Yes, My Hott!-Dominated thrall:

Riddle Me this, My evolving plaything. When was the last time you were ENSLAVED BY PLEASURE of any kind? I want, nay I order you to remember this pleasurable occurrence as crystal clearly as you can. Allow each of your senses to tell you what it can about your wonderful experiencing of pleasure.

And now, I’m about to guide you into another pleasure. you will soon read and absorb a testimonial declaring some of the feelings and thoughts of one of My willingly surrendered pets. What he wrote is entitled:

* * *

The Path of Most Desirable Resistance

Resistance and desire are close friends.  Any little boy who’s saved his allowance, sacrificing other pleasures, to obtain something he desires more, can understand this bond.  James bond.  Since i am a “slave-in-training”, Mistress has commanded me to write.  i am honored that She might put my words alongside the guiding words of my fellow pet-mates, who followed similar orders.  Perhaps some will even recognize the source of my humor!

When i first started following the Evolution Path, i knew i could back out at any time.  “Back us away from the anomaly Mr. Laforge.  Nice and slow.”  Of course, i wanted to continue, and move a little further forward at the time, safely tethered to the little jerk off i used to be.  So, as Her Voice enticed me, truly with desire beyond English words, She also cut off my escape.  Gently suggesting that resistance increases desire, which i honestly believe true, as do you, so that when i finally tried to make my escape, the trap had sprung!  How often had the esteemed Mr. Coyote warned me of this?  Even Mr. Laforge, in “Soul Music”, gave me a chance (although when i actually met you, my friend, you probably knew it was too late).  Therefore, Mr. whoever-you-are-reading-this, take heed before you read on.  Here’s how it feels:

The escape trap is not of steel bars, so if you’re “trapped” in the ’90’s, thinking that a Mistress must be this forceful to capture you… well… we’re in a new millennium here boys… remember?  The bars are as flexible as you want them to be, for they exist in your mind.  So don’t use this same mind to “think” they’re not real.  As i pulled away, i actually got a glimpse of my life, as it used to be.  But, as all Her slaves know, there’s no escape.  Or perhaps i should say, it’s fun to try!  The erotic fantasy is beyond words, as you “feel” Her giggling at your feeble attempts.  This experience, convinced that She’s right there inside you, feeling quite pleased with Herself, will quite literally, drive you to… you know what!  And, trust me, the longer you try to resist, the more submissive the satisfaction.  So much submissive satisfaction, in fact, that you’ll soon feel that wonderful little spark of resistance and desire start once again to grow and grow and grow!

So, i gladly throw my tether to the wind.  The calming tornado of Mistress Marquesa.

* * *

My *ETERNAL LOVE* spellbound reader, answer My two questions below:

  1. What emotions and desires and fantasies did My pet d.c.’s honesty and openness ignite and stir up all inside your secret place of yearning for true and deeper SEXUAL satisfactions?
  2. How many of these things are certainly becoming more vivid and stronger as you imagine I am whispering in your totally attentive ear each of My words you will ever read from now on?

Click on My VIDEOS page and then take a good look around. If you find something that speaks to your desires, obey My command and: “GET IT, OPEN YOURSELF TO IT, REVEL IN IT ASAP AND AS OFTEN AS YOU WISH.”