Lana looked down at young Dan kneeling, subserviently, before her, helplessly captured by her beauty and sensuality. Her mind flashed back to the hypnosis stories she had read earlier in the day and wondered if Big Dan’s constant rereading of them might make him susceptible to mesmerism, even if attempted by a novice, such as herself. “In for a dime, in for a dollar “, she thought, as she grabbed the boy by the hair and kissed him roughly. She felt him weaken in her arms. “Get into the closet, and stand there … you may masturbate if the urge hits you but stay in the closet and stay silent. Do you understand . Slave Boy ?”

Little Dan nodded, then crawled to the closet and closed the door behind him.

Lana shouted out to Big Dan. “ YOU MAY COME HERE NOW !”

Slowly, with great trepidation, Dan came out of his room and approached the gorgeous blonde. With a supreme effort he decided to fire his long time babysitter, this abuse of his son was unacceptable. “ I’m sorry Lana, but this is too much, you’ve got to … to … to g-g-get out of here now because … because …be ….bbbb….” Just looking at the girl, made his confidence waver.

Lana could almost feel the will power draining from her employer as he stood close to her and tried to admonish her for her actions with his son. His obvious weakness made her feel even more powerful , and she decide to try some of the mind control techniques she had read about in the adult magazines. Lana reached out and placed a hand on either side of Dan’s face and forced him to gaze into her eyes, and she spoke softly to him. “ Look into my eyes … deeper … deeper … you can feel yourself growing weaker every second. You are helpless before me. My will is so much stronger than yours, and you must obey my every command. You cannot resist me … you don’t WANT to resist me… gaze into my eyes and fall under my power…deeper … deeper .”

Dan tried to shake his head to avoid her mesmerizing gaze, but her warm, feminine hands kept him facing her directly, and her eyes kept pulling him in. Then, he tried to shut his eyes, but Lana drew even closer and sensuously licked his lips, and startled, he opened them , and once again was instantly captured by the deep blue orbs of the budding hypnotist.

“ Gaze into my eyes, Dan, Gaze deeply into my eyes … my eyes draw you in … deeper … deeper …. You cannot resist me … you are falling under my power … you cannot resist my eyes … my will is stronger than yours and you want to obey me … you NEED to obey me …See, my slave boy, you are sooo weak and I am sooo strong, you MUST gaze deeply into my eyes and surrender …. Surrender …. surrender to Goddess Lana … what must you do , slave boy ?” she whispered.

“I must surrender …”

Softly the hypnotic blonde moved her hands to Dan’s shoulder and forced him to his knees. Looking down at the kneeling man made her feel even more powerful.

Lana was pleased, she only attempted to hypnotize Big Dan because she had read the stories about the Mesmerizing Mistress Marquesa and Krystal Mesmer taking control of mere males by utilizing the natural power of female supremacy, but to her own surprise, she too, apparently possessed hypnotic powers, and Dan was quickly falling under her mesmeric spell. The feeling of power surged through her and her nipples stiffened. This was going to be wonderful.

“Deeper Dan … deeper… you can’t look away you are frozen in my gaze and MUST obey my every command…. Obey … obey …Obey Mistress Lana… OBEY.”

His will was being captured by the teen aged blonde, and he was frozen in place before her. His lips began to move … “ obey … obey … obey…”

“Tell me slave, how long have you wanted to be my slave ? “

“For years Mistress .. since you began working here …” he whispered.

Lana stood before him, white blouse hanging open, her shorts starting to ride up. She kicked off her shoes. She sat in a nearby chair and lifted her foot, and moved it back and forth and Dan was immediately captivated by the movement.

“My foot is so hypnotic Dan. Look at it as it sways hypnotically in front of your eyes … back and forth … back and forth…”

Helplessly Dan watched the slow , mesmerizing movements of Lana’s foot as it moved in front of his eyes.

“Now kiss it.” She softly commanded.

Big Dan kissed Lana’s foot as she held it before him, reverently, obediently, helplessly.

The babysitter glanced up and saw that little Dan was peeking out from the closet and her him softly moaning as he watched his father surrender to the gorgeous young Goddess. She smiled seductively and beckoned him to join his father kneeling before her. The boy obeyed immediately.

For a moment, big Dan stopped as his son knelt next to him, but a glance at the powerful Mistress before him, caused him to start his foot worship again, he had to obey Her.

“Both of you worship my hypnotic feet … do it now, my slaves.” She commanded as both men kisses and licked her bare feet.

“Now both of you must masturbate and when you cum you will shout my name and you will both know you will be my slaves forever…now stroke.”

Both hypnotic thralls began to jerk off, as commanded, while kissing and licking her gorgeous feet, as they obeyed her hypnotic commands. She smiled as their cocks grew and felt so powerful as she watched the strain on their faces as they both neared climax.

“Now,” she commanded.

“ MISTRESS LANA” the helpless men shouted in unison as each shot loads of jism onto the foot they were worshiping.

The new Mistress of the house crossed her feet and commanded, “ Lick,” and her slaves obeyed.