Pets, you all know (and if you don’t, shame on you! Read more about your Goddess!) that I love dogs. They remind me so much of men. Almost as easy to train, never quite as needy or messy.

But I also have a special fondness for cats. They mesmerize weak-minded humans into loving them on their terms. If you don’t make too much noise and don’t mind being clawed or bitten occasionally, they will allow you to adore them. Whom does that remind you of? Can it be any wonder that one of My best friends is My cat?

Yes, that’s right, pets. I am a Cat Goddess. Just like Bast, who was worshiped by the ancient Egyptians. Her festival was the most lavish and sacred held along the ancient Nile. And all cats were her holy avatars. Clumsy Greek travelers who accidentally stepped on cats risked being torn limb-from-limb by angry Egyptian mobs.

The Greeks identified Bast with Artemis: Moon-Goddess, Huntress, and My mythical apotheosis. So even in the ancient world My presence could be felt and registered in the collective unconscious. I am an Archetype. No…more than that…I am Divine. Come, pet. If you make the right noises and can endure a few claws and bites, I may allow You to adore Me….