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The Submission -part 2

It had only been two days since paul’s submission to Goddess Marquesa’s evening of wrestling entertainment for the pleasure of Herself and Her many subjects. Marquesa was not about to delay in furthering Her control and dominance over paul and ensuring that the effects of Her subjugation would be deep-seated and permanent.

On this evening Marquesa commanded paul’s presence at a small get-together of only Herself, Her female attorney friend, and the ex-college wrestler and his valet, a very muscular and knockout brunette female bodybuilder-wrestler. This evening, as explained and commanded by the Marquesa, would be a preparation, orientation, and conditioning for paul….to further his unconditional acceptance of his new role as the Goddess’ cum slut, and to establish an understanding by paul of his future duties, requirements, and responsibilities. Read more…

Smother Sisters


Doctor Satinica Entrancia’s bedside manner is much more enticingly intimate than most medical professionals ever get with their clients or patients.

Are you ready to play doctored by Me?
Then SUBMIT to each of these sizzling scenarios OF THE MEDICAL OR THERAPEUTIC FANTASIES COME TO LIFE that tickles your tastes in hands-on hypno-stimulating.



This was the strangest company medical Ethan Jones had ever been to. For one thing, because the boss of the BIODOMME company he worked for, Dr. Satinica Entrancia (What a name!) and her sister Swoonita were carrying it out. But also the pre medical questions were something else: Did he prefer women to “Take Command” in a relationship? Did he like to be a protector and /or did he like feeling “Nurtured”? Did he like women to take an active role sexually? What material did he find arousing–Leather, rubber, satin? Read more…

Satin Goddess

i had just come home from work, it was Friday, and I went to check the mail. In the mail room i saw a Victoria’s Secret catalog and took it with me up to my apartment. my aroused member was already starting to engorge itself as i was trying to unlock the door to my apartment. i must confess….I couldn’t wait to see the Satin Panties that were waiting in the pages behind the cover! i immediately put the other mail on the counter; bills, subscriptions, credit card offers, and flyers from the supermarkets. i had no time for them. i sat down on the couch unbuttoned my pants and started to page through the catalog. Wow! hot stuff, for sure and my penis was absolutely steaming and was itching for me to touch it. i continued to gawk and gaze lustfully at mesmerizing lingerie, especially all the Panties. i worked myself into a frenzy, but i still planned to wait an hour or two (before I played with myself) so i could think about what i saw a little “harder” and a lot longer. Read more…


She told me to dress casual but nice. i desperately needed to find some khaki pants, ones that would not show the continual stains of my pre-cum. i looked in my closet and found some black Haggar pants, however, the stain was very noticeable in those. i had to settle on a pair of cream colored pants and i chose a black short sleeve soft cotton shirt. The cream colored pants soaked through just as much, however less noticeably. Finally, i was ready. i went to my car and quickly unlocked the door, started my car and proceeded to follow Her directions. She was all i could think about, i was just about involved in two or three accidents basically because i was daydreaming. i tried to listen to the radio….first a sports talk show, then a hard rock station but to no avail! Finally, i just turned the radio off. Quiet was best….too much distraction was going to get me into an accident! Read more…


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