He hated wedding receptions. Well, he hated the enforced bonhomie and bad jokes that such events lent themselves to.

He didn’t hate the ladies fashions though.  His usually nervous in most social situations mind’s eyes were especially drawn to the long elegant and breathtakingly alluring satin and silk charmeuse dresses, doubly especially the bridesmaids ones. He also felt safe and secure and rather comforted by the long two piece sets that the mothers of the bride and groom wore. He especially loved the experienced, knowing, and nurturing looks that these ladies had. He often loved these more than the stern and rather mocking looks of the young bridesmaids.

But he froze when he saw two of said bridesmaids. One was Jessicca, the cruelest girl in his class–but yet so beautiful, worse still her friend Amelia was waltzing arm in arm into the room with her. Both of them went over to three other girls. Soon all five of them were laughing together.

Despite his shock he still found their attire mouthwateringly and utterly swooningly wonderful. All wore soft silk charmeuse gowns. Some tight with invitingly tantalizing splits revealing silken thighs and long legs. Others were loose, flowing, and hypnotically shimmering. To him all of them were like ensorcellingly ethereal, billowing clouds of gentle, entrancing, and enchanting gossamer womanhood. Men like him dream of visitations from such fascinatingly feminine visions all day long. With all his diminishing might he attempted to project an aura of respectful, respectable, and quietly sociable aloofness whilst he tried to fight off his obvious attraction to that torturing temptress Jessicca and her companions. And he had to stem the growing bulge in his rather tight pants. The more he tried to deny his mind’s cravings and his body’s carnal desires, the more aroused he was and the more off guard he became. these mental tricks and psychological gymnastics made him more vulnerable to even the merest fleeting glance from the focussed and predatory, stern yet somehow somewhere caring eyes of his cruel schooldays nemesis Jessicca. Jessicca, the irresistibly beautiful and painfully unattainable girl who every day in class sought to hypnotically anesthetize him. It seemed to him that her sole goal in life was to induce him to helpless slumber for her and her friends cruel delight.
The reunion was the only time he’d encountered Jessica since their matriculations.  The reunion.  All those feelings resurrected and exposed.  Jessicca invading his hotel room at the witching hour.  What happened after that he would always remember.  But his thoughts and feelings were so cloudy now.  Had his private time of his life with Jessicca really happened?  Was it only some fantasy he’d have virtually sold his birthright and his immortal soul to make a devilishly decadent reality?  If their night together was more than a dream come true to larger than life-size, how would Jessicca treat him now.  When it was just the two of them, that was one moment of momentous ecstasies.  Now Jessicca was with her girlfriends.  Sometimes, people are very different when they’re in a group they want to be a part of.  Which Jessicca would he meet today?  Would either of them give him the time of day?

Just like the old days, when he was off guard Jessicca snared him.

“Oh look girls, it’s my little wormy boy, my little geeky victim from our university.  Guess what?  It turns out he was actually in my high school. I remember just about everyone from there. All except him, of course.  How goes it, wormy? Are you still always sleeeeepy in the afternoon? You pathetic little maggot. Geeks don’t change you know. They just get fatter, uglier, and more sleeeepy when I say so. And you like being sleeepy, don’t you?”

“Oh go away Jessicca it’s not funny anymore.”

She looked back at him with eyes shot through with a dominating iciness as she mimicked him in a voice sounding like someone who’d swallowed too much helium. . .

“Oh go away Jessicca.” In her usual voice whose tone and timbre always spoke sensuousness to him which he would never forget she said, “Pathetic little geek. I don’t know why Tommy, the biggest jock with a bod to simply die for, invited a little maggot like you here. Look girls, this is still the stupid guy we used to put to sleep in class every day so that he got into trouble with the teachers. We loved how he went all dreamy eyed and especially when his little pathetic scrawny mouth drooled saliva . . yuk!”

Those in her company laughed and Amelia piped up. .

“Yes, and we used to have competitions. . . Make geeky boy sleepy boy,” she emphasized. “But he had his moments, you know. Despite what Jessie said, he was quite, you know, well endowed in the loin department.”
He wondered why Amelia would give him such a compliment.  For the life of him he couldn’t recall any time when Amelia or any of Jessicca’s other companions would have that sort of carnal knowledge about him.

More mocking laughter from all five femme fatales. He had had enough. He wanted no more abuse or humiliation. he left the reception and went back to the hotel just hoping and praying that his mesmerizing bully girl was not there. With all his mind and spirit, heart and soul he beseeched the Lord of the heavens and the earth that Jessicca would never darken any door that stood between the two of them ever again.
After flopping down on the bed, he couldn’t stop his depressed consciousness from replaying only the awful events in this now thoroughly disgusting day.  Not one fraction of a second of sympathy or kindness from Jessicca.  He was sure he had his answer now.  What he felt he’d had with Jessicca that night of the reunion, it was nothing!

Later he had a shower which seemed to wash away the stresses of the day. Life does go on he mused. And why should the tartest lemon of all, in spite of the fact she seemed more gorgeous each time he saw her, spoil the barrel of ripe, crisp, sweet apples most of his life had become?  After all, despite one more dreadful and pain-filled experience with Jessicca since school he would be free of her from now on.

He left the shower and towelled himself down. For a moment he looked at his manhood. It was a little, shall we say, dormant but he was proud of how wonderfully large, hard, and proud it got when he was aroused. Maybe one day some nice understanding girl would relish having his “Asset” as her own. But when he saw very attractive girls, he often thought of Jessicca and her friends cruel jibes foremost. A part of him secretly enjoyed the ordeals he used to go through for their entertainment. They knew how he became when he got sleepy. He recalled their touch when they mesmerizingly lulled him to afternoon slumber. . . But maybe all those memories were nothing but fantasies he dreamed up to protect himself and service his needs.

He heard a sound in the small hotel room. He quickly exited the bathroom and went towards the noise–not thinking and not even grabbing a towel to cover his carnal credentials. .

As he entered the dark room he seemed to be sprayed by a hundred perfume atomizers and a silken bridesmaids glove covered his mouth “Mmmmm mmmmmmm!!!” he tried to cry out but to no avail. He felt weak and helpless as he was dragged to a chair. His hands were put behind him and he was handcuffed to the chair he’d been forced into. At the same time a rope was wound around his feet.

He looked up and was quite dazed to see five female faces in a high state of amusement. And the closest was Jessicca.

“See, little wormy boy, you must have known that Amelia and I wouldn’t let you leave without showing our friends what we can do to you. ”

“We’re all dressed in satin, my little geek man. And you sooooo love satin. I know you do. I remember that day when we caught you in one of the men’s changing rooms. You see girls, despite his ugly, weak, unmanly look this little, geeky man has something we all want. Actually he’s got something that the wannabe jock-boy toys can’t give us. Hell theyre still too busy pumping iron, devouring steroids, and too many of these losers still living off their parents. Bods are one thing. But bods don’t enter our love caverns now do they.”

He looked at her. He actually did not hate her. He just wished she would be gentle with him, tender with him.

She seemed to read his mind.

“We just captured you geeky boy. But we don’t want to hurt you–unless we find out you’re really into that sort of thing. We just want to soothe you, like we used to. And like you secretly enjoyed. At least you believed nobody knew about your little secret desires about what you’ll always want us to do with you. Just keep watching our wonderful dresses as they wind around you like a snake or a spider’s web ensnaring our prey, my little wormy man. As they come closer and shimmer. Reflecting the light that attracts your poor, tired, little eyes.”

Suddenly, but in a gentle way, all five young women began walking around him. He heard the gentle swish of their various silken skirts and watched the light dance off the reflective material as it shimmered and flowed.

“Thats right, my little, geeky one, we’re going to dance and enchant you to silken, satin, sweet fairyland. Yes, my little dazed one, watch the sweet, flowing, swaying, soothing and sweetly alluring and lulling charmeuse skirts of surrender surround you. See their promise to engage your eyes, to envelop your pretty face in our thighs. Feel silken gloved fingers tracing your face and neck with tactile, arousing lullabies. Feel yourself being hypnotized, my geeky, little love.”

“Lullabies, tired eyes, mesmerized” said the five in a wonderfully harmonious, femininely beguiling and hypnotizing burr. Each desirable woman kept gently and softly touching his face and neck as their skirts wound around him.

“You don’t know how much we love you, little wormboy. The cruelty was always a front. Sometimes ladies are programmed to expect a man to be macho manly, to be a brute. Or sometimes not a brute but a protector. And you don’t come across like any of these roles most of us expect a man to fulfill, do you? So we mock. But really, some of us, we want to care for you. It turns us on to send our sleepy, geeky, careworn wormyman to the dreamland he deserves and hungers for and needs to rest in our embrace. Now watch the skirts, my little one. Watch them sway and optically kiss your tiring, sleepy eyes as we get closer to you. Feel the gentle, soothing touch of our silken gloves. Hear the satiny soothing, languorous, loving lullaby voices of my wonderful, hypnotic sisters.”

“Silken gloves, satin dress,
Wonderful silken angels caress.

Helpless darling falling deep.
Rest your head in silk-satin sleep.”

The gentle harmonies seemed to be coming from a great distance away. As these temptresses’ skirts grew closer, he was relaxed. His eyes dimmed as the gentle fingers caressed him.

“Rest now, rest now, sleep, sleeeeep, sleeeeeeeep!”

Their voices continued teasing him, lulling him, arousing him. As the skirts enveloped him, Jessiccas voice came to him again.

“See! my little one, you are in our power. You are in the laps of the silky satin siren goddesses of deep sleeeep. As you hypnotically sleep and wet dream of us, you cannot help becoming even more and more aroused. Arousal is sleeep, sleeeeep is arousal. Arousal is sleep and sleep is arousal. Aroused, sleeeeeep. Aroused, sleeeeep. Aroused, sleeeeeeep.

“Sooo deeeply aroused and soundly, erotically, enchantedly entranced and deeply, soothingly, silky satin, mesmerisingly asssleeeeeep.”

He remembered his face nestling into five sets of silken hips. He dimly recalled looking at a jewelled pendant set in silken clad breasts and his head falling onto the most exquisite, exciting breasts any mortal has ever seen or been blessed to feel. As his manhood exploded once, twice, thrice or more, he remembers the words “Nighty night my satisfying little geek-boy”.

He awoke suddenly and felt his neck muscles tighten. He was handcuffed to his bed facing a mirror. The domestic staff were frantically banging the door. He looked at the mirror opposite and saw written in ruby red lipstick.

“See ya later meaty gator, until we meet again geek boy, thanks for the memories, remember the mammaries, sleepiness is sexiness, your very own Hypno-girl Jessicca”.

As the pass key opened the door and he heard more female laughter he just felt resigned to his fate. But secretly he wanted Jessicca and her friends to capture him again and again.


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