Disclaimer: In this story a fictional character engages in the unethical behavior of using drugs to gain control of an unsuspecting subject.
I do not condone such behavior or actually utilize it with My potential slaves. I enjoyed the story enough to publish it; because it is a fairly common fantasy and as a fantasy that’s cool with Me. 😉 It is a fantasy for entertainment purposes, for many of you who may have long time fantasized about such wantonly wicked things.


The new clinic had just opened down the street. I drove past it for weeks and never saw anyone enter or exit the building. There was however a beautiful blue  1965 Corvette Stingray convertible in the same space each day.

It was the car that drew me in! That beautiful blue, white top, black leather seats, and a walnut steering wheel. Oh the engine, if only I could see and hear it…a big block V-8 427…

Oh that car could fly. 

Each day I drove by and lusted after the Stingray, till finally I entered the office. To my surprise the place was packed with customers/patients.

I walked in and was greeted by the most amazing pair of green eyes I have ever encountered. My gaze dropped, it is rude to stare I had learned. Lifting my head I was captivated by one of the most beautiful women I had ever seen. As I was stunned by her beauty I saw her lips moving.

“Do you have an appointment? Sir! Sir! Sir!” She commanded.

“Aaaa no, I don’t. I came in to inquire about the corvette in the lot.” I stammered.

“I see,” she cooed. “Well, the car is mine and is not for sale!” She turned slowly and began to step toward the counter.

Drawing up all my courage I mumbled, “Excuse me, Nurse, but what is it that You do here? If I may inquire?”

She smiled and seductively turned and said, “We run a clinic for people who prefer total anonymity and or are afraid of medical institutions. Why?”

“Well I live a couple doors up the street and have never seen a car in lot, except the ‘vette, or any clients.” I offered.

“Well, neighbor, that is exactly what we desired. You see there is an underground garage behind the building with its own entrance. We believe in discretion and privacy for our clients,” She stated. “By the way. Would you like to receive our flyer? Just sign up at the reference desk as you leave. Good day, Mr.?”

“Oh forgive me, Smyth, P. Smyth, at your service.” I rattled off as usual.

“Yes, yes I can see that. Mmmmm.” She hissed under her breath. “Have a beautiful day!” She exclaimed.

I walked out and closed the door. Wow, a clinic for the secretive and famous I pondered. I wonder which actresses used the clinic… Yet, I bet that Nurse would be as pretty as any of them in person, without the make up or photoshop to aid them.

I walked up to my porch, heard the familiar creek as I crossed to unlock and open the door. The door had a slight creak to it it as it was drawn open. I walked through the door, reached down and grabbed the remote off the coffee table and plopped down in the couch to watch the game.

The game was a rout and I must’ve dosed off. I woke in a start when I heard my porch creak. Looking up I thought I saw the Nurse from earlier… I slapped my face lightly. Thinking I was dreaming.

She giggled and said, “You should let me do that, hehehe…”

“Well are you going to invite me in or do you want me to catch a cold standing out here.” She cooed.

“Forgive me, where are my manners. Of course come in! Please. May I offer you something to drink?” I blathered.

“A vodka tonic would be wonderful.” She purred as she sat and cuddled up against the arm of the couch. She propped Her shoes on the coffee table and let out a sigh.

As i made Her drink, i some how thought how natural it was to be serving Her.., wait I don’t even know Her name. i wonder what it is, should i ask or will she just offer it up. i exited the kitchen, rounded the corner, bent down and presented Her, Her drink.

“i hope You like it, i might have made it a bit strong.”

She took a sip, laid Her head back and sighed, “Sit down p smith. Sit here at near My feet.”

“Sure.” i sat down on the ottoman right near where She rested Her beautiful feet.

I summoned up all my courage, why was i so nervous, and asked, “excuse me, but i don’t even know Your name.”

“Oh yes, forgive Me,” she purred. “you may call Me, Marquesa. Dr. Marquesa.”

“Your a Doctor! That is awesome! Forgive me, but i thought You were a Nurse. my mistake, i hope You are offended. That was not my intention at all.” i groveled.

“It is alright, I get that all the time. Just don’t let it happen again.” She joked.

After a night of pleasant conversation and several drinks Marquesa rose and was about ready to leave. She paused to my hand gently and pressed Her thumbnail into my skin, pinching my skin painfully.

i grimaced trying not to show the pain She was inflicting. Marquesa cooed, “Oh, pardon me. Sometimes I don’t know my own strength. I used to be an Olympic weight lifter and I forget the power I have in my hands!”

“Wow You are full of surprises,” i exclaimed. “Wonder what You have in store for an encore?”

“Here,” She handed me a slip of paper that had my name on the line that said patient. Marquesa’s signature was at the bottom and 4:45pm was the time and tomorrow was the date. It was as if this had all been planned out. “Come see Me and find out!” She purred as She sauntered out the door.

Needless to say my night was a shambles. i kept dreaming or were they premonitions of  life to come. Each dream was more intense then the first, but each of them ended with Dr. Marquesa laughing wickedly as Her eyes seemed to steal my soul.

Sixteen hours later i presented my appointment to the reference desk… i was twenty minutes early, i couldn’t wait, i had to go to the clinic and get some answers, hopefully a date.

i waited, shifting constantly in my seat. i thought i heard a giggle, but no one was around except an older distinguished gentleman. He was called in. i was alone with my thoughts and fantasies. Nervously i drummed my fingers on the arm of my chair.

A young delightful brunette entered the room and called my name. i walked through the maze of rooms. Each door was decorated differently. I was led to the one with two green eyes painted on it. The artist must have been an elementary school student, yet the color was breathtakingly beautiful.

The nurse said to lay down on the table in my “undies” and wait. So i did. i waited so long that i curled up and slept.

i was awoken by a loud CLAP!!

my eyes darted around the room to see the brunette standing there smiling.

“Have a good nap little boy?” She smirked.

“How long have i been here?” i questioned.

“Just a few minutes, the doctor is almost ready. i came in to draw a little blood and then I’m out of here!” She giggled.

“With a little pinch the needle, no a syringe was inserted into my arm and she slowly pushed the plunger down, smiling wickedly as she did.

my arm became numb, then slowly my whole body went rigid, as if frozen. i couldn’t move, but i could feel everything. It was as if my sense of touch had been magnified a thousand times. i could see, hear, probably taste but i was feeling everything. The slight breeze the nurses de as she walked out. Each foot of the fly as it walked across my left shin. It was incredible, other worldly.

i felt the table vibrate as She opened the door and walked to my table.

“Amazing isn’t it?” Marquesa stated. “Just wait, you’ll become addicted to it. Or should I say you’ll become addicted to what I will do to you and how it feels.”

“For instance, this…”

Marquesa took Her right thumb and forefinger and gripped my nipple with her pearlescent red nails and squeezed!!

i screamed! Though i couldn’t hear it. i screamed again louder, because Marquesa had stopped twisting my nipple.

The agony of Her letting go was far greater hen any pain i had ever felt. It wasn’t an agonizing or cruel pain, but a pain of emptiness. Marquesa brought an alligator clamp into view and rubbed my face with it. The pleasure of that cold metal clamp brushing against my cheek was so arousing, almost orgasmic in nature. Then i felt pressure relieved from around my waist and a draft across my groin.

i don’t know if i was erect or not, but i felt so sexually charged that i should have exploded. Then it felt as if a piranha had latched onto my left testicle… Screaming silently i realized where the clamp had been applied… Sheer torturous agony. Tears  begin to slowly roll down my cheek and across my ear.

Marquesa looked into my eyes, triumphantly She purred… “This is what I have planned for you. you will suffer and then you will know what suffering really means. you don’t understand do you.. Haha!! As I, Goddess Marquesa, planned it! The drug that you were given is a tactile enhancer. It makes everything that touches your skin horribly painful, at first. Yet, take it away and that void makes the original pain seem like licking an ice cream cone, not painful at all. That little alligator clamp on your left testicle now feels, well, quite wonderful correct? I see by the horrified look in your eyes that I am right! Well, just wait p.smyth, till I release that clamp. HAHAHAHA. You will give me anything i want, you’ll tell me everything i want to hear! Oh, wait, you can’t, because I laced the viral with a paralytic. You can’t move! What will you do?”

“Well let’s find out!” Marquesa demanded. Her hand reached down to my groin and loosened the clamp. She paused, stared into my eyes, then ripped of the clamp. i looked up into those beautiful emerald pools of passion! i saw something i never had seen before… My soul! It was being sucked away by Her stare. my body began to feel an absence, a void a depth of darkness that captured all feeling and left me void.

The pure hell of what i was feeling, seemed to me as if my body was burning on the inside and out along with all the area in between. It was always burning but never being consumed… i was on the brink of insanity.. The emptiness became so great that i could no longer see. All hope had been sucked from me.

A laugh, a giggle, a wicked cackle echoed in my ears for what seemed like forever. Then a shadow lowered over me. Pressure upon my lips, luscious lovely perfumed pressure embraced my lips. Suddenly my mind exploded in colors, slowly my eyes adjusted and i saw Her as She truly was…a Goddess!

A shimmering light surrounded Her! Electricity reanimated from Her fingertips! She spoke and i was freed from my paralysis! i feel to my knees before Her Presence. She closed Her thumb and finger together and both my nipples exploded in sexual bliss!

Her left hand moved and my cock throbbed to the point of ejaculation. i had become a sexual bomb and needed to explode! She had me edging into sensory overload… She smiled wider and brighter! Marquesa was beyond adjectives worthy to describe Her beauty!

Marquesa whispered “Do you love ME? Then worship the feet of your Goddess and keep yourself on the edge till I command otherwise!”

i rolled off the table, crawled on my knees and began to kiss Her feet! Licking and sucking Her feet till my mouth had gone dry. i rested Her feet on my face, for there was nothing else for me to do.

i glanced up to see a satisfied smile on Goddess Marquesa’s face. She spoke a word and i was overjoyed! “DENIED you are denied my slave!!” Marquesa commanded!

i had never been so happy in all my life. Marquesa had filled that void of emptiness and any acknowledgement from Her was sheer ecstasy!

Now i can’t wait for my next appointment, which is tomorrow! Always tomorrow!