It was a typical late summer’s night in New York:  sultry, hot and humid.  It had just rained, but the night was clear now and the bright light of the Moon snuck down between the rooftops and kissed the glistening, wet streets.  As the special limo carrying my most beloved, adored, and worshiped Mistress Marquesa and myself, Her submissive, pliant, obedient, pink lingerie clad slave/slut girl Danielle careened downtown, I could see that the city was indeed alive, despite the obtrusive heat and very late hour. People were everywhere:  standing and mulling around on the street corners and sidewalks; on fire escapes and hanging from windows.  And even inside the limo, I could hear the pulse of music and noise pounding.  New York, as it has been said over and over, is a city that never sleeps.  Tonight it was plainly too hot to sleep.  And sleep, I knew, was the last thing my dearest and most revered Mistress had in mind for me, her little slave boy/girl slut, that evening.  For we were definitely all dressed up with someplace to go.

This was our last evening together in New York City.  The trip was originally intended to be a business trip for me, but the temptation to have my beloved Mistress Goddess Marquesa accompany me was too great and, when She accepted, my life took a miraculous and marvelous new turn.  In New York City, we stayed in a small but very comfortable suite in the elegant Sherry Netherland Hotel, just off Central Park.  I made sure that the suit had a perfect view of the Park for Mistress’s pleasure.  And during our time alone in the suit, I also made sure that I was attired exclusively, per my Mistress Goddess’s command, in my slinky, silky slave/slut pink lingerie, complete with push-up bra for my tits, lacy garter belt, frilly crotchless panties, which gave my Mistress Goddess constant access to my whore ass, which She spanked and whipped at her desire day and night), midnight black stockings and pink high-heeled pumps; plus, of course, my leather cock and ball restraint and ever present nipple clamps and weights.  My slave/slut nipples, under Mistress’s constant care and inspection, had grown considerable since Mistress insisted I keep the heavy rubber suction cups on for a minimum of 20 minutes each day.  Sometimes Mistress chose to have me wear the suction cups during the day, while we were out in public.  The cups stuck brazenly out from under my shirt, attracting quizzical glares from passersby, but again I didn’t care.  For I knew full well, and in fact reveled in, the fact that I was placed on earth for my Mistress’s delight, amusement, and pleasure; that I was entirely Her property and Hers alone to sculpt, mold, and shape into the very best slave/slut whore girl I could be.  My slut/slave girl tits and nipples had become fuller than ever, and more importantly, much more accessible for Mistress to pinch, pull, and flick with Her fingernail and, of course, use the coveted wire brush on until the inflated tits were a pinkish, puffy red that struggled to stand straight out in Her honor and Her glory alone.


“Very good Debuslave girl Danielle.  Mistress Marquesa, as well as the other Mistresses in attendance, should like this very much,” she said, tying the ribbon at the top of my cock into a nice bow.


Finally, Nicholle removed the clamps from my nipples and put an a set of suction cups.  She did this with great skill and the cups clung tightly to my slave/slut titties and I could immediately feel the nipples enlarging.  “We will remove these,” she said, “just before ‘showtime.’  Tonight, a select group of slaves will be introduced as Debuslaves by their Mistresses to a group of New York’s most noted mistresses.  If the slave performs well and is accepted, he/she can expect, as I’m sure your Mistress Marquesa explained to you, a long and fulfilling life of slavehood and servitude.  If the slave, if you Danielle, do not perform well,”  Nocholle boded ominously, “then you will bne cast out of here in a most perfunctory manner, never to see your Mistress again.”


I swallowed nervously and Nicholle picked up on my anxiety at once.  “But I don’t think that you have too much to worry about,” Nichole said.  Mistress Goddess Marquesa is world-renound and one of the best, if not the best, Mistress here.  I seriously doubt She would risk presenting you as a Debuslave at this cotillion were She not certain of your worthiness.  But,”  Nicholle warned again, “you never know.  Now, you just sit here alone for a while and contemplate what I have told you.”  And with that, she left silently, turning off the light as she exited, leaving me in total darkness with my thoughts.


Fortunately for me, I was not left alone too long, for in a few minutes Nicholle returned, grabbed my hand and led me out down a long hall and finally into an anteroom leading to a large room, complete with a stage and about fifty plush seats.  I could see a coterie of Dominants already seated before Nicholle led me to a row of curved seats just to the left of the stage.  My Mistress Goddess Marquesa was already seated and when I sat down next to Her She simply took one look at me, nodded and turned away.  A moment later, the Debuslave Cotillion began.


A very tall, leather clad Dominant took center stage and in a deep, powerful voice welcomed the other Mistresses to the New York Dominant Debuslave Cotillion.  She explained that ten Mistresses from around the world would be presenting their specially chosen slaves to other Mistresses/Dominants in attendance.  These Dominants in the audience, the Mistress Emcee added, would decide by their response if a slave measured up and would become a Debuslave or simply be cast out without a second thought.  A quick look around where we were seated revealed the Mistress Marquesa and I would be last to go.  Was that a good, or was it a bad, omen?  Only time would tell.  I glanced over at my beloved Mistress Goddess for reassurance, but again, She only looked straight ahead, paying no attention.


One by one Mistresses presented their slaves, putting them through a variety of commands, exercises and paces.  Each slave was different.  There was a rubber slave who was given a voluminous soapy enema by his rubber mistress, while she urinated on him.  Although I cringed at the sight, the poor rubber Debuslave ‘held his water,’ much to the delight of the Mistresses in the audience.  A second slave was clearly an equestrian slave, with a stern Mistress in black leather riding gear, who mounted him, put a hard steel bit in his mouth and rode him around the stage.  But alas, his gait and alacrity did not please many of the Dominants in the audience and he and his Mistress were summarily excused.  God only knows what happened to him when his Mistress got him alone and dealt with his poor performance.


Next there was a whipping boy slave who was administered countless lashes with a cat-o-nine-tails by a Mistress dressed as a powerful lioness.  Then a muscle-bound slave who dragged barbells on the stage and was spanked by his Mistress as he lifted weights, then flexed for the audience.  Each of these was met with varied responses, but most of the Dominants simply yelled out “Boring” or “Next please.”  These were followed by an assortment of Mistresses and their slaves, very few of whom pleased the exacting Dominants in attendance.


Finally, it was our turn.  Before we arose and moved toward center stage, my Mistress Goddess simply turned to me, removed the suction cups from my now huge nipples, and whispered in my ear, “I have great faith in you Danielle.  I know you will do fine.”  And with that, my heart soared and my revered Goddess and I walked to center stage and hit the spotlight.


Our Debuslave demonstration was short and quite to the point.  First Mistress Marquesa bound me tightly to a wooden cross that was lowered from above.  Once I was helpless and unable to move, She pulled down the cups of my pink Debuslave/slut bra and displayed my now enormous tits, which drew applause, oohs and aha from the Dominants ibn the audience.  Then Mistress took out a long golden needle from Her pocket, along with a cigarette lighter and placed the tip of the needle under the flame until it glowed and glinted with an unmistakable heat.  With seeming effortlessness and incredible grace, Mistress the pierced my huge slave/slut nipples with the needle, replacing it with a diamond and gold stud after She was sure that the piercing took.  And although the pain was intense, even great for a few moments, Mistress Goddess Marquesa had trained me well and I didn’t move a muscle.  This drew admiring applause from the crowd of Dominants.  Then, Mistress Marquesa untied the pink ribboned bondage from my ball sac and again, with grace and ease, pierced the sac in two places, again putting in diamond and gold studs to replace the needle when its work was done.  And again I stayed still, surrendering to the pain and to the satisfaction of pleasing my dearest, beloved Mistress Goddess.  Next Mistress spun me around until my back was to the audience.  I could not see what She was about to do, but the tension in the room was thick and fraught with anticipation.  But the mystery was not long in being solved, as Mistress then, with a small but visible prod, branded my ass cheeks, one and then the other.  I could feel the gold prod sinking into my slave/slut ass cheeks and smelled the unmistakable odor of burning flesh.  The pain was overwhelming, but again the perfect training Mistress had given me served me well and I fought off the pain, remaining still again until the pain subsided as the audience erupted in applause.  Finally, the Emcee Dominant came on stage and said to the crowd, “In case you can’t read this,”  she said, pointing to my branded Debuslave ass, “it says, ‘Property of MM.’ and we all know who that is, don’t we friends and Dominants.”


“Mistress Marquesa, Mistress Marquesa, Mistress Marquesa,” the appreciative and awestruck crowd chanted.


Mistress then unbound me and led me off stage, putting me into the care of Nicholle once again, while my Mistress Goddess went to accept the accolades of the Dominant peers.  Nicholle led back to the dressing room and applied a soothing oil to my now branded Debuslave ass until the pain subsided.  “Well,” Nichole said admitting my new brand, “I guess that answers the question as to whether Mistress Marquesa wants you to be Her property for life.  Grow old and prosper.”  Nicholle said before returning me to my Mistress Goddess.


During the limo ride back to our hotel and during the walk up to our suite, Mistress did not say a word to me.  And, of course, because I don’t speak unless spoken to, I kept my mouth shut.  It was only after we entered our suite that Mistress told me, “Position number three, my little Debuslave girl,” and I did so immediately, head bowed in reverence as Mistress placed Her foot under my face.  “Kiss it Danielle.”  She commanded and I did so passionately, fervently and with great adoration and love.  “You performed well tonight, My little slut slave girl.” Mistress said.  “And you have pleased Me greatly.  You know, of course, now that you wear my brand you are officially mine for ever.  After all, no one else would want you now, but no one else can have you.  You, My little whore/slut Debuslave, are Mine, all Mine.  Does that please you, Danielle?”


“Yes, a thousand times yes, my dearest Mistress Goddess.  All I ever wanted to be was Yours for ever.  I thank You and I love You totally from the depths of my heart.”


“Good my little slut.”  My Mistress Goddess said as She moved Her foot away and put a plush throw pillow on the floor.  “Now, on your back, with your ass on the pillow.” She ordered and I did so immediately.  “Here,” Mistress said, “is your reward.”  And with that She lowered Herself onto my face and let me service Her incredible vagina and clitoris.  I made passionate oral love to my Mistress, letting my tongue and lips wash over Her, massaging and loving Her with all of the feeling and fervor in my heart and soul.  Mistress allowed me to make oral love to Her for what seemed like an hour until She orgasmed and bucked feverishly atop me and Her nectar cascaded over me in waves.  When She finished, She ordered me into position number four, telling me to spread my legs and cheeks wide.


As I did so, I could hear Mistress donning and greasing up a strap-on dildo.  “Now,” She said, “I want to take possession of your newly branded ass.”  And She slowly but surely penetrated me, letting the fingers of one hand roam over the letters now seared into my ass while the fingers of the other, clutching the coveted wire brush, strayed over my still huge tits and nipples, making them delicious red.  The fucking was incredible and I was quietly delirious with pleasure.  Waves of Debuslave slut/whore pleasure came over me and I spontaneously telling my Mistress Goddess how I loved Her, worshiped Her and belonged exclusively to Her for life.  My own orgasm started to explode up from inside my Debuslave cunt/ass and finally rose inexorably into my Debuslave clit/cock.  Mistress sensed this and ordered me to come for Her, which I did in explosive waves, thanking Her and screaming my submission to Her as the orgasm shot through me.  Finally, we collapsed together, and, for the first glorious time, we fell asleep together, with me holding my revered, adored Mistress Goddess Marquesa in my ever-thankful, ever-obedient, ever-submissive Debuslave arms.