Hypnotic Surrender is the ‘quintessential’ submission recording from Goddess/Mistress Marquesa, as well as being a truly wonderful, and absolutely necessary FIRST recording for anyone wishing to submit and surrender to Goddess/Mistress Marquesa.  (This is absolutely necessary because, if you mess up like I did and don’t submit to Goddess/Mistress Marquesa for the first time under this recording you risk wasting a lot of time; as I did; trying to succumb to her without actually understanding what it means to submit to her control.  Please don’t do this.)

In this audio recording Goddess/Mistress Marquesa will take you into your first hypnotic trance under Her influence and into your first submission to Her amazing Will.  While you are listening to it She will tell you all that She is going to inevitably  do to you, as you begin your journey into rapturous submission to Her will.  (You may not realize the truth of that statement right away, but I can tell you that She has, over time, done everything, and more, to me that She says She will do in this recording.)  You will come to delight in hearing Her wonderfully powerful and supremely listen-to-able voice.  You will come to yearn to hear that beautiful voice.  You come to will happily obey Her instructions without reservation.  You will come profoundly and rapturously!  Hers will become the voice of the new “Truth” in your life.  You’re going to love it.  You’re going to crave it and Her.  So Very Much!

Rest easy; She will not try to take over your life.  I have been with The Mistress for many years and She has never asked, or required, or post-hypnotically suggested that I do anything that would interfere with my life outside of me actively seeking Her hypnotic control.  The worst influence She has been is that I capitalize every reference to Her that I type.  The best influence that She has been is that because of Her I treat all women I meet or know or deal with in any manner with honor and respect.  (Not such a bad legacy.)

This recording should and ought to be listened to before any other of The Mistress’ recordings as it establishes the delightful dynamic of your submission in your relationship with The Mistress.  And that’s what you really want, isn’t it?

Goddess/Mistress Marquesa’s exotic velveteen voice will seduce you and take you to worlds that you never thought could exist within the confines of your mind.  She will begin to make you Hers (and only Hers) and you will ultimately find that you have no choice or desire but to comply with Her will.  This recording will not turn you into a mindless submissive the first time you listen to it.  (That is not how hypnotism works.)  I suggest listening to it every night for five nights and then at least twice a week, until you begin to realize that the Mistress is getting into your subconscious and into your daily conscious thoughts.  It won’t take too long.  If you open your heart and your mind to her you will not regret it.  I don’t… I celebrate it.

I suggest that the next recording you get be Training Exercises.  It is the perfect follow on (IMHO) to Hypnotic Surrender.

If you already have this recording, why not listen to it again tonight, to re-commit yourself to the Goddess/Mistress; or whenever you might want to re-experience that amazing, “first time Marquesa got to you,” feeling.  It is such a great feeling!

Mesmerized by Her,