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Review of “Submit to Marquesa”

If there is such a thing as a true love spell, this video is it. I first watched “Submit to Marquesa” five years ago, and have been obsessed with Goddess Marquesa ever since.

        The effect was instantaneous. The video itself is deceptively simple. It consists entirely of Goddess Marquesa stroking Her own gorgeous, stocking-clad leg with an amber wand. Your eyes follow Her wand up and down the curves of Her leg as She slowly, gently entrances you into a deep sleep of desire and complete submission to Her will.

Though the structure of the trance is quite basic, the intense eroticism of the spell Goddess Marquesa casts is impossible to describe in words. Much of it, of course, is driven by the sheer sexiness of Goddess Marquesa’s form. Her legs are so voluptuously enticing, the hand that holds Her wand is so sensually elegant, that the effect on the eyes is like the taste of exquisitely delicious food when it first encounters your tongue. The sight of Her satisfies and deepens one’s hunger in the same instant. Along with Her form, Her voice is irresistibly seductive. The rich tones and cadences of Her speech seep into your ears like enchanted music.

But Her physical presence alone cannot explain the power of this trance. Her personality shines through in this as in all of Her videos, overwhelming You with the force of Her charm. She is a paradox: at the same time so insouciantly playful, , so deeply soulful, so darkly seductive, so benignly wise, that Her effect can only be described as ravishing.

But even the combination of Her personal allure and Her carnal beauty cannot fully explain the power of “Submit to Marquesa.” Above and beyond all else, the concept of the video is so ingeniously audacious that its power transcends the sum of its gorgeous parts. Few people would have the confidence to compel another to simply stare at them, but Goddess Marquesa raises poise to the realm of art. She does not only KNOW that you want Her, She FORCES you to want Her on Her terms. She is Dominance personified, truly a Goddess in both name and substance.

I have watched “Submit to Marquesa” dozens of times, and no number of viewings ever sates my desire to see it again and again. Its effect is more than that of a drug…it is an erotic dream, a psychosexual Eden to which you will be drawn back relentlessly and deliriously to worship at the shrine of the Goddess.

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Goddess of the Emerald Eyes

Divinity’s eyes are green as envy’s hue,

But jealousy is not what makes them glow.

Her light bewitches all who come in view

With a desire that few mere mortals know.

To hear Her voice is to fall in a dream

Of angel’s song and devilish delights,

One’s days become an endless pining stream

And thoughts of Her will haunt all of one’s nights.

Surrender to Her power all you kings,

And tremble at Her feet, you presidents.

Her Beauty overmasters all such things,

Her Splendor overcomes all resistance.

No one is so wise, or strong, or brave,

As can refuse being Marquesa’s slave.

On the Couch

 “Youre trembling. Youve recently had a traumatic experience,” Doctor Weiss said.

        “Yes,” Robert replied.

        “Lets talk about it,” Weiss encouraged from behind where Robert lay. “Try to relax.” Read more…



It is strange how trivial and random the details that will change your life can be. It is one thing if a runaway truck or a hurtling meteor reorders your world, but entirely another when your existence is transformed by something as bizarrely out-of-place as a travel brochure left carelessly in a dentist’s office. I know my dentist could not have placed it there on purpose, he had not provided his patients with anything but outdated issues of the same three magazines in the twenty years that I had been his patient. Some other visitor must have been holding it in hand when the receptionist called, and idly set it down on the side table by the chair in which I would soon sit. Read more…


This exquisitely enticing and excitingly erotic story is a collaboration.  The story was conceived and produced by Goddess Marquesa, and it was put to paper by pawnofMarquesa.  Of the story, Goddess Marquesa says, “This is a story that I feel no matter what one’s hypnotic erotic fantasies of domination are… All will enjoy it.”  “I liked this story so much I applauded!!! :)”    We think you will too!

Read more…


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