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Physician Heel Thyself

        Fletcher looked at the tape held in his hands, an old VHS cassette, marked: “Marquesa- Session 1.” Dr. Gomez, his supervisor, had expressly warned him that this material was off limits in general, much less to junior residents. Fletcher had only been working at the Kleinman Center for the Study of Human Sexuality for two weeks. He had learned of the existence of the tapes just three days ago. But since then the curiosity had been building inside him uncontrollably. Read more…


This exquisitely enticing and excitingly erotic story is a collaboration.  The story was conceived and produced by Goddess Marquesa, and it was put to paper by pawnofMarquesa.  Of the story, Goddess Marquesa says, “This is a story that I feel no matter what one’s hypnotic erotic fantasies of domination are… All will enjoy it.”  “I liked this story so much I applauded!!! :)”    We think you will too!

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It happened at a crowded outdoor café on an unseasonably warm sunny afternoon. She was seated alone at the table across from me, directly in my line of sight, but that did not excuse the brazenness with which I stared at her. I can’t remember which of us sat down first. I had been daydreaming over my latte, savoring the chance to be out of the office for a while, when I noticed her.

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Elena was as stunning as she was kinky. At 50, she still had the body (and the sex drive) of a woman half her age. Blonde, with hypnotically green eyes, long legs and full breasts, she remained the cool, confidant domme who had begun turning older men into groveling slaves before she was a teenager.
Jack was one of The Chosen Few, a group of half a dozen carefully selected slaves who had the privilege of serving Elena. Inclusion in the group was the result of merciless (and never-ending) testing. Read more…

In Service to Goddess Marquesa: Chapter 7 – To What End – Pt. 2

Trembling after what he could only call the ‘unimaginable pleasure’, Ravar regarded his new Goddess with a hungry gaze; that it was the mere snapping of her fingers made it all the more decadent. She stood a foot taller than him on her golden high heels, skin of creamy alabaster hue, wearing a short leather wrap-around skirt, red thigh high sheer lace stockings, a red vest, bra cupping breasts as large as his head sticking an inch out of the vest. Blonde curls cascaded down from her head in sumptuous lion-mane like style to her bosom. Her face was just as the one he’d seen before the temple, but infinitely more lovely. Read more…


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