

Mistress Karen then returned to Her sister as i remained kneeling at Her glorious feet.  “I can see that this one is going to take some time to train,” She sneered to my Mistress.

Meanwhile i was thinking that i hoped She would relent enough to permit me to massage and kiss Her irresistible feet.

“Don’t you have work to do in the kitchen?” Mistress Danielle questioned, matching Her sister’s harshness.  “he is so pitiful,” Mistress Danielle remarked to Her sister as I crawled away.  “You are right, it is going to take a lot of work to get him to perform properly… but I’m going to enjoy beating him in the meantime!”

i fixed the dinner and served it to them as they sat at the dining room table.  i poured the wine, kept their water glasses filled and jumped to each of their commands.  Mistress Karen made me slip off Her flats and socks – actually finally consenting to allowing me to worship Her wonderful bare toes as She supped on the fillet and vegetables.  my prayer had been answered much sooner than expected.

“he does a pretty good job of worshiping My feet,” Mistress Karen commented as i sucked eagerly on Her lovely toes.  “I bet the girls of the sorority house could have lots of fun with him,” She giggled as She kicked me in the face.  “Wouldn’t you just love worshiping the feet of twenty or thirty girls all at once?” She teasingly asked me.

“Yes Mistress… that would be a great pleasure!” i told my young superior between mouthfuls of Her succulent toes.

i knew they must be nearly finished with their dinner and i dreaded the punishment Mistress Danielle was sure to pronounce for me.

“I’m afraid this slave has made a grave error already,” Mistress Danielle told Her sister, matching the thoughts in my head.  “he had the audacity to kiss My divine feet without permission!”

Is that true, “Mistress Karen asked, kicking me firmly in the balls.  “I guess you are going to have to be punished.”

“Alright slave, get your worthless ass into the other room now!” She barked.

i crawled into the living room and waited while the two sisters disappeared into the bedroom.  They came back with a cat-o-nine-tails, a leather crop and a bag of clothes pins, two of which Mistress Karen immediately snapped on to my defenseless tits.

Mistress Danielle also was carrying a length of rope.  “I’m going to tie you down on the ottoman, then whip the hell out of you,” She said.

“I need to pee first.”  Mistress Karen told Her sister.

“So do I and I think this slave could use a nice hot shower!” Mistress Danielle answered as they pulled into the bathroom.  After they gave me a hot shower they put me into the stall and turned on the cold water.  When I was clean Mistress Karen rode me back into the living room.

The two then proceeded to tie me to the ottoman and Mistress Danielle grabbed the cat and Mistress Karen too the crop.  They beat me everywhere possible.  my entire flesh was on fire – i was certain never to tale liberties again with my Divine Mistresses.  Finally, after about an hour of this, the both tired.  Mistress Karen had to get back to school and Mistress Danielle was fatigued from Her long day.

They released me from my bonds and i helped Mistress Karen dress, this time receiving permission to kiss Her ass and feet in gratitude for being allowed to serve as Her slave.  What an exquisite reward!

After Her sister left, Mistress Danielle ordered me to clean Her kitchen and gave me instructions for the morning.  i was told to sleep by the foot of Her bed, ready to obey any commands She might have throughout the night.

i knew it was going to be hard to serve as Mistress Danielle’s slave but i look forward to the life of being Her slave.  What a wonderful day it had been!  At last i knew I’d found the Mistress of my dreams.  It was such a comforting thought.

i fell asleep on the carpet at the foot of my Goddess’ bed totally exhausted from the first day of my wonderful new life.


Yes, we’ll admit this was a rather “standard” B&D/S&M fantasy, complete with the usual “surprises.”  But then, it’s always refreshing for a Mistress to hear such a fantasy repeated over and over again in any of its variations – especially from one of Her own slaved.  And we slaves enjoy hearing about you other slave’s experiences or fantasies.