One afternoon as I was browsing the internet, I stumbled upon a most interesting website.  Apparently she is an erotic fem-domme hypnotist and dominatrix.  My curiosity was peaked, and I clicked my way into the site.

The site was easy to navigate, colorful and had some very interesting reviews and info. Yet, what snatched my curiosity was the flashing “Free” sign. I clicked and read all about “Wonderism, Marquesa, Her Captivators” and thought this is incredible.  “How can someone fall deeply under the spell of another when they never even met?” I said to myself. Sure there is something else that draws people in and under Her spell. 

So I spent the rest of my evening watching the free previews, over and over again till I looked at my clock and it was past midnight. Oh my, that was half a day I’ll never get back I pondered…. then went off to sleep.

I awoke covered in sweat and panting. Something was completely missing from my life. I just realized that I wasn’t  living for anything bigger then myself. I realistically didn’t have a goal or dream for my life. I woke up, ate breakfast and got ready for work, worked my eight hours and then went home to my apartment and then to the local pub to hang out. That night it was back to sleep and then same routine.  Do it all over again. Is that all there was?

Then I remembered Her website, Goddess something with an “M” Marvelous, Magnificent, Marquesa… that’s it Marquesa! She seemed to have a way of explaining life that made sense. To live and serve a higher cause, agenda, or person. Quickly, I went back online and started reading Marquesa’s messages again and again. Finally, about nine pm I got up the nerve to call Marquesa.

I called, and the phone rang three times and a most glorious Voice answered… “Hello…” I stuttered out “G-g-goddess Marquesa?”

“Yes, my pet..” She cooed.

“I have been perusing Your website and had a few questions? If I may?” I said.

“My potential pet, first off You need to address me properly as Goddess, Mistress or m’Lady.  I can be flsible she said…and then laughed the most alluring laugh I had ever heard.  Then you may ask away.” She said stern, yet seductively.

“Forgive me, Goddess Marquesa,” as I obeyed Her command.

Marquesa posed, “Of course, little one. you may ask me anything, as long as I get to ask you a few question in return?”

“Thank You Goddess Marquesa! What is the life of Wonderism (Hypnotism) or succumbing to Your Wonderism like? As in how would You describe what a submissive’s life would be like?” I asked.

“Well, life would be as I see it. You see being one of my Wonderized and wanton pets, you would obey me.! I would speak and you would obey, and carry out My wishes… Does that answer the question?” She stated.

“Now My turn, She giggled… I feel like I’m back in High School on a first date. Why do you want to be My “Wonderized” submissive?” Marquesa quizzically asked.

“Well, the other night I awoke and realized my life was going nowhere and I needed guidance from a more enlightened One. I remembered what I had read on Your site and it spoke to my soul. In fact, forgive me if this is too personal, but I feel compelled to share it with You. All of Your Words seemed so exciting that I had a huge hard on the whole time I was reading Your site. So I thought that You should be the person to ask.” I hope that wasn’t put to crudely…” I shyly squeaked.

“Hmmmm… Well, Well, this isn’t what I expected at all when I answered the phone. Where are you right now? Oh and I would like your name too.”

“Ummm pete and i live in L.A., near the Valley.”

“What are you doing right now pet pete… puppy pet pete, I like that. Do you like your new name?” Hmmm??

“Yes, YES i do! It makes me feel wanted and that I belong to someone majestic!” I exclaimed.

“Great, puppypete! I would like you to get in the car and drive to my house right now! No questions, No excuses! Just get your ass over here as fast as safely possible!” Marquesa commanded.

“Yes Goddess Marquesa! Is there anything I should do before I leave?” I pleaded really wanting to please Her more then anything.

“Yes, Yes you should shower and shave. I mean shave your face your genitals my pet.” She cooed.

“I understand, and will obey, M’Lady!” i said sheepishly.

The process took over an hour. Shaving “down below” shaving my genitals was a first for me!

After traveling somewhat dazed down the 405 to the 5 I arrived as instructed. Whether this was Marquesa’s house, dungeon, safe house, a ruse I didn’t know. I just knew that I had, no I needed to obey.

As I dialed her number from the front gate I was scared, anxious and nervous. I really wanted to please Goddess Marquesa more than anything, but I didn’t know if I was Her type or even if She would accept me.

“Hello, Marquesa speaking.”

“Hello Goddess Marquesa, it is pet, puppy pete. I am here for Your pleasure and amusement.” I chimed.

“Well hurry and get here my little puppy. I can’t wait to beat you.” She giggled.

I heard the buzzer, opened the door and began the longest walk of my life. Did she really say “I can’t wait to beat you?” Nah, that couldn’t be right I assured myself. There wasn’t anything desirable about being beaten. Being hypnotized and obeying sure, but beaten and restrained… was there anything of a turn on to that???

I knocked on Her door. It swung open, I couldn’t see anything except a lit candle on the coffee table, a dimly lit couch and a mirror on the wall behind it. The mirror had a blurry reflection of someone in it.

“Come in. Come in silly boy. Don’t keep Me waiting! and DO close your eyes and come sit on my couch.” Marquesa commanded.

I capitulated and was sitting there on the edge of the couch… waiting for Her next words.

“Pete, remove your shoes… Inhale the fragrance of the candle! Inhale deeply!

My shoes were off, I was breathing deeply, becoming more relaxed and yet more enlivened than ever before.

“Now your clothes. Take them off. Fold them neatly, place them at the edge of the couch and kneel before the candle!” She ordered.

I obeyed without even thinking. Something was happening to me. I was reacting without thought. I was hearing Her intoxicating voice and instantly doing what I was asked. It was wonderful and i needed more! i craved more…

Marquesa, said open your eyes pete. Stare into the candle and listen to my words of seduction.

Marquesa spoke and with each word i fell deeper and deeper in love with Her. i knew it was love because i couldn’t think of anything but Her and Her best interests. It was love because i hadn’t even seen Her yet. i had just seen Her outline from behind the candle, which flickered before me. It is love because She is a Goddess and She is to be worshipped, adored, obeyed and most of all loved.

When Marquesa told me to lift my eyes and look into Her’s, i noticed i was no longer on the couch.  i was standing in another room. my hands were manacled to the ceiling and my feet were bound so they barely touched the floor. Marquesa’s eyes were crystallizing green.  They seized my soul and made it Hers!

“puppypete, do you know what every pet needs to know before they are finally “brought home” to live?”

“No, M’Lady, i don’t.”

“They need to know the rules and consequences for disobedience. SO if you disobey my words, or react to slowly for my liking…  The whip in Her hand materialized from nowhere… WHACK!! It caressed my back, hugged my side and then ripped away, leaving a red streak of pain behind. Then Goddess grabbed my nipples between Her beautiful red nails and twisted till i screamed, begged and pleaded for Her to stop.  She then held them that way till the pain no longer hurt but had transformed into something i can’t explain. i felt I was slowly and completely disappearing, being transformed into what Marquesa wanted me to be. Then i heard a giggling, a deep mischievous laugh that hinted of wickedness.

She detached me from my shackles and told me to kneel as she moved to the green velvet dais. She sat upon it as only a Queen could… She stretched out her arm, signaled me with Her index finger to stand before Her. I obeyed. She laughed haughtily and swatted my bare ass with Her feminine and yet commanding hand. Her strength was unbelievable, with each swat my body lifted slightly in the air. my mind was taking in each swat and i was blissfully overcome with pleasure or was it pain?  i honestly don’t know. i had become a blur, a mass of confusion.  My mind was blank, blank, blank and I needed a path to follow.


Goddess Marquesa, saw that i was ready and motioned for me to kneel at Her feet. i knelt as i knew i should, but i didn’t know why i was there. Goddess Marquesa began to speak slowly, clearly and most seductively than I thought would be possible.


“puppypete i want you to follow My path of submission. Would you like that my pet?

“More then anything Goddess Marquesa! More then anything!”

“Then kiss my feet!” i fell instantly down to Her feet and began kissing Her most perfect feet.

After awhile Goddess Marquesa spoke again…

“puppypete, do you want to follow me and be my obedient sex zombie?”

“Yes, Yes, YES Marquesa Goddess of Dreams and Destinys.”

“Then worship my legs!” She commanded.  I did as I was told with a feeling of sublime joy overwhelming me.

Sometime later, Goddess Marquesa asked a final question….

i was completely enthralled and mesmerized by my occupation of kissing, licking and massaging Her terrific thighs. Her powerful pussy was so close that Her sweet scent radiated throughout my mind erasing any remaining thoughts that weren’t Goddess Marquesa’s.

“puppypete, do you desire to obey Goddess Marquesa unconditionally?” She asked?

Goddess Marquesa, You know i do with my whole heart, mind and soul. All of me is Your to control. i am lost without Your guidance. I desire, no I need to hear Your commands so that You may rule over me as You wish. i obey You as Your irresistible instructions always! i am Your’s Goddess Marquesa!

Mistress Goddess Marquesa slipped Her hand under my chin, grasping my beard she brought my head up to look her into her captivating emerald green eyes.

She smiled broadly, nodding and whispering “good boy, good boy”. “Then She said – “slave show your devotion, WORSHIP your Goddesses Ass!”

“As You wish Goddess Marquesa! Thank You! Thank YOU!!!

As She reclined on the dais with Her sweet, beautiful bum exposed to candlelight, it glowed in the light as if calling me to taste Her divine derriere. i slowly kissed Her smooth, porcelain cheeks, relishing each inch of Her ass as if it was my last breath. i covered it with kisses, licking between Her cheeks, slightly tickling Her by slowly wiggling my tongue around the edges of her puckered pink hole. Finally after a prolonged kissing and teasing, She grabbed my hair forced my head deep with in Her crack. It was pure bliss, to be there stuck between Her buttcheeks, probing Her Rose with my tongue, diving deeper and deeper till Goddess Marquesa moaned with delight. Then I found myself diving deeper and with even more passion trying to please this Goddess who gave my life meaning!

That night was the beginning of the rest of my life. Sure i still work, eat, sleep and hang out at the bar occasionally, but my purpose in life i found that night. Goddess Marquesa had given me a purpose…. to live for Her pleasure and comfort. It is my path. i walk it daily, unconditionally and without question. Somedays that means walking the dog, others cleaning the house and others, well this slave doesn’t kiss and tell any longer.  After all it wouldn’t be proper etiquette to reveal ALL the decadently delightful and deviant ways in which My Goddess Marquesa makes use of me. 🙂