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Wisdom of the Sexes

The “battle of the sexes” has continued for countless generations. I have no desire to do anything which might

keep that going. After all, there’s no challenge in fighting a war whose outcome is predetermined.  🙂

What I’m writing about is the “WISDOM OF THE SEXES”. By this I mean certain fundamental truths known to Women or

men or both.

These revelations are frequently expressed in song lyrics, books, poetry, TV shows, cartoons, etc.

Below are two examples which reveal a powerful principle.  I absolutely love these two examples of the “TRUTH” as US femme-domme’s know it!


Percy Sledge may not be known to you…he just passed this year but he was an R&B and soul performer who recorded the mega hit “When a Man Loves a Woman” in 1966. The words are below:

When a man loves a woman
Can’t keep his mind on nothing else
He’ll trade the world
For the good thing he’s found
If she’s bad he can’t see it
She can do no wrong
Turn his back on his best friend
If he put her down

When a man loves a woman
Spend his very last dime
Trying to hold on to what he needs
He’d give up all his comfort
Sleep out in the rain
If she said that’s the way it ought to be

Well, this man loves a woman
I gave you everything I had
Trying to hold on to your precious love
Baby, please don’t treat me bad

When a man loves a woman
Down deep in his soul
She can bring him such misery
If she plays him for a fool
He’s the last one to know
Loving eyes can’t ever see

When a man loves a woman
He can do no wrong
He can never own some other girl
Yes when a man loves a woman
I know exactly how he feels
‘Cause baby, baby, baby, you’re my world

When a man loves a woman

Well put percy!!
al bundy (from the 90’s sitcom Married with Children… is a balding, former high school football star who makes his crumb or two of rancid,

mouldy daily bread lol… selling women’s shoes. He fails at nearly everything he attempts to do. Still, there are times

when al is quite profound. One of his pearls of wisdom is below.  And I love this too!
*** start of Al Bundy’s explanation of male behavior —–
Al: “Yo, Ray.”

Ray Ray: “What is it with you, Bundy? You still not getting enough curb in your diet? I mean, we knock you around,

you come back. Why? Why do you do it?”

Al: “For the same reason men climb mountains or sail across the sea alone.
For the only reason that a rational

man would do an irrational thing like this.”

Ray Ray: “Pride.”

Al: “No. Women. I’m a moron, Ray Ray. We’re all morons. That’s what comes from being a man. From the first

little worm they dare us to eat to the last big shovelful of snow they convince us we can move. We’re nothing more

to women than an amusement park ride with life insurance. Why else would we do the idiotic things that we do? For

example: – You ski?” –

Ray Ray: “No.”

Al: “Well, you will someday if a girl wants you to. We all will. We’d hurdle down that mountain so fast that the

crack of our bodies hitting the tree wouldn’t even resonate before we’d pounce up and say, “I’m okay.” They know

we’re not okay. Even if they missed that pair of squirrels running away with our hacky sacks one glance at the

colour of the snow would hint there might be some trauma. We’ve all been to a weight room when a girl walks by and

said to ourselves: “Gee, I think I’ll start today’s warm-up bench press with oh, nine tons.” So you see, Ray Ray

as long as there’s women there’ll be men around doing stupid things to impress them. That’s why I’m here. That’s

why you’re here. That’s why they’re here. Now, someday you may evolve beyond this but it’s too late for me. I’m

too old, too married and lost far too many hacky sacks.”


percy sledge’s and al bundy’s words unveil a common fact:

“If the attraction to Her is strong enough, a woman can get a man to do just about anything”

If You/you have an example of the “Wisdom of the Sexes” Y/you’d like to share, I hope what I’ve said prompts

You/you to do it.

Better Late Than Never

  • It’s been a while but I’ve been enticed to come and spend more time on Inraptured…..again.
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  • Trick or treat, dearie

    With the Halloween spirits in the air, I felt like sharing with you somethings about a couple of scary people.

    I’d be very surprised if someone reading this had never heard of the most famous fictional vampire of all time, Count Dracula. Well guess what?
    There actually was a person who was called Dracula. By the way, he was not a count. Vlad Dracula was a 15th century Romanian nobleman. Vlad was not a vampire. However, he was noted even in his times for his exceptionally barbaric cruelties. His viciousness was frequently murderously inflicted with unrestrained savagery upon anyone he decided was an enemy or on those he deemed unfit to live. His most favorite way of killing people became linked to him throughout the centuries. And that’s why Vlad Dracula is also called, Vlad the Impaler.

    CLICK THIS LINK to read about a truly gruesome guy.


    I haven’t come across anything tying Prince Vlad (The Impaler) Dracula to any sort of vampirism. There is someone sinister who very well may be the root of linking Eastern European nobility and vampires. Elizabeth Bathory was a 16th century noblewoman renowned for her beauty, vanity, and monstrous nature. As some legends say, one day Elizabeth struck one of her maids who displeased her. After injuring the girl, some of the youngster’s blood fell upon some of Elizabeth’s skin. After this happened, to Elizabeth’s eyes the spot on which the girl’s blood dropped looked more youthful and vibrant than the rest of Countess Bathory’s skin. This perceived rejuvenation gave Elizabeth a truly vile idea. With the obedience of some of her most loyal servants, Bathory proceeded to kidnap, torture, murder, and drain the blood from many peasant girls and women in or near her domain. The authorities only stopped Countess Bathory’s villainy because they feared the people who lodged complaints about Elizabeth might stir up a violent revolt.

    LINK to read about an explicitly evil woman.
    * * * * * * * * * *
    Oh yes, I did virtually whisper something in your ears about captivations.

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    I adore it when fine folks send Me comments, questions, and suggestions inspired by something I’ve written, said, or done.

Vin Scully and the HYPNODOMME

  • In one of My Wow! What a Man postings, I revealed an inescapable truth I’m irresistibly implanting in your memories and consciousness:

    There are some striking similarities between renowned Dodgers baseball broadcaster Vin Scully and superb Spellbinder Dommes.  Yes!

    Here are a few entrancing traits Hall of Famer Vin Scully shares with heart-stopping HypnoDommes:

    A SIGNATURE VOICE. Many folks who’ve heard Vin masterfully call some baseball games can effortlessly recognize his unmistakable voice. And one of a dazzling Domme’s prime persuasions is developing and unleashing Her unique voice. Those She enthralls succumb! surrender! and submit! to Her tantalizingly talented tongue, thrilling throat, and so much more which goes into successfully perfecting Her ensorcelling sound.

    EXPERIENCED. Scully has called baseball games since the 1950’s. During these decades, he’s seen all sorts of things take place on and off the field. All the things he’s seen have helped to shape him into the broadcaster he’s been and he is. Likewise, a fine Hypnodomme calls upon all Her hypnotic and sexual and sensualities and psychological experiences to assist Her in alluring, connecting with, compelling, guiding, etc each individual She entrances.
    ECCLECTIC. While describing what’s going on in the games, Vinny often refers to famous historical events, people, literature, art, music, and much more. And a Domme can incorporate all She knows about the various aspects of life to increase Her abilities to influence, control, dominate, and inspire those who freefall under Her spell even more so and more often.

    LOVES WHAT HE DOES. While listening to Vin Scully inform and entertain his audiences, his love of baseball and of calling ball games Krystal clearly comes through. I’ve noticed that those who stick with being a lifestyle Domme or a ProDomme or both–do so because blissfully beguiling submissives continues being such a titillating turn-on.
    WORDSMITH. The way Scully seamlessly weaves together concise, accurate, picturesque descriptions of the games he’s watching with baseball history, allusions to the fine arts, his life experiences, and other things is truly wonderful to listen to. And being a mesmerizing storyteller certainly gives a HypnoDomme a luxurious leg up when it comes to marvelously magnetizing each person who swoons under Her scintillating sway subjugating Her subjects are subjects of study subject to Her wits, wiles, and wishes. 😉

    KNOWS HOW TO ATTRACT AND FOCUS ATTENTION ON THE MOMENT. Sometimes when a pivotal play is approaching, Vin Scully will say something like this. “And the crowd’s reaction will let all you fine folks at home know what happens after this next pitch.” And when the crowd responds to what comes to pass on the field, Vinny often takes a few moments to let the reaction of the fans in the stands tell everyone not in the stadium what has transpired.
    Vinny knows how to use words to paint a picture of what’s going on. And he is also adept at letting the fans in the seats reveal what’s going on far better than any announcer ever could.

    Knowing what to use and when and how to use it to deliciously draw a specific subbie’s focus intoxicatingly into Her hedonistically and/or hypnotically hexing them is a sumptuous skill each worthwhile Domme values and crafts. And when She can wisely and winningly witch-craft this capability–oh! how wonderful it is.

    It turns Me on when one of My postings stimulates You/you to send Me thoughtful questions, comments, and suggestions.

    Oh yes, there’s one more thing. Now tell Me the truth: When I reminded you that there are luscious links between Vin Scully and HypnoDommes, did you suspect I might be pulling your leg? If that’s what you erroneously assumed, one question is: “How should I literally pull your leg for assuming such a ridiculous thing? 😉 And whether or not you’re too shy to properly beg Me to pull your leg, spank yourself for ever doubting Me–until I command you to stop. 🙂

    If you know of someone you feel may be a worthy candidate for My “WOW! WHAT A MAN” or “WOW! WHAT A WOMAN” series, drop Me a line all about them at My email address or submit it to My one. If what you send titillates Me, I’ll use it and reward you.

Wow What a man!

  • Baseball

    What’s on T.V.?  Have you noticed?  😉
    As many baseball fans know, a doubleheader is when two teams play each other in two games on the same day. Well, this installment in My WOW! WHAT A MAN series stars a doubleheader of delicious gentlemen who are part of the grand old game.

    On Wednesday, June 18th 2014, Los Angeles Dodgers left-hander Clayton Kershaw pitched a no-hitter. In his spectacular performance Kershaw struck out 15 batters and gave up no walks. The link below yields a stadium-full of spellbinding stats linked to Kershaw’s no-no.

    With a no-hitter added to this superb southpaw’s growing list of accomplishments, Clayton Kershaw’s star is certainly arising–and arousing to boot. 😉

    Vin Scully is one of the broadcasters who called Kershaw’s no-hit masterpiece. Scully’s career began in the days when Jackie Robinson played for the Brooklyn Dodgers. In his over 60 years of broadcasting Dodger games, Vin Scully has become one of the elites in baseball and broadcasting arenas. Here is a link to a webpage recounting some of Vin Scully’s exploits:


    It turns Me on when one of My postings stimulates You/you to send Me thoughtful questions, comments, and suggestions.

    Oh yes, there’s one more thing: What connects Vin Scully to HypnoDommes? If you show Me you’re interested, I may just decide to let you in on the answer(s). 😉

    If you know of someone you feel may be a worthy candidate for My “WOW! WHAT A MAN” series, drop Me a line all about him at My email address or submit it to My one. If what you send titillates Me, I’ll use it and reward you.


    Video – The Plan description-
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    Dear, Krystal:

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    Wanton World Series Widow

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