There is a classic movie that I love-hate: The Manchurian Candidate. I love it because it is very entertaining, with great performances by Frank Sinatra and Angela Landsbury. I hate it because it has very effectively spread harmful myths about hypnosis.

In one of the movie’s most famous scenes, the hero, Raymond Shaw, has been captured along with the rest of his platoon during the Korean War. He and all his comrades have been hypnotized by evil communist scientists. They think that they are at a women’s garden party in a quaintly charming old hotel back in the U.S. In reality they are seated in a sterile auditorium, being cross-examined by a doctor and observed by Russian, Chinese, and Korean military officers.

All of that is fine. I have placed many men into just such alternate realities. The damaging part comes when Raymond is ordered by the doctor to choke one of his friends to death, and does so with a smile.

That is just silly. Hypnosis does not wipe out who you are, or give anyone such complete control over your psychology and morality. No matter how deeply you are hypnotized, you remain you, and your values and priorities maintain intact.

I wouldn’t have it any other way, pets.

The sexy part – THE TURN ON….is overcoming your resistance. Touching the real you. When I bring you to a peak of ecstasy or torment you with pain and denial, you are there….you respond to what I do to you.

So take the plunge, pet. I can’t promise you it won’t hurt…where would the fun be in that? But I can guarantee you you will NOT regret it. I’ll be waiting for your call…….