“Holy Svengali, Batman, we’re trapped!” Robin cried, wriggling vainly against the ropes that bound him to the table.

“Yes, old chum,” replied Batman. “The last thing I remember was walking in to Goddess Marquesa’s lair. There was a voice and then…then…”

“We woke trussed up like chickens ready for roasting.”

At that moment the table to which Robin was tied began to move, rolling in the direction of his feet along a mechanized track toward a large hatch in the facing wall.

“Speaking of roasting,” Robin croaked in alarm, “that looks like an oven!”

“No, my dears,” came a mellifluous voice from behind and out of view. “It is a ‘Deep Freeze Tank.’ My slave Mr. Freeze assures me that it is perfectly harmless. It can put a person into suspended animation indefinitely. I don’t want to hurt you darling boys. Just put you on ice for a while.”

“Goddess Marquesa, you fiend!” yelled Batman. “Your evil plan won’t work!”

The tapping of high heels against marble echoed through the chamber as Goddess Marquesa approached, until her piercing green eyes stared down at the helpless Caped Crusader. “All appearances to the contrary, darling…” she cooed, her tone silken.

Robin’s feet entered the gaping mouth of the Deep Freeze. “Help!” he shouted.

“Don’t worry, old chum!” Batman yelled. “I’ll save you.”

Goddess Marquesa laughed. “Fat chance,” she remarked dryly, as Robin’s head slid into the hatch, the door closed, and the suspension tank whirred into action with a puff of cold white mist. An indicator light on the machine switched from red to green. “Ready: one freeze dried bird,” the Goddess declared.

“Wicked woman!” shouted Batman. “What do you hope to accomplish this way?”

“Since you are helpless,” replied Goddess Marquesa, “I will tell you my plan. Tonight Commissioner Gordon, the Mayor, and all the leaders of Gotham society will be gathered at the City Museum for a dinner in honor of Bruce Wayne’s Aunt Harriet. She will not be attending…she is currently in a trance and will only awaken from it when her plane lands in Auckland, New Zealand. She was kind enough to give me her ticket to the event and lend me her car and driver so that I can infiltrate the proceedings without raising an alarm. Once I walk to the podium and take the microphone…well, you’ve seen what I can do with my voice. By this time tomorrow I will be Queen of Gotham City.”

“That can’t happen! I will find a way to stop you!”

“Is that really what you want to do?” asked the Goddess, smiling enigmatically. Her graceful hand reached out as she brushed her long fingernails against Batman’s chest. Her captive’s muscles quivered involuntarily under her touch. Through the tight material of his costume she could see his nipples harden, and through the eye-slits in his cowl she could see his pupils dilate. A short gasp escaped his lips. “Take a moment…” she purred, “think about how you feel.”

“What….what do you mean?” Batman stuttered, his breath becoming labored. A pulsing bulge emerged in the crotch of his tights.

“I mean this…” said the Goddess as she bent slowly over her prisoner, covering his lips with her own.

Batman’s eyes widened with shock. For a moment he stiffened, resisting. As sensation overcame him he yielded, surrendering to the moment. His eyes closed, his mouth opened to welcome the Goddess’s kiss.

After a few minutes Goddess Marquesa pulled back, leaving Batman’s mouth still gaping yearningly. “What do you feel?” she asked.

For a few moments the Bat was unresponsive, eyes closed, lost in bliss. Finally he looked at his captor and replied, “I….I….I love you.”

Goddess Marquesa chuckled softly in satisfaction. “But what of my evil plan?” she asked.

The look on Batman’s face became confused. “I…I can’t allow…you must…must…”

“I must what?”

“You must freeze me right away!” Batman declared, his voice pleading. “I beg you…Start the machine! Otherwise I will have to stop you!”

“I have a better idea,” said the Goddess. She walked over to the wall and pressed a button, causing the ropes binding Batman to loosen and fall away.

Batman stood and faced Goddess Marquesa. “What have you done?” he asked, seemingly horrified. “No matter what I feel, I must do my duty.”

The Goddess turned toward her former captive and smiled calmly. “I understand. Do what you must, Caped Crusader.”

With obvious reluctance, Batman strode across the room and seized Goddess Marquesa by the shoulders. Having her in his grasp he froze, gazing into her emerald eyes. Despite his manhandling the Goddess remained unperturbed, her face a picture of serene confidence. “You’ve got me,” she said. “What will you do now?”

The Bat’s eyes widened as he stared ever more deeply into those of the Goddess. For a full minute he stood motionless, holding her shoulders in a vice-like grip. Then he began to tremble, the tremors beginning in his lips and spreading until they wracked his entire frame. As the shaking intensified, tears leaked from his eyes. His strength gave way and he released the Goddess, collapsing to his knees at her feet. As he hit the floor his composure gave way completely, and he began to sob audibly. “I can’t…I can’t,” Batman stammered between chokes and tears, “I know I should but I can’t….I…I…I must…I must…”

“You must what?” asked Goddess Marquesa, her tone indicating that she knew the answer before it was given.

“I must obey You, Goddess…” gasped the kneeling Bat.

“Good,” the Goddess declared in the tone of someone who has finally finished a simple but irksome chore. “I can use your help tonight. Aunt Harriet’s car is waiting out front. No one will question my credentials if I arrive with Batman, and you can block anyone who tries to interrupt me once I get to the podium.”

The clicking of heels reverberated as Goddess Marquesa strode off to her appointed task, leaving Batman in a defeated heap. As she reached the door she turned and snapped her fingers. “Come, pet,” she ordered. “No time to tarry.”

Batman composed himself and slowly rose to his feet. “What about Robin?” he asked.

“I’ll thaw him out and enslave him later. Right now there is no time, and work to be done!” With this the Goddess breezed through the door, confident she would be obeyed.

Shuffling docilely, the Batman followed his Goddess as he had been commanded….


Tune in tomorrow, same Goddess time, same Goddess channel!