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Diary of a Fugitive


I finally broke free. I skipped my session with her yesterday, loaded my car, and headed out of town. I don’t know where I am going, but I must flee. This is my last chance to escape her control. I know this is right. I feel exhilarated.


Last night I was on her couch, listening to her silken voice as she put me under. When I woke up in the motel room I was disoriented…disappointed. This is natural. I don’t have to be worried. There will be a period of adjustment, but eventually I will be fine.

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Lipstick Surrender

It is a different century, but only a few years have really drifted by since this event. This is a most happy time in Mistress Marquesa’s life. Things are less hectic. Her submissive subjects seem to be less demanding of Her precious time and energy. And…. this is a monumental day! The world will receive a great work of art this day. This is the day Marquesa has decided to RE-record “Hypnotic Surrender.” Read more…


I woke up at the foot of the bed one morning, after a brutal session with Marquesa. My bottom was still red with welts. Marquesa was standing above me with a wicked smile and said She had a surprise for me for Halloween. We were going to the Hookers Masquerade Ball in San Francisco. It is a benefit for a non-profit that helps hookers in various ways, but is turning into a Fetish ball that stops at nothing. Read more…

The Tables Are Turned

Monica was beautiful—all blond hair, full lips, round and lush breasts, voluptuous hips. Long, lean tanned legs finished the picture. Her eyes were a deep blue and her complexion was clear and fair. She was dressed in a short black skirt, white silk blouse and very-high-heeled black patent leather pumps enveloped her lovely, erotic feet. She wore small simple gold earrings and a matching gold chain as jewelry—but suspended from the delicate chain was a large, multifaceted aquamarine crystal which matched her lovely eyes. Read more…

The Symposium

The evening before the 9th Annual Symposium included, as always, a cocktail party for Mistresses, Goddesses, and dominant Women to mingle, share some experiences, renew acquaintances, and, of course, flaunt their beauty and power. For there exists, in such Women, a great deal of vanity and pride. In fact, years ago, it became accepted practice for a Mistress to declare Her supremacy over other Mistresses at this event. Such challenges usually led to a sort of battle. Often, choice slaves were used as pawns in such conflicts, since the true measure of a Diva’s power is reflected in Her slave. Read more…


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