… as Part 1 ended …
“Bring this troublesome man to ME,” MARQUESA DE SADE commanded. The final details were ironed out and the call was concluded.

and Part 2 begins …

During MAGNIFICENT, MERCILESS GODDESS MISTRESS MARQUESA DE SADE’S conversation with the humble pie-eating High Arch-Queen of the May (who only recently also had taken up the fine and necessary art of breakfasting, lunching, dining, and snacking upon ‘Corvus brachyrhynchos’ or ‘C. corone’) from time to time SHE glanced over at the slave whose mundane, minutely minuscule, mere male, mindless mentality SHE had been terrorizing and toying with. On a couple of occasions SHE spied a self-confident smile fleeting across his face. “Now he has evidence that his deduction was correct. So, he seems to be so satisfied with himself. he probably fancies himself to be an anakim-sized-in-ability angakok of the walk,” SHE mused. MAGICAL MISTRESS MARQUESA determined SHE would have none of this. It was HER right, HER duty, HER honor, HER prerogative, and HER pleasure to put the brakes and kibosh on, call a halt to, ring the chimes of, ring down the curtain upon, and put a stop to this runaway express train of infernal and infantile insanity in its tracks right now!

SHE purposefully and slowly strode over near where he was lying. After HER arrival, SHE towered over him in HER wicked, stiletto-heeled open-toed shoes and caused HER interrogating emerald eyes to glare down at him condescendingly, reprovingly, and reproachfully. (The word “reproachfully” reminded GODDESS DE SADE of all that this tedious, cunningly coerced creature actually was.) “So, your assessment of the harmless, little contest between ME and the High Arch-scream Queenie of the May would seem to be accurate. I imagine you are quite pleased and rather proud of yourself? Is this not so?”

This slave had eventually been trained to realize that pride was something MISTRESS MARQUESA would not countenance in something as worthless as a mundane, mere male. “No,” was the response he ought to give to HER question. For him, this answer would be fallacious. SHE had also drilled into his consciousness that lying to GODDESS MISTRESS MARQUESA was something he should never do. SHE was an exceptionally passionate WOMAN. The subbie suspected the heart possessing the capability to produce said powerful passion was also able to summon forth anger of equal fervency. That he would soon lie to HER might never be known to anyone save himself. SHE was an extraordinary HYPNOTEUSE. SHE could elect to one day effortlessly employ mesmerism and easily explore his subconscious to ascertain what was truly within its ranks. There was no ironclad guarantee SHE would never divine the falsehood whose telling to HER he was contemplating. “It is better to be guilty of one sin than two.” This was his conclusion.

The masculine mess lowered his eyelids and moved his gaze to the floor near MERCILESS, MERCIFUL MARQUESA’S fine, fetching, feminine, and oh so fascinating feet. “Yes, MISTRESS MARQUESA. It is very wrong i know, but i am proud of myself. YOU and i may be the only two people who know what really went on during the contest between GODDESS MISTRESS MARQUESA DE SADE and the supposedly high and mighty arch-queen of the may.”

SHE gazed at him craftily and conspiratorially. “Only one person knows what occurred in this blunted battle.”

“MIST.” Only the sound of his nervous breathing passed his lips from then on.

It is said that, “You can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” Fortunately for this fellow, fortunate enough to be in the fine fellowship and captivating company of the COYLY CUNNING COURTESANACONDA MERCILESS MISTRESS MARQUESA, he was only a puppy to HER HIGHEST OF HIGHNESSES. Though it did not happen often enough, and never occurred quickly enough, it was possible for this slave to eventually learn those things which he always should have known. In this circumstance, namely, “It is foolhardy foolishness to ever disagree with GODDESS MARQUESA.”

The submissive had fallen for HER perfidiously Punic ploy. Yet he had managed to prevent himself from becoming entirely enmeshed in its inescapable intricacies. MERCILESS MARQUESA conjectured that HER future times of toying with this trifling, temptingly terrified tidbit of a thingamajig temporarily trespassing on HER travertine-esque tiles would be such fun.

HER sense of humor and profound penchant for deviously devilish manipulation of mere males into malleable mindlessness by many means (one of HER favorites being HER mesmerizing mien) would not permit HER to allow him to escape so easily. “I believe you were about to say something to ME.”

“Nothing of any importance, MISTRESS.”

“Nothing you have ever said is of any importance.”

“MISTRESS, unfortunately this statement of YOURS is all too true. i am so sorry, MISTRESS. MISTRESS, i am unsatisfactory and unworthy.”

“Will you, or anything you say, ever be worthy of MY time and attention?”

“If i properly respond to YOUR patient and persistent and perfect training regimen, then someday something about me may perhaps be almost worthy of YOUR incomparable indifference and ignoring of the same.”

GODDESS MARQUESA benignly smiled down at him. There were times when he actually got it partially right. “So, do you believe your acknowledgement of your insufferable ineptitude and insurmountable incompetence means you are becoming better trained?”

“Only if YOU say so, MISTRESS MARQUESA.”

SHE stuck out HER tongue at him and sniffed derisively. “I find overly obsequious submissives objectionable.”

“MISTRESS, i am so sorry if i, or anything i have said or done, has ever been problematical for YOU.”

Now SHE slyly winked at him. During this encounter there might yet come an opportunity for HER to use his verbal sparring skills to sneakily or straightforwardly subjugate him. For now, SHE would move to another battlefield. SHE departed from the room and remained physically absent from his consciousness for a couple of minutes. When SHE returned, SHE was holding an object behind HER back. “I want YOU to crawl backwards up MY stairs on your hands and knees. After you reach the second floor, i want you to clean my toilets and bidets with this.” With HER dominant hand SHE flipped a sponge in his direction. “Do this after placing the sponge in your mouth.”

“MISTRESS, if i try to do this, it will make me sick to my stomach.”

MARQUESA contemptuously narrowed HER enterprising emerald eyes and glared at him disapprovingly. “So then, you refuse to obey MY command?”

“Not on purpose, my MISTRESS. M” he realized how his most recent declaration could be used to entrap him or, worse, be interpreted by THE MISTRESS as an augur that he harbored an attitude which was unsuitably unseemly for the kind of relationship extant between GODDESS MARQUESA and himself. “By my MISTRESS i mean only that YOU are THE MISTRESS WHO has chosen to tolerate my loathsome presence at YOUR whim or discretion. Returning to YOUR last commandment graciously given to me. MISTRESS MARQUESA, if i tried to accede to YOUR command, i would regurgitate. It is not right for me to befoul anything of YOURS–not even one of YOUR wastebaskets, trash cans, toilets, or bidets–at any time in any way for any reason.”

One day SHE might broach this sensitive subject once more. For now, SHE had one more trick up HER tailor-made silken sleeve to play in this suit. “So, in your august opinion I am so unperceiving as to allow a loathsome person amongst MY submissives?”


“Did you not tell ME you are loathsome?”

“MISTRESS, that is what i said.”

“Did you exaggerate or prevaricate?” SHE inquired.

“To my knowledge i have done neither of these things, MISTRESS.”

“If you are in fact loathsome, then why are you here?”

“MISTRESS, i am in YOUR wonderful wake, because YOU have graciously permitted me to be here. Whether or not i am loathsome is an assessment which can only be made by YOU alone.”

THE MAGNETIC, MAGNIFICENT MISTRESS elected to return to the passionate pummeling of his proliferating pride in his puny, pathetic, prosaic powers for obvious observation and diminutive deduction. “you know I have taught you that you should never display any pride in MY presence. Yet you have told ME the truth regarding the trivial thoughts tumbling in your pathetic and puerile simian skull concerning the engagement between MYSELF and the faux high arch-queen of the may.”


As SHE left the room once again, SHE flashed a slight smile and gave him a quick pollices positioned vertically ascending. While SHE was gone but never in a million myriads of multitudes of millennia forgotten, he: took several slow, deep breaths; tried in vain to settle down his concisely captured, cunningly confused consciousness; and sought to set down in order what had just happened to him. Somehow MIND-BENDING MISTRESS MARQUESA was able to seamlessly transmogrify anything he did and any action he made into an instance of inescapable imprisonment. How was SHE capable of doing this to him? How great were HER powers of perceptiveness? What was THIS SUPERIOR SPECIMEN OF WOMANLINESS waiting to unleash upon him? To these questions he had not so much as an iota of a crumb of a shred of a clue to an answer.

The door was opened and this time an object was thrown on his chest. Thrice did MISTRESS MARQUESA clap HER hands to break him out of his reverie and focus his attention where it should always be when he was anywhere in HER vicinity. “Place this on your head.” This was GODDESS MARQUESA’S command. “I order you not to remove it, until or unless I give you MY permission to take it off,” SHE added. All SHE did next was send forth some sinister laughter as SHE closed the door once more.

He unfolded a silken hood with a concomitant mask. The mask only had holes for his nose and mouth. This man’s eyes grew perceivably larger as he stared at the hooded mask while turning it over and over in his now sweating hands for some moments. One can only seek to imagine the ideas and emotions which fleetly flew inside his mind and heart. GODDESS MISTRESS MARQUESA DE SADE’S command was ultimately and nervously obeyed.

A wide and satisfied smile gently graced the GODDESS’S glorious countenance as SHE observed HER servant’s trembling compliance with HER most recent dictum. HER home’s video system was definitely a boon. Despite this bit of pleasure he had unwittingly given HER, GODDESS MISTRESS MARQUESA’S resolute determination to properly punish his pugnacious pried remained unswervingly unyielding.

One of the pieces of advice offered up by the “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” is, “Expect the unexpected.” On this day this slave could have used a copy of this tome. Someone entered and left the room a series of times. There were times when he attempted to engage this individual in conversation. When this unseen visitor chose to verbally reply to him, a woman’s laughter was Her only audible reply. None of HER laughs was ever exactly the same as any of the others. The submissive could not say for certain that it was always the same voice which answered him. There were instances when this apparently female individual would draw near to him. This WOMAN’S footfalls (at least he hoped it was a woman) confused him to no end. There were occasions when a delicately perfumed hand or two came in close proximity with his nostrils. At various times various parts of his body were touched in various ways. Was he being touched, punched, stroked, scratched, caressed, kicked, massaged, slapped, or pressed down upon? Were those fingertips, fingernails, the palm of a hand, a glove, or a feminine fist he felt upon his skin? Was that a shoe he was being prodded with? Was that a stocking-clad foot toying with his prick? Now his apprehension and excitement were magnified manyfold. Was that music he heard? Was that the sound of dripping water? Were his senses playing tricks on him? What was being done to his scrotum and its occupants? Sometimes the intruder apparently sat down in a chair. On a couple of occasions, this entity would just stand in the room. Though he could not be sure of it, there were times when he believed someone simply opened the door and closed it. Was that the sound of the door’s lock being engaged? When the second person seemed to be ignoring him, the blindfolded slave longed to know what this person was looking at or looking for. The yearning to move his hands up to the hood was excruciating. The knowledge that he dare not do so was crystal clear in the memory of his bedimmed and bedeviled and befuddled mind. There were instances when he heard someone clap there hands or snap there fingers. Sometimes someone seemed to be searching through one or more drawers or closets or cabinets or cupboards. Some kinds of objects apparently were taken out and examined. Once, he was almost certain he distinctly heard the sound of a whip snapping against the floor. A couple of times he heard a pair of handcuffs or leg shackles being opened and closed. That is what he thought or imagined was being done. Did he really hear what sounded like some sort of an electrical device being switched on and off several times? Conjecturing what that machine could be or its ‘raison d’etre’ led him to nothing save more conundrums and quandaries. Now he wasn’t sure of much of anything anymore. In certain circumstances he couldn’t even hazard a guess as to the object being manipulated by the invisible intruder(s). It seemed to him that once or twice some sort of apparatus was being assembled or set up.

His confusion became overwhelming. There was nothing else for him to do. He resigned himself to simply accept whatever or whoever came into his environment.

The mask and attached hood was slowly and gingerly removed from his neck, head, and face. Long before this was done, he had determined he would not take his eyes off of the first thing the remover of this accursed mask would allow him to see. What was in his field of vision was a delicately feminine, evanescently sparkling Tanzanite and emerald pendant nestled coquettishly in the compellingly consciousness consuming and cognition consummating cleavage betwixt MERCILESS, MESMERIZING MISTRESS MARQUESA’S Moving, Magical, Magnetic, Magnificent, Mysterious, Mystical, Maidenly, Matriarchal, Monumental mammaries. Was SHE giving him a reward for his cleverness or subservient obedience? Was the sight SHE presented to him nothing save the vanguard or frontispiece for some new and deviously diabolical means of inflicting further psychological torture upon him? At this point, he did not care.

Before he could summon the strength to spue a solitary syllable of a single declarative, exclamatory, or interrogative statement, SHE started speaking: so soothingly; so superiorly; so sensuously; so sovereignly; so seductively; and with such sublime, supernal, superior, supernatural sophistication. “It is said that “Pride goeth before a fall.” Yes, MY pet, you are falling, falling, falling. you are falling, you are falling like a waterfall. Falling, falling, falling like the grains of sand in an hourglass. An hourglass inexorably marks the passage of time. Time has run out for you, MY prey. Pray that I am not like unto a preying mantis or a black widow spider. Like a sinister spider I sovereignly spin MY wicked, witching webs. Webs are spun by spiders. The female black widow spider is also known as the “hourglass” spider. An hourglass records the passage of time. The time for you has expired. The time when you could not obey ME. The time when you could live without ME. The time when you could try to resist ME. For you know in the core of your innermost being that it is utterly futile and pointless for you to resist ME. you know you can not resist ME. For MY will is your will. you know you do not want to resist ME. For MY will is stronger than your weak will. you know you will not resist ME. For you know that MY will is stronger than your will. MY will is stronger than your will. For MY will is sooooooo much stronger than your weak and worthless and wizened will. MY will is your will. And your will is to do MY will. Yes, MY slave, your time has run out. There is no time like the present moment for you to surrender yourself to ME. Now is the time for you to submit yourself to ME. Yes, MY sensually seduced submissive, time is kept track of with an hourglass. An hourglass is like unto MY hypnotizing hourglass figure. MY hourglass figure which is topped off by MY bountiful, beautiful, bodacious, bewitching bosoms. MY buxom bosoms, MY beguiling boobs, MY bedazzling boobies, and MY beatific breasts are filling and overflowing and overwhelming and overcoming your mesmerized and mundane mere male mindlessness.” Now did MISTRESS MARQUESA laugh so confidently, so compellingly, so cruelly, and so very, very wickedly. “The perennially and perniciously and profoundly potent powers of MY tenaciously tantalizing, temporally teasing, timelessly tempting, transcendentally transubstantiating titty twins is more mercilessly mesmerizing than the highest and hardiest hypnotic hypnosis. Falling under the siren spells of MY hypnotically hypnotizing hypnosis is more wonderful and pleasurable than you could ever have imagined. Yes, MY sweetly submissive sweetheart, slave boy toy, you are falling, ever falling, and still ever falling more and more. Falling more and more under MY siren spells and sensuous sorceries. Falling under the powers of the siren sorceries of MY scintillating and sumptuous breasts. Falling more and more in love with MY mesmerizing mammaries. Falling more and more in love with ME–MISTRESS MARQUESA. MISTRESS MARQUESA, THE MIND-READING, MIND-NUMBING, MIND-BLOWING your mind MISTRESS of MY mesmerizing mammaries and your miniaturized and mesmerized mere male mindlessness. Yes, falling more and more in love with ME, and falling more and more in love with obeying ME and only obeying ME. The more you obey ME, the more you will love ME and you will love to obey ME. The more you obey ME, the more you will love obeying MAGNIFICENT, MERCILESS, MERCIFUL, MAGICAL, MYSTERIOUS, MYSTICAL MISTRESS MARQUESA.”

This man’s enchanted eyes never wandered from the perfectly pretty pendant nicely nestled in the deliriously delightful depths of the Palatial Pleasure Paradise and ‘Fantastique’ Forbidden City where his hungry hands or his craving countenance could only long to ever be. No guardian garrison of cherubim wielding flaming swords did he ever sense or even see. Yet, it was evidently obvious that the entrancingly elysian Eden ensorcellingly and invitingly in front of his enchantingly ensnared eyes was to remain eternally and incessantly inaccessible.

The eye movements (or more to the point, the absence thereof) of this mesmerized merry-andrew, mischaracterized by his misapprehending merely masculine mindless mentality into a Machiavellian mountebank, did not escape the finely honed perceptual powers of MISTRESS MARQUESA. The importance concomitant with this lack of ocular motion was not lost to the deductive proclivity of GODDESS DE SADE’S finely tuned meticulous and manipulative mindfulness. SHE would utilize this deliciously delightful data dollop some time in the near future. For now, MISTRESS MARQUESA would immediately and imaginatively use his tactile sense to cause to cum to pass, passionately upon him, some torturously tormenting, teasing tantalization.

With an inviting smile displayed on HER countenance, SHE leaned forward with ever so much sophisticated provocativeness. For some moments thereafter, all SHE did was breathe so slowly and quite deeply. The magnified, magnetic movements of HER ribcage as well as the exaggerated, exhilarating expansion and relaxing of HER bedeviling boobies was neither accidental on HER part nor unnoticed on his. HER next step was to seducingly utter his irresistible and unbreakable trigger phrase. With much satisfaction did SHE watch him plummet quite speedily into the very bowels of a MISTRESS MARQUESA-manufactured, mystical ‘monde’ of mind-molding, mythic mesmerizing mysteries.

Once he was deeply entranced, SHE elected to employ HER exquisite ability to induce guided imagery in order to activate and accentuate his capacity to imagine the fulfillment of his desires. “The largest of the human body’s sensory organs is the surface of the skin. Sensuously stimulating the supple and sensitive surface of someone’s skin is an inestimably essential, intoxicating ingredient in the exquisite recipe required to summon forth and brew the witches’ stew for sublime, sublimating, superior, sophisticated, spellbinding seduction. The largest and most powerful sex organ known to the human race is the human mind. The human mind’s abilities to imagine and to relish the perception of potently powerful, sensorially stimulating, pleasing pleasures make it the most powerful and wonderful sex organ an individual can possess. Organ is very close in spelling to orgasm. Orgasm and organ, organ and orgasm. A human being possesses sex organs and is possessed by the pleasurable powers of orgasmic delights. Organ and orgasm are quite similar in spelling. Spelling is so close to casting a spell. I am Casting upon you a spell spawned by the irresistible power of orgasmic pleasure. Orgasmic pleasure and the pleasure of orgasm.”

SHE paused to take stock of the progress of his submission to HER ways, to HER wiles, to HER words, to HER womanliness, and to HER will. His respiration and facial expressions conveyed clear, convincing, concrete certitude that HER most recent discourse had lured his consciousness to, and deposited it firmly and safely within, the safety deposit box of the proper state of mind suitable for HER upcoming purposes. Thinking about the word “upcoming” made the fair, feminine facial features of THIS EROTICALLY DOMINANT HYPNOTIC MISTRESS break out into a wide and wise smile.

Once again did SHE sagaciously surround and surmount his hearing–as well as submerge, suffuse, and subsume his consciousness–with soothingly sensuous syllable strings spellbindingly spoken by THIS SULTRY, SOPHISTICATED SIREN’S soporific and sonorous, velvety voice. “And so, MY pet, you yearn, you desire, and you need to frequently feast your eyes upon MY mesmerizing mammaries. However, there is something which you seek to do far more than that. I know that above all else you crave to fascinate your felonious fingers by feeling MY fabled, firm, full, and feminine breasts. When I elect to do so, merciless MISTRESS MARQUESA can be much more than merciful. Now you shall experience the fulfillment of your fantasies. Yes, MY slutty slave-boy-toy, soon you shall surely succumb and surrender to the satiation of your supreme fantasy. All of this and much more shall surely and swiftly come to pass within the ensorcelled entrails of your most mundane and much malleable mere male mindlessness. Each of us is aware that while you are under MY hypnotically mesmerizing magic spells, all I say unto thee is the total and absolute and unvarnished truth. All I have promised you shall soon be your reality. For MY will is stronger than your will. MY will is stronger than your will. MY wise, wily, willful, witching, witch’s, womanly willpower is so very much stronger than your weakling, wizened, worthless, and woebegone will.” This time SHE did giggle and laugh at his pathetic plight and potent powerlessness. SHE was cognitive with complete certainty that no man, at any time or in any place, who desired HER was in any way any different from the prostrate puppet lying haplessly and helplessly and happily at the fascinating feet of THIS FECUND, FEROCIOUS ‘FEMME FATALE.’

“Now I have a task for you to perform with your horny, little hands. Whenever you hear ME clap MY hands, then you shall begin to massage and caress your chest. No matter what is occurring or what you are doing–from now on whenever you hear ME clap MY hands, you will start to play with your chest. you will have no conscious awareness, I say no conscious awareness, that you are touching yourself. I tell you again that while you are unthinkingly and unquestioningly obeying MY mesmerizing dictum, MY captivating commandments, and MY irresistible instructions–you will have no conscious awareness that you are touching any parts of your body. While you are caressing and massaging your manly and muscular chest, in your mind’s eye you shall surely know that you are massaging and caressing MY mystical, magical, and mesmerizing mammaries. While your subconscious mind is obeying MY command to stroke, massage, and caress your chest, in your conscious mind you will be sure and certain that you are lovingly and lustfully touching, feeling, caressing, massaging, and worshipping MY big, bodacious, bountiful boobs. MY oh so beautiful and beguilingly bewitching boobies possess the full and feminine forcefulness to transform you, and any other hapless human mere male into a babbling and befuddled booby-bewitched boob of a buffoon. The more you touch your chest, the more aroused shall you and your cunningly captivated cock and balls become. When you shall hear ME snap MY fingers, then you shall begin to passionately play with your nipples. Whenever you hear ME snap MY fingers, then you shall begin to play with your nipples. While you are playing with your nipples, in your imagination you will know that your hands, your heart, your mind, and your soul are worshipping MY pert, perky, and perfect nipples. MY velvety voice is the voluptuous voice of total and transfixing truthfulness. The more you play with your nipples, the more you will know that all you are doing is showing your devoted devotion to ME by playing with MY nipples at MY command. The more you play with your nipples, the more certain you shall be that you are exploring and worshipping MY nipples. The more you believe you are playing with MY nipples, the more erotically stimulated and irresistibly aroused your mesmerized manhood shall become. All that I have said unto thee shall surely and certainly come to pass. MY thoughts are your thoughts. MY instructions are your instructions you hear ME asking of you. MY words are your words. And MY will is overwhelming, overcoming, overtaxing, overtaking, and overpowering your will. Tell ME what will occur whenever you hear ME clap MY hands?”

“i will start touching my chest.”

“What will you know is happening when you are caressing and massaging and playing with your chest?” SHE inquired.

“i will know i am feeling up YOUR breasts.”

“And what shall take place when you hear ME snap MY feminine fingers?”

“i will start toying with my nipples.”

“What will you know is happening when you play with your nipples?”

“I will believe i am playing with YOUR sexy nipples.”

“Very good. you are doing so very well. MISTRESS MARQUESA is pleased with your progress. Now I shall count up from one to three. After I have said the number “Three,” then you will be fully awake, fully alert, and fully able to perceive and respond to any stimulus in your environment. One, your conscious mind will be completely unaware that you have been mistressfully and masterfully mesmerized by MAGNETIC, MAGNIFICENT, MERCILESS MISTRESS MARQUESA. The subconscious portion of your mind will automatically obey and unconsciously carry out each and every one of MY suggestions, My instructions, and MY commandments to you. For you surely know, and are absolutely certain, that MY supreme, superior will is stronger than your servile, subjugated will. Two, your eyes are starting to easily and peacefully open. you are becoming more and more aware of the world around you. When you hear ME clap MY feminine hands, your subconscious mind will irresistibly compel you to start feeling, touching, caressing, and massaging your chest. Once you have started fondling your chest, you shall continue to do so. When you hear ME snap MY fingers, then you will be unable to resist the irresistible compulsion to play with your nipples. And now, with the last number I shall say to you, you will be completely conscious and in your regular and normal state of mind. That number is the number, “Three.”

Inexplicably, from his perspective, he yawned, stretched and felt his eyes opening. The amusingly bemused submissive was extremely apologetic concerning his rude behavior of nodding off in HER presence. As a sign of his contriteness, he did passionately kiss and lick clean with his worthless tongue the soles and very high heels of HER soul-stirring, stiletto, suede shoes. These actions did he with no suggestion, instruction, or commandment from SHE WHO had turned his mentality into nothing, save jelly.

As they conversed for several minutes, from time to time SHE did snap HER fingers or clap HER hands. On each of these occasions, all of HER suggestive posthypnotic suggestions were carried out to the letter and spirit of HER law. With every moment of his obedience, he became more aroused than before. There were instances when SHE asked him what he was doing and why was he doing such things? The answers SHE had deftly programmed into his mind came seamlessly and thoughtlessly out of his mouth. When SHE informed him that his answer to HER query was inaccurate, then he did insist that all he said to HER could be nothing save the truth.

At last he could no longer withstand the power of his awesome arousal. With: a powerful contraction felt in many of his muscles; an exaggerated roach of his spinal column; and an utterance he had never before heard himself utter, now did he cum as he had never come before. Once more did SHE laugh at him. SHE expressly and exactly employed the laughter one hears on HER “Eternal Love” recording soon after SHE irresistibly issues HER compelling, constraining command to, “Cum for ME!”

Again did he hear HER say unto him his hypnotic trigger. To no one’s surprise he returned to the depthless depths of deep, deep hypnotic surrender to HER and HER alone. SHE removed HER commands concerning his responses to HER clapping HER hands or snapping HER fingers. SHE had not forgotten the headwaters of his puerile pridefulness. SHE slowly crossed and appreciatively stared at HER seductively sensuous and sinfully shapely stems. “And now, let us see what can be done about that nasty, little, useless piece of information for which you no longer have any legitimate need.” Said statement so surely said SELF-POSSESSED and SELF-CENTERED AND SELFLESS SIREN, SLAVEHOLDER, AND SEDUCTRESS GODDESS MISTRESS MARQUESA DE SADE.

* * * * *

The highly respectful, to Her SUPERIOR amongst the redoubtable ranks of the Sisterhood of Superior Women, Arch-Queen of the May and Her life-sucking submissive kept the appointed encounter with MISTRESS MARQUESA. GODDESS DE SADE overtaxed and examined this miscreant’s messy mind and motivations. SHE determined he was uncouth, uncaring, untoward, unscrupulous, and undoubtedly unsuitable. The attachment he had formed to and fostered upon the High Arch-Queen was not even an honest expression of a sincere specimen of his deep devotion. Rather it manifested his cunning, cloying, clawing desire and need to possess by becoming the possession of any Strong Woman he ever encountered. HER HYPNOTIC HIGHNESS removed all mesmeric programming from the insipid entrails of his mundanely manipulative inner mannishness, and sent this incredibly intrusive, intrinsically insufferable, eternally emasculated interloper slinking and slithering back to his ignoble, ignominious, incorrigible illusion of an emancipated existence. Even She who was the hindmost and least of the most putrid pariahs within the lowest caste of the ranks of the most rank women did not deserve the dreadful doom of owning, or even associating, with such a coarse, corrupt creature such as this less than a mere male had shown itself to be.

What became of the website belonging to the High Arch-Queen of the May? It was quickly and thoroughly revamped. In its new incarnation, “higharchqueenofthemay.com” extolled its Mistress’s magnificence. There was one peculiar aspect concerning this home page’s new look. Inexplicably, to all save a select few, each of this website’s pages had as its first clickable entry a link to the goddessmarquesa.com erotic and hypnoerotic domination by Superior Women site. After all, with respect to the mano a mano between the High Arch-Queen of the May and GODDESS MISTRESS MARQUESA DE SADE, everyone was absolutely certain concerning who was victorious.

The end.