One day I left my computer on with Krystal’s website up and my wife found it. She decided to spend some time on the site and learned a lot and planned something for me. That night she said she had a surpise for me and told me to go up to the bedroom take off all my clothes and sit on the end of the bed and wait for her. She came into the room in a light robe I could just see through a little. Under her robe she had on my favorite bra. A really sexy one that made her 38D breasts look huge with great cleavage. Her panties were high cut and tight. As always I did not know which to look at first. My wife took care of that for me. She said don’t move and look through the robe at her great big breasts. I did as I was told and started to get hard. She said just relax and stare at her breasts.

Then she started the induction she had picked up from Lady Mesmer’s website. “Relax, look at my tits, and relax, deeper and deeper, you are getting harder and harder. My tits are all you care about. Their power is putting you in a deep wonderful surrender trance. Don’t fight them. You can’t resist. Deeper deeper harder and harder. You must close your eyes but you can still see my bra filled with my big round firm tits. Deeper deeper it feels so good. Open your eyes and stay in a deep trance. Good boy. I am going to take off my robe now so you can see my big powerful breasts better. The more you look the deeper you go and the harder you get. My big round breasts control your every thought. You must submit to me forever. Deeper and deeper harder and harder. You can only cum if I allow it. Whenever I wear this bra you will go into a deep surrender trance and submit to me.. But my tits will always control you. Know you must submit to me and cum for me and only me.” She made me lie on my back and straddled me so I could look up at her commanding tits and allowed me my release…. my submission to her complete.
We go to Krystal’s site together now just so she can get some new ideas and find new and more excitng ways to entance me and deepen my submission!