Sheryl brought the cigarette up to her lips and inhaled deeply, as her mind raced and formulated plan. She had a newfound talent, and she wasn’t about to let it go to waste. She really didn’t know why or how she could do the things she could, she could only surmise that her new power was God-given. And if God graced her with such a gift, she was certainly going to put it to good use.

She turned her head to the left as she lay in bed, slowly exhaling the smoke as her eyes roamed over the body next to her. The woman was tall and athletic, with what was now a much larger set of breasts. The large mammaries looked a bit out of place on the tall, nicely muscled woman, but Sheryl didn’t care. She could do what she wanted, and hell if anyone could stop her.

She had been with this woman several times before, though usually only when some jerkish man had betrayed her, left her hanging out to dry, or just plain pissed her off. She would call Mandy in tears, her fragile emotions ripped to shreds by some inconsiderate male who wanted only to fuck and then fuck her over. So Mandy would come over, console Sheryl. and it would inevitably lead to the hottest all-night lovemaking sessions.

It was never planned, in fact each time it happened Mandy and Sheryl would resolve to never let it happen again. But that was perhaps just for the benefit of their ears, because the rest of their bodes surely did not listen.

That’s how it was for Sheryl, anyway. She had recently discovered that Mandy was a participant in the marathon all-nighters simply because she thought it would cheer Sheryl up and she didn’t know how else to do that.

When confronted, Mandy confessed that the first time it happened she was weak, but every time after she justified it by thinking that it was all that could be done to get Sheryl’s mind off of whatever brute had given it to her this time. But Mandy was positive what they were doing was wrong, and so had refused to participate again in the future.

Sheryl inhaled again, smiling to herself. Because despite all of that, across from her in the bed,
wrapped tightly in the blankets to ward off the cool early morning breeze that was wafting in through the window, was Mandy. And she would continue to be there until Sheryl decided it was time to be rid of her, and not before.

Mandy’s auburn hair was tussled about her head in sexy waves, the kind of hair that comes only with the most raw sex when someone has a fistful of your hair in their hand. Sheryl rode her hard, planting herself upon Mandy’s head and not moving for over two hours. She’d never seen Mandy go for so long, but that wasn’t the issue anymore. She’d be seeing that a lot more,
that she was sure.

So Sheryl had rubbed her cunny up and down across Mandy’s face for hours, all the while Mandy’s expert snake-like tongue buried deep within her. By the time she was done, the bed and Mandy were soaked with Sheryl’s juices; Mandy’s hair was even wet and some was matted down to the side of her head. Sheryl had just dug her fists into that beautiful body of auburn hair and rode her like there was no tomorrow, because as far as she knew there wouldn’t be. At least, not a tomorrow of the same caliber.

Yet here she was, smoking in bed next to Mandy, and the talent was indeed still with her. It was tomorrow, by yesterday’s standards, and everything was exactly the same as it had been the day before.

Mandy moaned a bit and stirred Sheryl from her thoughts. Sheryl looked over as one eye sleepily popped open to greet her.

“Smoking already?” Mandy asked, followed by a long sigh.

Sheryl let out a small giggle. “I can’t help it. They say it’s addictive, you know.”

“That has nothing to do with it. You just like it. There’s no addiction whatsoever for you and you know it.”

Sheryl smiled again, as she inhaled again and gently rubbed one hand across Mandy’s cheek. “You’re a little messy,” she said, noting the dried flakes of her own juices that were coming off Mandy’s face as she touched her.

“That’s why my face was still when I was trying to talk!” Mandy said with a laugh. She sat up in bed, cupped on hand at the side of her face, and used a slut-red fingernail from the other hand to scrape the cunt-juice flakes from her face. After a few minutes of this, her cupped hand had an impressive amount of dried Sheryl juice in it.

Sheryl was up now, getting dressed for her big day. She had two braids in the front of her dark red hair, each of which hung down to rest tantalizingly adjacent to her nipples. The rest of her hair was of the same length, falling gently in gloriously beautiful curves on her back. She pulled on a grey tube-top to cover her 36D breasts (at least, that’s the size she was for
today), and threw on a pink fishnet tank-top over that. She pulled on long gloves made of the same pink fishnet material, stat stretched from her hands all the way up to the middle of her biceps.

She competed the outfit with a dark pair of denim jeans and white platform sneakers. She grabbed her purse and glanced over at Mandy, who was happily dropping the cunt-flakes into her mouth and savoring the taste as they melted. Sheryl opened the door as the called back to Mandy.

“I’ve got a very busy day, my little fuck toy, so finish cleaning yourself up and then be sure to get home.”

“Can’t I just wait here for you?” Mandy asked, a look of disappointment on her face.

“No,” Sheryl said, trying to be stern, “You know mom will be looking for you. If you’re not back home before she finds you missing, dad’ll have the whole county up and looking for you by noon.” She stepped out into the hall, but then came back in and walked over to Mandy, planting a long, deep sensual lover’s kiss on her, tasting her own juices on Mandy’s tongue.

“Don’t worry, I’ll be back for you, sis.” With that Sheryl left Mandy with her thoughts and her delightful pussy-flavored snack.