Elena was as stunning as she was kinky. At 50, she still had the body (and the sex drive) of a woman half her age. Blonde, with hypnotically green eyes, long legs and full breasts, she remained the cool, confidant domme who had begun turning older men into groveling slaves before she was a teenager.
Jack was one of The Chosen Few, a group of half a dozen carefully selected slaves who had the privilege of serving Elena. Inclusion in the group was the result of merciless (and never-ending) testing. Each candidate had to achieve a perfect score in several categories, including acceptance of physical discipline (beating, cbt, and trampling), body service (piss drinking, ass and dirty foot worship), humiliation, and, most important of all, obedience. Elena administered tests without notice to obtain the truest measure of the slave’s innate submissiveness. For example, Elena might text a candidate to appear at her house in twenty minutes for a four hour session of brutal physical discipline. The deadline was absolute (though, ironically, Elena might leave the slave kneeling on her doorstep for half an hour), as were the requirements of the torture test. A slave who was one minute late, or who asked for mercy before the full four hours had expired, was banished forever. It was not uncommon to see men who had served Elena for decades kneeling outside her door, sobbing and begging for reinstatement. Elena cruelly dismissed them forever.
Jack had served Elena for nearly 15 years. He knew all too well the standards to which The Chosen Few were held. He had been accepted into the group after Elena dismissed her husband of two decades for hesitating to suck the cock of one of Elena’s 18 year old lovers. It was, in fact, the extremity of Elena’s demands that made Jack so magnetically attracted to her. He lived in both anticipation and fear of the command that would finally go beyond his nearly infinite limits.
In this respect, Jack could not have found a better match than Elena. The thing that aroused her the most was not the beatings or the attentive tongues licking her feet; it was finding the slave’s limits and pushing past them. If she sensed that a slave was afraid of pain, she would soon twist him around her finger, making him crave beatings so much that he couldn’t live without them. If the slave lived in fear that friends and family would discovery his secret life, Elena would soon have him begging her to use him in front of his wife, or to fuck his boss while he watched. The game was never ending.
Elena had recently found a perfect match between her own kink and a slave’s limits. Elena had always had a real fondness for young boys—the younger the better. And she happened to know that Jack had a very handsome 18 year old son who knew nothing of Jack’s slave life. What could be better than mesmerizing Jack into begging her to fuck this young stud?
Jack knew, of course, that Elena has a thing for boy cock. She didn’t use the young ones as slaves, but took them as lovers. Nothing made her cum more intensely than a beautiful boy’s hot young cock thrusting into her pussy. Several times a week, she would feel that delicious moment just as the boy’s cock began to throb and spurt, which in turn sent an electric shot or orgasm though her whole body. Jack had frequently been called on to serve Elena during her “dates” with these young men, occasionally having the privilege of sucking their cum directly from his mistress’ divine pussy.
Elena knew that Jack kept his worshipful submission a secret from his family. But she had also stumbled across the details of Jack’s family life; by pure chance she ran into him at the mall with his son Adam. Elena was instantly attracted to the handsome boy. He was tall for his age, with blonde hair, piercing blue eyes and a sweet smile. Elena quickly realized she would need to fuck this boy who, judging by his father’s endowment, probably had a long cock with a mushroom head. She envisioned it entering her pussy and could almost feel the tightness as the boy thrust deep inside her.
The next day, Elena texted Jack, instructing him to leave work immediately and come to her house to do domestic service while she entertained a young gentleman. By the standards of their relationship, this was a fairly routine command. Still Jack was instantly hard imagining what his inventive and kinky mistress would have him do. Scrub the floor while she sat on the boy’s face? Lick the warm and salty boy cum from her pussy just minutes after the by shot his massive load inside her? Every possibility was delicious.
When Jack arrived, he could hear Elena moaning in ecstasy. In accordance with established procedure, he disrobed and crawled in to her bedroom. The sight that awaited him took his breath away. There was his beautiful mistress, wearing nothing but stockings, heels, and a garter belt, straddling a young boy and intensely fucking his young cock. Elena was clearly in control. Though on the verge of an orgasm herself, she sternly commanded her boy toy not to cum without permission. The poor boy got the message; despite the gyrations of the beautiful woman riding his cock, he remained completely still, grimacing as he focused on holding back against the overwhelming tide of sexual pleasure. Within just a few minutes, Elena moaned loudly and squeezed her already tight pussy even more intensely on the boy’s throbbing dick.
Jack knew better than to let his arousal at this sight delay him from beginning his domestic service. He quickly stripped, put on his leather collar, and got down on his hands and knees to begin scrubbing Elena’s floors. After a few minutes, he heard Elena calmly but firmly calling him into her presence. The nude slave crawled into the bedroom where his owner lay in bed with her young lover. Between tongue kisses with the boy, Elena said, “Slave, you have a son, don’t you?”
“Yes, mistress,” responded Jack.
“How old is he?”
“Eighteen, mistress.”
“Excellent. Have him here at nine o’clock Friday night.”
“Yes mistress.”
Finally, Elena had found the command that brought Jack to the very edge of his ability to obey. On the one hand, Jack was petrified of revealing to his family the absolute ownership Elena had over him, and he knew that she would soon have the same kind of control over Adam. On the other hand, Jack understood that even the slightest hesitation in surrendering his son to Elena meant permanent banishment from the Chosen Few.
Cruelly, Elena had given him six days to mull over his choice.
The outcome, however, was never really in doubt. Elena simply had too much power over her helpless slave. Jack told Adam that they would be going to meet “a friend” of Jack’s who might need a boy Adam’s age to help with some “chores.” Adam, completely clueless as to what awaited him, agreed.
Friday night at 9:00 p.m. on the dot Jack, accompanied by Adam, rang Elena’s doorbell. Despite his 15 years of servitude, Jack was still astonished when he saw how beautiful his owner was. She answered the door wearing the sexiest outfit he had ever seen: stiletto heels, black seamed stockings and a leather micro mini, topped with a sheer and low cut top that emphasized her large and beautiful breasts (and revealed clearly the outline of her pert brown nipples). “Hello, Jack, good to see you,” she purred. “And this must be Adam. So nice to meet you. You’re dad has told me so much about you.”
Both father and son were dazed by Elena’s beauty. Adam, though confused, was delighted at the sexy vision before him, and involuntarily began to get hard. Through the haze and excitement, he somehow realized that this goddess was speaking to him. Stammering and dry mouthed, he managed a feeble, “Nice to meet you.”
“It’s very nice to meet you, too,” Elena responded. “Your dad and I have been friends for a long time. He . . . helps me out around the house sometimes.” Jack blushed bright red, but simultaneously found himself light headed at the thought that his mistress was flagrantly flirting with Adam. “And I must say,” Elena continued, “You’re just as handsome as your father told me you’d be.” With a devilish smile she added, “I’ve always had a weakness for handsome young men.”
Jack and Adam remained silent, virtually paralyzed with lust. Again, Elena smoothly moved things forward. “Jack, why don’t you go in the kitchen and fix us a drink? Adam, come sit down on the couch with me and get comfortable.” Both males wordlessly obeyed.
As Adam took his seat beside her, Elena deftly moved in close so that her breasts and her stockinged thighs were pressing against the boy. Then, without a word, she took his chin in her hand and began to kiss him. Despite his nearly total lack of experience, Adam instinctively responded, opening his mouth and pushing his tongue into the older woman’s mouth. He was so excited that he thought his lungs or his hard cock might literally explode at any moment. Elena, who had seen dozens of “just of age” teenage boys in similar states, felt that familiar electric jolt to her pussy that came with each new conquest. “Oh, sweetie, that was nice,” Elena whispered. “Now I want you to take your cock out and show it to me.” Despite the sweet and quiet voice she used, there was no doubt that Elena was commanding rather than asking.
Mesmerized, Adam obeyed. “That’s very nice,” Elena cooed. “Maybe you’d like to see where that’s going next?” Adam instinctively knelt before the goddess and awaited further instructions. “Good boy,” Elena said. Then, lifting up her skirt, she revealed her beautiful shaved pussy. Adam nearly fainted from the excitement of the sight, but somehow reeled himself back from the edge of consciousness. “Well, well, sweetie,” said Elena. “Is there something you’d like to ask me?”
“It’s . . . It’s beautiful,” Adam stammered.
“Yes, I know,” said Elena. Smiling sweetly at the kneeling boy she added, “I think you want to ask me if you may kiss it.”
“Yes, yes!” said Adam, then, in a more reverent tone, he added, “Please, may I kiss it?”
At precisely this moment, Jack reappeared with a flute of champagne. He entered the room just as Adam was puckering his lips around Elena’s clit. Without missing a beat, Elena said, “I’ll take that, Jack. You can return to the kitchen and clean up until I call for you. Oh, don’t worry about Adam. He’s busy but he’s having a good time.”
Elena refocused herself on the hot, hung boy who was on the verge of worshipping his first pussy.
Elena knew Adam was a shy young man and relatively inexperienced so calmly, she began to give him specific directions to use his lips and tongue to maximize her pleasure. Adam, still hypnotized with sexual desire, obeyed. He was so focused on his task—and Elena’s approving moans, that he didn’t notice the pain in his knees that kept rising for the 40 minutes he spent kneeling on the hardwood floor.
Elena was enjoying the boy’s unschooled attempts to pleasure her orally, but long experience allowed her to delay the cluster of bone-jarring orgasms that she expected before playtime was finished. Besides, a boy with a tongue and cock like Adam’s was worth educating; pussy eating is an acquired skill, and young Adam would need many hours of practice to meet Elena’s exacting standards.
After three quarters of an hour of closely supervised tongue work, Elena allowed the boy to rise from his knees and lie on his back on her bed. Finally, it was time to use the beautiful boy cock to cum—and cum hard. With quick, well-practiced movements, Elena mounted her young stud. She hesitated for only a moment to enjoy the sensation of his large mushroom cockhead entering her cunt, and then began vigorously riding his erection. Her orgasms began almost immediately, one following the other for several minutes. Despite the intensity of the physical sensation, Elena was able to calmly remind the luck boy that he shouldn’t cum without permission, or he might be forever deprived of the pleasures Elena’s body could provide.
Adam, having only had one sexual experience before (which ended disastrously) struggled valiantly to comply with the mistress’ instructions. But the pleasure or her tight pussy pumping his dick was just too much. After a few minutes of superhuman effort, his cock began to twitch and pump a huge load of cum. Elena, with her wide experience fucking young boys, sensed his impending orgasm, which triggered the biggest shuddering cum she could remember. The simultaneous orgasms caused mistress and boy to collapse together.
Elena allowed herself several minutes to recover from the intensity of the experience. As the fog of pleasure subsided, Elena asked herself how she should train Adam (in particular, whether she should make him a slave or simply a fucktoy). She quickly realized, however, that she would have plenty of time to decide that. The boy was obviously enraptured and would be honored to repeat the experience.
Just before drifting off to sleep, Elena asked herself one last question: “Where is Jack? I want him to suck this cum out of me right now!”