Goddess Marquesa was having trouble with the town council over her business; they did not like the idea of having a Hypnotist running in their town. They had used underhanded tactics to close her down including charging special tax rate just for her. She went to a town hall and tried to explain the benefits she could bring to the town but was told everyone was busy. She decided right there and then what she needed to do but first she would need a list of all the town council members and their email addresses.

She went home and got dressed in a sexy outfit and went back to town hall she looked around and found the perfect person for help. He had an office with a name plate marked Eric Johnson town clerk. She went into the office and shut the door he looked up from his computer as soon as his eyes went up her beautiful form she watched them widen slowly moving up her body. She watched as they stopped for a few at the amazing site before his eyes.

He stuttered, “ahh, ahh how can I ah ah help you.” She smiled and circled around the desk and stood behind the clerk. Mr. Johnson couldn’t help but notice, and asked “What’s wrong? What can I help you with?”

Goddess Marquesa put her request for information on the desk in front of him, last night she had a fresh manicure and had her long nails painted a shiny gold color, perfect for reflecting light. She waited to see if the color drew his eyes and smiled as they were drawn to them like a moth to flame. She slowly slide her nails down the paper watching his eyes follow obediently and pointed to question 5. “Well, I’m having trouble with these two questions on this confusing form.”

Her nails caught the light and they were reflecting colors brilliantly, she watched his eyes struggling to focus on them as he was staring she slowly slid her nail slowly to question 7. “Okay, what’s wrong” he asked.

“Look at this, Mr. Johnson.” Goddess Marquesa said, leaning forward slightly so that her right nipple rested on his back and sliding her Golden nail slowly back up to question 5. Mr. Johnson could feel what he assumed to be her breast in his back, and had to fight not to be distracted by it too much, concentrating on the form and those shiny long golden nails instead.

Goddess Marquesa’s voice was low and soft when she continued to speak. “I was working on this form late last night, and I was so tired, that I don’t think I really understood all of it. These two questions were really hard.” Her nail slid slowly from Question 5 to 7, and then back again. Mr. Johnson could not help but stare at the light reflecting off the shiny golden fingernails as it slowly crept up and down the page, and realized he hadn’t responded when she stopped talking. He felt stupid, but he had to ask again what the problem was, once again finding it hard to ignore her chest that seemed to be drilling into his back.

“Just look. I mean, last night I was working so hard to complete the form, and it was really late at night.” Goddess Marquesa started, her nail continuing to slide up and down the page slowly. “I was really tired, and really relaxed, so everything seemed sooo hard. I found myself staring at the pages, but I was feeling really relaxed and warm. My bedroom gets really hot, kind of like this room, and it makes me feel really relaxed, sooo relaxed that thinking about filling out this form just gets too hard. Today has been such a long day, too, and now I’m really tired and relaxed.” Her nails sparkled as they moved in rhythm up and down the quiz. “It’s sooo warm in here, it almost puts you to sleep, doesn’t it, Mr. Johnson?”
He was having trouble following the conversation completely, but Mr. Johnson found himself agreeing with Marquesa so far. This office did make him a little sleepy.

As his head nodded slowly an affirmative, Goddess Marquesa leaned closer still to the clerk, lowering her voice even more and resting her other hand on his shoulder. Her thin finger continued to glide across the page, golden nails sparkling in the light as she spoke. “Look, Mr. Johnson, This is sooo hard, especially when you’re relaxed. I tried to fight it, but I couldn’t, because I was so sleepy. I was lying there in my bed, so relaxed and so tired that I just wanted to drift off to sleep. Just relax and go to sleep.” Her nail continued to slide on the page in the same slow rhythm. “Look very closely. Very, very closely. You feel relaxed… so warm and relaxed… feel the warmth taking over you, Eric. It’s so hard to think when you’re so relaxed. Watch my shiny golden finger very closely, Eric, and listen to my voice. You are very relaxed right now, aren’t you?”

Eric breathed “Yes…”

Goddess Marquesa smiled behind him, rubbing his shoulder with her left hand. Her hand was inches from his face. “You feel sooo relaxed. You are so hard, Eric, and so relaxed. Eric, you are so hard, but so tired that you should close your eyes. You want to sleep, Eric you are sooo relaxed that you want to sleep. You want to let yourself go completely, and drift asleep listening to my voice. When my fingernail touches your forehead, you will close your eyes and fall asleep. The closer that my finger comes to your forehead, the more relaxed and tired you feel. It is so close to you now, you feel your eyes wanting to drift closed… Let yourself go… Sleep.”
With that, she lightly touched his forehead and his eyes slammed shut, his head rolling forward slightly as they did.

Goddess Marquesa smiled to herself as she walked over to the door and shut it, to ensure they were not disturbed.

She made her way back behind Eric Johnson. His erection was obvious in his pants as he sat in his chair. Goddess Marquesa spoke in the softest whisper directly in his left ear, her chest rubbing against his back again. “Eric… can you hear me…?”

“Yes” he answered, more alertly than before.

“Eric, you are so hard right now. Does my body turn you on? Do you ever fantasize about me, Eric?”

“Yes” he replied again.

“Eric, the door to your office is locked shut, and you are alone and safe. No one would know if you masturbated right now, and you are soooo hard. You are fantasizing about me right now, Eric. Don’t you want to touch yourself?”

“Yes, but…” Eric started.

“You’re all alone and perfectly safe, Eric and you can feel my breath on the back of your neck. You can feel my hands rubbing your chest, slowly. My lips gently kissing your earlobes.” She paused to take his earlobe into her mouth, as Mr. Johnson gasped. “What part of me did you fantasize about when I walked in, Eric?”

“Your breasts” he stated simply, his member twitching in his pants.

“Eric, you need to masturbate. You can see me standing in front of you, wanting you, my chest heaving with every breath I take inside this soft, tight sweater.” She rubbed her chest against his head slowly. “You need to cum, Eric. The fantasy is making you so hard. Unzip your pants.” Eric did as he was told, his member springing out of his slacks. Goddess Marquesa’s hand rubbed the back of his neck while her tongue lightly flicked his ear when she spoke. “You can see me taking my sweater off, slowly freeing my big breasts, Eric. You want to touch yourself, don’t you Eric?”

“Yes… Yes…” He said as he started to stroke his cock, which was already leaking pre-cum. “But first I need something from you Eric?”

“Anything you want Goddess Marquesa!”

“I need to know you are my slave Eric.”

“I am your slave Goddess Marquesa.”

“Good Eric I want to let you feel the pleasure of surrender to Goddess Marquesa. Would you like that?”

“Yes Mistress.”

Goddess Marquesa went around to the front of the desk and slowly slide her nails down her sweater watching his entranced eyes follow. “I am going to show you my breasts and when I do you are going to get so excited you are going to cum.”

“Yes mistress.”

With that she slid up her top watching his eyes widen the sight and suddenly watched him explode all over his pants.

She grabbed him some towels and had him clean up, still woozy she said, “Good slave when you see my Golden nails again you will think about this and the pleasure and submit.”

“Yes mistress.”

She snapped her fingers and suddenly Eric looked up. “Sorry I don’t know what happened.”

Goddess Marquesa smiled and said, “You were getting me the names and emails of all the town council members.” He was about to protest when she pointed to the form and he looked at her nails and went blank and said, “Of course.”

She walked out with phase 1 complete.