Captured by the Web is Mistress/Goddess Marquesa’s latest hypno-video offering.  It is quite a thrill.  If you crave to fall deeply and further under Her Love Spell this is a video you will greatly enjoy.  After an unusual induction, which I’ll shall say more about in a moment, She takes the viewer/listener into incredibly deep submission and obedience to her majestic power.  She deepens Her thrall’s fealty and devotion with a set of powerful repeated affirmations and commands that I found impossible to ignore or disobey. 

The induction is unusual in that the Mistress Herself is there, fully visible in her full glory, inducing and seducing the subject.  I love the long black gloves that She wears, the “Bling” on Her wrists, and that sexy Little Black Dress. So very Hot!  I don’t know if any of Her other videos have Her as the centerpiece of the induction because I haven’t seen them all, but I would like to see her do more of this.  During the induction She smiles a very “all knowing” smile.  It was as if She were telling me that there is no escape from Her web of submission.  I Love it!

So if Marquesa is you hypno-Domme and you want to be taken even deeper into Her service you will want this recording.  And if your thinking of a first video by the Mistress, I highly recommend Mistress/Goddess Marquesa’s Captured by the Web.