Have you dreamt of Me yet, pet? If you have, you’re welcome. If you haven’t, you will soon… and frequently. I have been infiltrating men’s dreams all My life, since long before I first learned the art of Hypnodomination.

Though it is inevitable that you will dream of Me, there is no fixed rule or pattern for how such dreams spawn and grow. It is natural to wonder what the particular dream you experience means. Never fear, pet. I have made a close study of Goddess Dreams, and am here to give you a map to their interpretation.

1. Hypnosis Dreams

If you have dreamt of being hypnotized by Me, congratulations! My Power has sunk deep into your subconscious mind, so that you can now experience the pleasure of being Hypno-dominated by your Goddess even when W/we are parted. The bond between U/us will grow richer and deeper, as you persist in placing yourself increasingly under My Spell. Kiss-kiss!

2. Travel Dreams

Have you dreamt of traveling with Me on a bus or train? Up in an airplane, rocket ship, or hot-air balloon? So many men have. Such dreams are very auspicious. It means that your desire for Me is intensifying, as is only natural. Where will this journey take U/us? Goddess knows all and will reveal all… in time!

3. Punishment Dreams

Finding yourself over My knee being spanked, or chained to a post and horsewhipped, is a very common dream. Vanilla psychologists will tell you that this is a sign of guilt, but W/we know they are wrong, don’t W/we pet? A punishment dream is your subconscious mind telling you you need to experience more of My Power and Control. Fear not, pet! There is plenty to go around!

4. Sex Dreams

Have you dreamt of making love to Me? Naughty pet, spank yourself at once! Of course, all dreams of Me are essentially sexual in nature. When you dream of Me, My Psychic Dildo penetrates the sphincter of your mind, and with each thrust I become more deeply embedded in your psyche. The dreams in which W/we fuck are, in fact, moments of enlightenment. They are your subconscious mind telling you that the whole world is essentially a dream of Me.

Of course, the myriad permutations of Goddess Dreams are too complex to exhaust in a written guide. No matter what you have dreamed, you will be more enriched by the experience if you confess your dream to Me. Write me and describe the dreams I have sent you, I command it! Better yet, call Me, and let U/us discuss your dreams. I am always ready to explain yourself to you, pet!

And if you are impatient to experience your first dream of Me, the solution to your dilemma is easy. That goal is only a trance away. Call Me!