dreamscometrulywildThe game of chess  has fascinated and inspired players and fans for centuries.
I feel the time has come for Me to talk about this marvelous mind game’s Femdom aspect.
+  The queen is the most powerful piece on the chessboard.
+  She can move like the rook or the bishop.
+  Roughly half the chess pieces are in Her retinue–Queen’s knight, Queen’s pawns, etc.
+  Half the chessboards squares are on Her side of the board.
+  When setting up the chessboard, the pieces are in their correct position when a white square is the closest one
to each player’s right hand and each player’s queen stands on a square the same color as She is.
+  Any pawn which successfully reaches the final row on the board it can move to can be exchanged for that player’s
Queen [if She’s been captured] or can become another Queen for that player.
+  The only piece which must be protected at all times is each player’s king–the highest ranking male on the
board.  Hint, Hint!   😉
*  I hope My winning WORDS OF SEDUCTION soothingly stimulate you to realize that worthwhile Women’s powers and prowess are exquisitely expressed in each chess game that has ever been and will ever be played.
*  Comments, questions, and suggestions are always welcome.
Goddess Marquesa