I’m firmly convinced each of us benefits from an encouraging jump start, a motivating recharge, from time to time.
Many a creative individual has looked for some way to get around, leap over, tunnel under, or dig through their particular version of writer’s block’s blockading stumbling block.


Throughout the centuries, numerous artistic types have focused on and even appealed to one or more of the Muses to get their delicious ingenuity juices flowing freely.


The Muses are a group of from 3 to 9 goddesses–each of whom was an Artesian wellspring for one or more of the arts. Sightless Homer was one of the enlightening luminaries who throughout the centuries called upon the Muses for aid.

The influences of the Muses remain present in our modernistic, technology-driven times. Words like “amuse”, “museum”, “music”, “musing”, and their derivative terms remain a fixture in the English language.


Nowadays, the Muses are considered the sources of all sorts of inventive endeavors within and beyond the realms of the arts.

Like the Muses, the Graces are a group of goddesses entwined in people’s appreciation of feats promoting pleasures and beauty.

They are often coupled with and worshiped as sources of ingenuity, loveliness, persuasion, fertility, and pleasures.

Our modern word “charisma” arises from ancient Greek root words which gave birth to the group name for the Graces.

Femininity’s forces extend into realms beyond inventiveness and enjoyments.

The Fates are a group of goddesses who measure and determine the life span of each mortal.

So powerful are the Fates, even the Olympian deities dared not attempt to change any decree one or more of them pronounced. “Fatal” and other related words come to us from stories of the Fates.

Due to their connections with pleasures and inventiveness, the Graces and the Muses are in some ways similar.

The Furies are somewhat akin to the Fates. The Fates handled the destinies of all mortals.

However, the Furies were responsible for exacting vengeance upon the most wicked kinds of evildoers..

The Muses and the Graces, for enjoyments and inspirations.
The Fates and the Furies, in their hands dwell destiny and retribution.
Goddesses they all.
From divine womanhood, they call!

Influence, Control, Domination, and Inspiration are among a Worthy Superior Lady’s Powers and Persuasions.

That’s right! Lose yourself & Find your way in OUR EMERALD EYES.