Day 6



A change at breakfast today.

“Why don’t we talk?” Goddess Marquesa proposed as we sat down. “It might help distract you from trying not to look at my legs and breasts.”

“Why not let me move back to the other side of the table?” I asked. “Better yet, why not stop dressing so provocatively?” Her outfit was particularly seductive today- red shoes and skimpy red lingerie, complemented by sheer white stockings held in place by red lace garters.

She laughed. “Because I want your full attention, and I have no interest in making it easy for you. Besides, do you really think that if I walked in here wearing a snow parka you would be any less turned on?”

This actually made me laugh. She has a sense of humor, that I have to grant her. “No,” I admitted. By now I know her body so well that my imagination needs little kindling where she is concerned.

“So let’s talk. You start.”

“What can I say?” I protested. “You’ve left me with no memories. I’ve got nothing to talk about.”

This made her snort derisively. “Men,” she sighed. “It’s always got to be about you. Why don’t you ask about me?”

“Okay,” I complied, “how many men have you kept prisoner in here?”

“You are the second,” she replied. “The first was a nice young lady who now serves in another house.”

“Lady?” I asked. “I thought I was the second man you kept in here.”

“You are,” she explained. “Stephanie was a man when she entered this room. A rather obnoxious man. She left a sweet young lady.”

“Is that your plan for me? Am I going to be changed into a woman?”

She smiled. “That would be telling secrets,” she said. “You’ll have to wait and find out how this movie ends. Meanwhile, be thankful. I remodeled this little cell to make it more comfortable for you. Stephanie didn’t have a bathroom. The poor girl had to use a bucket and take sponge-baths.”

After this we lapsed into silence. I picked at my food- French toast today. The story about Stephanie had put me off my appetite.

“Is that all you want to know about me?” she asked after a pause.

“Yes,” I answered in a tone more surly and defiant than I really felt.

“Well, then,” she continued, “why don’t you tell me about your reading? Have you begun Venus in Furs?”

“Why would I do that?” I asked. “You obviously were making fun of me with it.”

“Not at all,” she protested. “The book is a classic of psychological erotica. You might learn something from it.”

“Are you saying I’m some kind of masochist?”

“Don’t be so gullible,” she said, making a disapproving face. “The vanilla world likes to label everything that arouses real passion as ‘deviance,’ but that’s a fool’s game. I’m just saying that the book has genuine insights. It might help you work through your confusion about why I turn you on so much.”

I tried to think of some snappy response to this challenge, but couldn’t. After an uncomfortable silence I changed the subject. We talked for a while longer- mainly about stories I had read in yesterday’s newspapers. I must confess that it did help distract me- I only caught myself ogling her two or three times. The fact is that, all else aside, she is good company. I laughed out loud at several things she had to say. I was actually a little lonely after breakfast was over and she left.

Spent the rest of the day reading and flipping channels. New newspapers came through the pass-through, but there was little of interest there. I actually cracked the cover of Venus and Furs and read the first few pages, but I put it down. I don’t know why…I can’t bring myself to read it.

If the time stamp on CNN is right (I have it playing on “mute” while I write this), lights out will be soon. I’ll leave off here.



Day 7


Today was the strangest day yet.

She didn’t come for breakfast. At 8 AM the pass-through slid open and a breakfast tray came through. Service for one. I picked up the tray and actually lingered by the door for a few moments, half-hoping she would enter. A note on the tray said that I should set it by the pass-through when I was done. I hadn’t realized how much I had taken her visits for granted until I was forced to eat breakfast alone.

The rest of the day seemed to creep by at an even slower pace than usual. Today’s newspapers were delivered, but I couldn’t focus on reading. I put a movie on the television and stared blankly at it for a while, not following the plot.

I began restlessly flipping through channels, looking for something that would break the monotony. Nothing caught my eye, until I came across a channel that had been a blank signal before today, but that was now broadcasting. It showed a view of a living room, the image a bit flat as one gets on security cameras, but in color. In the middle of the frame was Goddess Marquesa, seated in an easy chair with her feet up on a matching ottoman. She was reading a book- a copy of Venus in Furs. Though she seemed to be lounging alone at home, she was dressed as seductively as I have always seen her. She wore white lace lingerie and sheer gray stockings. Her shoes were shiny silver pumps.

I set down the remote and watched, transfixed. She wasn’t doing anything to speak of, just relaxing and occasionally turning a page. Once in a while she would take a sip from a glass of water set on an end table next to her. But despite the completely ordinary scene, I could not take my eyes off of her.

Minutes went by, I don’t know how long. I could feel my pulse quickening and my cock becoming hard. I fidgeted uncomfortably, distressed by feelings I could not suppress. I tried to persuade myself to turn the channel, but couldn’t summon the will to do so.

Finally I sighed and let go, surrendering to how she made me feel. I reached below my gown and began stroking my cock. Pleasure and shame rose in me simultaneously. It was mortifying to abase myself this way…but she is so, so sexy. The feeling of just allowing myself to want her, NEED her, was too delicious to resist.

The stimulation in my cock became very intense, I actually started to feel lightheaded from the mounting pleasure. At that moment Goddess Marquesa looked up from her book. She rose from the chair and walked closer, filling the screen and speaking into the camera, “That’s it pet,” she cooed. “Don’t fight it. Give in to what you feel for me.”

I grunted in shock and embarrassment. I had no idea that the connection was two-way. There must be a hidden camera near the TV set in my cell, and a screen on her end. The surprise tipped me out of my chair- I had been sitting by the table, but I fell to my knees in the middle of the floor. Despite my alarm and humiliation, I kept stroking. I couldn’t stop myself, it felt too good.

“That’s it,” Goddess Marquesa encouraged. “On your knees pet. Keep pumping. Worship me with your body. You know it’s what you want.”

I stared into her eyes and felt a kind of euphoria. My mouth hung open. A moan of ecstasy came from deep in my gut, building in intensity like a siren. As my head seemed to spin, the groan shaped into words: “Oooooh….oh Goddess….Goddess….”

“Yes, pet,” she answered, “Goddess is here. Give it to me. Give me all your passion. All your essence. Give it to me now.”

On that command I exploded. Gooey white fluid erupted from my cock as if from a fire hose, spraying across the floor for several feet. I felt blissful, like I had arrived in Heaven and a blond, green-eyed angel was greeting me.

When the orgasm finally subsided I collapsed, falling forward onto my hands and knees. My breath came in ragged gasps.

“That was lovely, pet,” Goddess Marquesa soothed from the TV overhead. “I know it made you feel better. I’ll send a wet cloth for cleaning up the mess. Sweet dreams tonight. I’ll see you in them, and then again in the morning.”

Goddess Marquesa reached up a hand toward something off-camera and the transmission cut off, the screen went black. It took me a few moments to recover sufficiently to drag myself to the bathroom to clean myself off. Once that was done, and I had used the cloth that came through the pass-through to wipe up the floor, I collapsed on the bed. I’m not sure how much time has passed since then.

It has been difficult to write this, I am still trembling so badly. I don’t understand what happened. I don’t know what I’m feeling. I am completely drained, but I don’t know if I will be able to sleep. The lights will cut out soon. I’ll end here and pick up again tomorrow.