Surprize TitsOh yes!  It’s time for CLIMAX!!!“`

    In the tantalizing throes of this lust-filled encounter, I must, I need to ejaculate.  Out of my special, private pleasure palace comes and flows this tasty tidbit of intimate information.  It excites me to ecstasy to intermingle with the output of your most expansive, explosive, and essential erotic organ. 

It stimulates me to sensuously stroke it.  Yes!  It satisfies me to mesmerizingly massage it.  Yes, yes!  Oh how I want to!  Oh! my, how I NEED!! to.  I Must! do it to it.  Now!  Give it to me.  Now!!  Give me every bite, I mean bit, of it.  Ooooooohhhhhhh!  Now!!  NOWWOWWOW!!!“`

    In case you have forgotten or don’t know by now, the part of you I yearn to take deeper and yet deeper still inside my steamy, creamy center’s explicit essence is… your brain!  Darling, your mind is the most impressive and important sex partner I have when it comes to initiating and enhancing the pleasures you desire to experience with me and my hypno-hotties.

    Any viewer of any portion of my videos is intimately acquainted with my image’s ability to seduce much more than the eye of the camera and… that captivating quality is shared by all the heart stopping hypnotists decadently or demurely displayed on My Krystal Mesmer website.

My feminine intuition tells me it is a good idea for me to inform site visitors and remind website voyeurs, that sensually speaking, I am much more than a fascinating face atop a beguiling body supported by long and lovely legs.

    I possess a hauntingly hypnotic voice as well and you will hear my mellifluous tones on most of My videos. 

It is also a fact that no hypnotic or erotic experience can come close to comparing with turning your mind and your ears entirely over to the masterful ministrations of my velvety voice.  Many can and have testified that I am wild, wonderful, and wicked when it comes to my hypno-erotic audio sound seductions

NOTE- Well darlings…. I can toot My own horn (and yours too) …  After all…it is My blog.  lol!