Dr. & Dr. Jones were sociologists……. perhaps that needs explaining.

Dr. Josephine Jones was a Ph.D. in sociology from a prestigious Eastern university. Four years ago, she married Dr. William Jones, a prominent archeologist and explorer. Their backgrounds were similar, but that wasn’t enough to keep William from playing around with his students. This was an embarrassment to Josephine ( her friends called her Jo) because they taught at the same university, and EVERYONE knew how William disrespected Jo by his treatment of her.

Nevertheless, they continued to work together and despite Williams extra curricular activities a grant from a well known magazine allowed them both to go on an extensive tour of the Amazon River Basin, in search of lost civilizations.

No, they didn’t expect to see LIVING civilizations… but the archeological remnants of past societies. Perhaps even the legendary Amazon warriors!!

This type of “dig” was not easy. They first had to fly to Manaus, a city in the interior of Brazil. This city was located over 1000 miles from the mouth of the Amazon, and the immense river flowed seven miles wide. They then transferred to a small steam powered boat and proceeded to head into the jungle , toward the source of the Amazon , and the Amazonian legends. Several weeks passed , but they had still not reached their goal. The river had become narrower and narrower as they approached it’s source and the travel became harder for the pair for they had long since stopped talking to each other. The pressure was now showing on both of them. After all, Jo was hurt and angered by Bill’s seeming pride in the fact he had screwed so many of his students, and he, in fact, thought that was the role of the male…”to screw around while his mate stayed home.” He even used the term “barefoot and pregnant” one time, but Jo vowed NEVER to be either and decided to file for divorce upon their return to the US.

Communications became strained—then non-existent.

But both were professional scientists, and had invested considerable time in this endeavor, and they continued on. The book they would write about this trip might make them BOTH rich , so Jo just kept up her scientific duties , as did Bill. Then, seventy-one days into their journey something outrageous happened! Something neither of them had expected. A small “war party” of leather-clad women attacked their boat, by canoe. The powerfully built warriors quickly overwhelmed the unarmed duo and firmly bound them . The two were then conveyed , still in ropes, to a village not too far from the river located in a hidden jungle clearing.

There , they were both stunned to see an ancient stone temple in the center of the remote village. This temple was obviously where they were being taken.

Upon arriving they were pushed (by the powerful women) into a large room. The central point of the room was a huge golden throne. And there, upon the throne, sat a stunningly beautiful, dark warrior princess. Her features combined the best qualities of both Indian and Spanish heritages. Her cheekbones were high and smooth, and her lips full and voluptuous. Her large , dark eyes seemed to almost glow with an inner power.

Dressed in warrior’s garb, her lovely, lush body was visible to all. Long tanned legs, firm rippled belly, and gigantic full breasts made Her appear almost to be a Goddess.

“I am Princess Xuxa, ” She declared. ” The leader of the last of the Amazon Warrior race. You two, will become the saviors of my nation. New blood ,we need new blood and you will provide that. No outsider has visited this place in a generation. We have had no male slaves to perpetuate our race…… but now we have YOU!”

The Doctors looked questioningly at each other. “New Blood?” Jo asked.

“Yes, the male will be used to impregnate many of our warriors, and you my dear will go back to your home and bring back more men for us to use.” Xuxa responded.

Bill smiled . this might be OK, after all. A few weeks fucking, then back home. He was going to LIKE this. And hell, it would make a GREAT chapter in “his” book!

The Amazon Goddess spoke again.

“Then when you bring back another male to expand our civilization, this one will be killed.”

The smile left Bill’s lips, “KILLED ?”

Jo spoke up, “As much as this man has been an asshole to me , I still would not allow you to kill him. He is my mate, at least for a while.”

Bill chimed in, ” Jo , if you don’t recruit a new male for them, I will remain alive.” He then leaned over and whispered to her, ” When they let you loose get the army to come back here to capture these broads. This will be the scientific discovery of the century. And we can share it.” With a gesture of Her hand Xuxa instructed that the two be taken to separate cells, where She would speak to them. NO ONE ever had resisted Her commands, and these two strangers would be no different. Their capture, had been a lucky event for Her people, She would not let this opportunity slip away.

Jo had been in her cell several hours when she discovered a loose stone near the floor. She scraped away at the mortar holding it in place with a dull knife they had giver her to eat with. Her concentration on digging away the stone was so intense that she did not even notice the cell door quietly opening as she knelt and dug.

It was Princess Xuxa.

The Princess quietly crept closer to the pre-occupied doctor.

She knelt right next to her and touched her shoulder.

Startled, Jo turned and looked into the beautiful face of the Princess. The professor’s face contorted in a look of fear and surprise as she looked directly into Xuxa’s mesmerizing and hypnotic eyes.”It’s all right , mi esclava, you can keep looking at Me…. looking Me right in the eyes…… gazing into My deep, deep, eyes ….. you are becoming LOST in My eyes, Jo….. as you stare into My eyes you can feel My power over you grow….. that’s right mi esclava…. keep looking…. you are not able to look away…….look…. look… ”

Jo didn’t know what was happening, but somehow she felt as if the words Xuxa was whispering into her ear were the truth. She WAS lost in the dark beauty’s eyes.

“You are falling under My power……. you have no will of your own….you obey ONLY My will…. My will IS your will…. you are MINE to control…. you are MINE…”

Jo suddenly realized that she was being hypnotized by the stunning beauty and tried to look away from those deep, dark, compelling eyes. She blinked.

Her muscles tensed as if to flee.

“No … no… My pet…. you may TRY to avert your eyes, but it is SO hard to do…. you are not strong enough to look away… I am TOO powerful for you to resist…. you CANNOT resist My power… remember… you are Mine to control… Mine to control…”

The blond professor was trapped. Helpless to resist the magical commands of the Amazon Princess. Jo remained kneeling and staring helplessly entranced by the dark beauty’s burning eyes.

“Nooo…please don’t… i must..” Xuxa whisper the words that penetrated deep into Jo’s mind, “you are MINE to control”.

“..i… am Yours to control…….” Jo whispered as her mind ceased all resistance. Xuxu whispered, “this is what we will do.” She then gave the helpless doctor instructions as to what would happen next. Still gazing deep into her captives eyes Xuxa slowly drew Jo’s face closer to her. Their lips met and the desire that Jo felt for her new Princess bound her to Xuxa , forever.

An hour or so later Jo was thrown into the cell with Bill. As she lay on the floor sobbing, they talked.

“I tried to escape but I couldn’t Bill, Xuxa was too strong, She stopped me from running away. I think you were right ,the only way out of here is to PRETEND to cooperate. I’ll tell them that I will return to the University to recruit new studs and when they let me loose I will get the authorities to come back here and free you. Do you think you will be able to screw one of these warriors every night until I return with the army?”

A wry smile crossed his face, “please don’t throw me into that briar patch, Br’er Jo,” he laughed. “I can keep it up as long as there are new warrior women to fuck. Just come back with the soldiers in less that a year, 200-300 days and I MAY get tired.”

They fell asleep in each others arms that night.

The next day Jo set off to civilization and Bill began his ordeal, and it WAS an ordeal!

Bill felt he would have no trouble in satisfying these women,after all it had been YEARS since they had been with a man. What he did not know was that the Amazon warriors were dominant in every way. They forced him to perform as THEY liked. Any deviation, by him, resulted in a
beating. He was lashed repeatedly until his back was covered with welts. When he wasn’t actually “performing” for the Amazons he was kept tied up in a small cell. His hands bound above his head as he stood, feet barely touching the ground, for hours at a time.

Every day the Amazon he was scheduled to service that night came into his cell and examined him. Some would kiss and fondle him until his balls ached with anticipation, yet he dare not cum, for fear of not fulfilling his duty that night.

Some would beat him with whips made of the leather of jungle beasts, to excite THEMSELVES before the evening’s activities. When he performed exceptionally well a warrior might let him spend an extra hour or two unbound, and feed him fruit and wine. When he was a disappointment to his nightly visitor (as he often was) he would be punished , and the punishment grew more innovative as the women became more familiar with the male anatomy.

Cock and ball torture and restraints were soon a regular part of his life as was his forced worship of the warrior’s feet, legs, breasts and pussies. One particularly cruel yet beautiful warrior goddess made him kneel before Her and held him by the hair as She kissed him roughly on the mouth, thrusting her tongue into his as if HE were being raped by her tongue. As he became more excited by Her actions he opened his lips to kiss Her. She laughingly pulled back and spit into his open mouth.

He was humiliated!

The warriors LOVED dominating him and harvesting his seed, and he grew more despondent as the humiliations grew. As the days passed he became more and more certain he would die in this village. Jo must have gotten lost , or injured on her journey. It seemed MONTHS had passed and she had not returned.

Finally, one evening, the Princess Xuxa approached him in his cell and ran Her hands across his body. ” You have performed well my pet… you have serviced EVERY warrior of the village and several of them show signs of being with child. Tonight it is your night with ME, you lucky male . You showed us that you were strong enough to last until your ultimate experience, with Me your Princess.”

With that, She placed Her strong hands on each side of his face , as if to kiss him, and drew his head close to Hers. Then She fully opened Her dark, hypnotic eyes and stared into his, exercising the powerful jungle magic that had made Her the ruler of this tribe.

“LOOK… look deeply into My eyes. My male sex slave. No one can resist My magic—especially not a puny male like you… LOOK and OBEY.”

She released him from his PHYSICAL bonds, and yet he stood frozen before Her. his MENTAL bonds were even more restrictive than the ropes were. He could move ONLY if She willed it.

Her powerful will had captured his thoughts, he would obey Her in all things.

She tore off the remnants of his clothing exposing his erect manhood. Whipped, abused, or under a hypnotic spell, Her mere presence would bring ANY man to full worshipful erection , and he was still indeed, a man. As she circled Her motionless prey, long leather whip in hand She stopped periodically to lash out with the kissing sting of the whip. First his back then his legs, felt the sweet pain of the whip. Then the warrior princess used her delicate touch to whip first one nipple then the other and finally his firm member, which stayed fully erect, in spite of the punishment.

The torture was exquisite! His lips opened but the Goddess had not permitted him to speak ,so no sound came out.

“You may speak, My slave… what do you wish to tell Me ? I can see you WANT to speak.” She laughed.

“i may be your prisoner, Princess, You may control My mind and body with your magic, Xuxa but when my wife returns she will bring many soldiers and your days as a ruler will be over. She will save me. Then i will fuck You my way!”

As if just the verbalizing of Jo’s name made it so, the door of the cell burst open and there stood his wife, rifle in hand. She was dressed in the shorts and shirt Khaki outfit she had worn for most of the expedition. bill WAS able to manage a smile , even in his weakened condition, knowing he had been saved.

And Jo DID look good, he remembered WHY he had married her, she really was a fox. “Did you bring the army , Jo?” he managed to say before collapsing to his knees in relief and exhaustion.

“Not exactly, bill, but I did bring someone to help. She motioned to a person waiting outside the door and the young, black, graduate student Jordan Wilson, a man he recognized from one of his archeology classes walked into the stone chamber.

“Ah, you must have brought the police and some male students to overpower the Amazons”, he whispered.

“Not exactly, bill, but I did bring Jordan , and he will take your place as the “stud” until I bring Xuxa yet another slave to replace HIM.”

bill’s eyes widened in fear. As he notice that Jordan stood motionless and vacant eyed, obviously under the hypnotic control of Princess Xuxa.

But, they will kill me Jo. Why would you do this to me?

Dr. Josephine Jones looked over to Xuxa with lust in Her eyes. “Because I am in love with Xuxa and I would do anything for Her. And because you, my dear, are an asshole and have treated women in general, and Me in particular, with disrespect.”

As he lay on the ground before the two beautiful women , bill heard Xuxa whisper a command to the entranced graduate student. Jordan began to fondle his huge black manhood until it was hard and throbbing.

“Say it Jordan, Say it, ” the Princess ordered.

“i am Yours to command Goddess” Wilson confessed, shooting his jism all over the prostrate body of the professor who had begun to cry in abject fear.

Jo leaned down and rubbed Her hand across his naked body and scooped up some of the thick white fluid. She held it in front of his mouth and, at a gesture from Xuxa, bill licked Her hand clean, powerless to resist Her magical command. Xuxa reached down and again took bill’s face in Her hand.

“Rise up and walk outside now my pet. Now you know how the male black widow spider feels after he has serviced his queen.

Unable to resist Her mental commands he stood up and walked out of the cell to an open courtyard in the center of the Amazon temple. A firing squad made up of the warriors he had impregnated awaited him as he stood against the wall, eyes wide with fright. He heard the bow strings as the warriors released a fusillade of arrows. He thought he heard Jo’s laughter…….. before the silence enveloped him.

Bill woke sweaty and shaking. His black satin sheets stained with cum and smelling of fear.

And Scrooge thought he had bad dreams!

Bitter sweet came the awareness that maybe he should rethink the way he treated women. Maybe he should take his fiancés advice and seek the help of a professional hypnotist such as the Mesmerizing Marquesa. If anyone could alleviate his nightmares it had to be her! It just had to be her!