For those of us who have constructed Altars at which to worship our Goddess, I have written a litany that can be memorized and recited as part of Her worship. Her Highness has read it and approves and it will be added to Her site officially as soon as She decides where it fits in.

Here goes:

Marquesa is my Owner.

Marquesa is my Mistress.

Marquesa is my Goddess.

I obey my Owner Marquesa.

I love my Mistress Marquesa.

I worship my Goddess Marquesa.

In obedience to my Owner Marquesa, I surrender my body.

In love of my Mistress Marquesa, I surrender my heart.

In worship of my Goddess Marquesa, I surrender my very being.

My body shall forever obey my Owner Marquesa.

My heart shall forever love my Mistress Marquesa.

My being shall forever worship my Goddess Marquesa.