John just had a long flight, all the way from the Netherlands to Canada to visit his old college friend during the holidays. It was a long tiring trip and John couldn’t wait to get some sleep at his friends house, because he barely had any during the trip.

John just got his luggage back, when he saw her. He looked at the back of a woman standing just a few meters away from him. She had short blond hair with a thin figure, a firm but bottom that was not too big, but not to small either. In fact it was just the perfect size and from the waist down she had the most amazing legs supported on some high heels.

John couldn’t believe his eyes, from behind this woman looked exactly like Mistress Love. Love was the name of his old Mistress on a hypnotic site called Inraptured. John had been hopelessly addicted to her for years. Addicted to her appearance, addicted to her voice, he was even obsessed by the words that she typed. He knew for a fact that Mistress Love lived in Canada, but this couldn’t be her at the airport, could it? Even if she was, he had promised himself to stop with the hypnosis thing. The addiction was becoming too big.

Lost in his train of thoughts John accidently let his suitcase slip out of his hand. When it hit the ground several people looked, including the lady with the blond hair. John immediately diverted his gaze to his suitcase while picking it up. He had seen a glimpse of hair face though, he had recognized her immediately. Unless she had a twin sister, he was now standing a few feet away from the Mistress who dominated him on the internet for a long time. He had sent some pictures in the past, so if she had seen his face she would probably recognize him too. John was anxious and scared at the same time, did he want to be recognized by her? No he had left that part of his life behind him, he should just turn and walk away.

He had taken the time to pick up his suitcase, making sure nobody paid attention to him anymore. He looked up carefully, just to find himself locking gaze with the one and only Mistress Love.

Mistress Love smiled at seeing her long lost submissive. She wasn’t sure at first, but now that she could take a good look there was no mistaking it. This could really be fun and she had nothing on her schedule anyways.

John just watched as she slowly came his way. He wanted to turn away but at the same time he was frozen by anxiousness and possibly by those beautiful green eyes staring into his.

“John isn’t it, so nice to finally meet you in person” She said while extending her hand.

John was very surprised by her approach. In the past he had masturbated on his knees at her command, but apparently that was a normal thing to her because she greeted him like an old acquaintance . John wasn’t sure how to respond either. He knew her only as Mistress Love, but what was her real name?

“uhm..hi..nice to see you to…I mean meet you in person…also”

Mistress Love didn’t mind his lack of forming sentences, it was something she was used to even. It just happened when boys where in her presence and she couldn’t help but enjoy it. Like a real dome she immediately took charge in their little chat, never breaking eye contact.

“So… What brings you to Canada John? Is it business or pleasure?”

“I’m meeting up with an old friend, so… uhm… pleasure…uhm ma’am?”

Still not sure what to call her, John figured he should just stick with ‘ma’am’ for now. For now? How long was he planning to talk with her? He should wrap it up before he got himself in trouble.

All of a sudden Love’s voice turned very smooth and sultry. “Pleasurrre, how nice… I can really help you with that.”

“Ma’am I need to go…I… you can?”

John was losing the battle against her hypnotic voice and her penetrating gaze.

“Yesss trussst in Missstress Love to give you pleasssure”

Mistress Love knew his favorite recording of her, was the one where she pretended to be a hypnotic snake girl and she was now using that knowledge against him.

“No…I’m.. not into… hypnosis…anymore, need… to… go… my… friend.”

Mistress Love enjoyed this turn of events, the fact that he was trying to resist made it all the more fun. She gently brushed his hair with her hand and took a peak at the bulge in his trousers. Not into hypnosis anymore eh?

“Silly boy, a hypnofetish isn’t something you can stop just like that. You still like to look into my eyes, while I tell you how heavy yours are becoming. Isn’t it true?”

It was so true, Johns mind was starting to get a bit foggy as he became utterly fascinated with her eyes.

“Ye… makes sense”

“O Yesss it makes so much sense, everything is so clear when you are with me. Going deeper… no need to think, just sink. Brainwashing is good for you, rememberrr?”

“Yes ma’am”

“Mistress Love if you please”

“Y-yes Mistress Love”

“There’s my sleepy little Johny, relaxing… deeper as you… sleep now *snap*”

Just like that John’s eyelids collapsed and he smiled blissfully . Ready and eager to obey her whim once again.

Mistress Love was pleased with her recaptured submissive. While ordering him to carry her luggage along with his own, she walked to the exit of the airport. John was of course following along helplessly.

“Rise and shine, sleepy head.”

John awoke in what had to be the living room of Mistress Love. He felt so strangely relaxed, like this was the first time he really had a good sleep since he stopped serving Mistress Love.

John noticed he was sitting on a comfortable sofa, Love was directly in front of him in a chair fit for a queen. She smirked at seeing his dazed expression, as she took a sip of her coffee which had a hint of rum in it.

“I’m sorry for taking you in public like that, I just couldn’t resist. You’re just so dam cute when you’re under.”

John realized how easily he had fallen for Mistress Love. He couldn’t stand how helpless he was in resisting her, already her words began to arouse him again.

“Listen Mistress Love” Why did he still call her Mistress, John thought immediately. “You can’t just kidnap me. Just because we did some things in the past, doesn’t mean I still want to do them now. Where am I anyway?”

Love seemed pleasantly amused by his remark as she folded her legs. “You are in my home Johny, the spiders web, the sssnakes nessst if you will. Just like the helpless fly or a mesmerized little birdie I won’t let you escape that easily”

Love took her time to watch his expression, which was a mixture of disbelief, arousal and even a tiny bit of fear. He knew perfectly well that if she desired to keep him, he probably couldn’t escape her hold.

The short silence was interrupted by Love’s laughter. “I’m just kidding silly, I’m not making you do anything you don’t want to. In fact you can leave right now if that’s what you desire.”

John was surprised by this sudden power exchange and not entirely sure what to do next. Did he really want to leave right now? Maybe just stay 5 more minutes and chat a little, but then he would play right into her hand obviously.

While deciding on what to do, John noticed the crossed leg of Mistress Love as it slowly started swinging.

“I can see your thoughts going baaack and fooorth on this. Is it really that hard of decision? Sometimes I find it hard to think to and I would rather just sink…”

Johns eyes followed her fascinating swinging leg. “baack and foorth yes I know…Its hard to…NO, stop it Mistress Love (why did he keep calling her Mistress, dammit!) I know what you’re trying to do”

“You don’t want me to hypnotize you?” Love asked in a teasingly girlish voice that gave John pleasure shivers.

“N-no..” John replied, not entirely sure of himself anymore.

“Ok, then I won’t” Love stopped moving her leg. “If you’ll stay we can just talk and nothing else”

John had successfully resisted her hypnosis this time. Though, if this was a victory why did he felt so disappointed when the swinging stopped?

John decided to stay a while and they chatted about real boring and absolutely non-hypnosis related stuff. John couldn’t help but crave to see her leg moving again or just looking into her eyes while she would take him. Nothing like that happened though, Mistress Love kept her legs still and she didn’t try to hold his gaze either.

The conversation went on and on. John started to crave the hypnosis more and more when finally, while talking about something work related, Love swung her leg one time. It was just a small movement, but enough to make John almost jump of the couch in anticipation.

“Oopsie” Love said pretending it was an accident. “Sometimes I just automatically swing my leg, I didn’t mean to entrance you or anything”

John wanted her leg to swing before his eyes so badly, but he couldn’t just admit it. “I..I don’t mind you can swing your leg if you want… I mean it’s just a habit I understand.”

Love smirked, I got you now little fly, she thought. “Are you sure? I mean, you might accidently get hypnotized and you don’t want that to happen do you?”

“No.. but…I…well… I don’t mind… I mean you can just swing it… it’s pretty to watch… not that I want to be hypnotized…but… you know”

“So you want to look at my swinging legs, without getting hypnotized? I’m sorry but I just can’t promise that Johny”

Love had him cornered, he was struggling towards the inevitable conclusion and she enjoyed every second of it.

John couldn’t take it anymore as he surrendered to Mistress love: “Can you maybe swing your leg again, I want to be hypnotized”

“I caaan’t here you” Love teased in the same girlish voice as before.

“Please Mistress Love hypnotize me again” John said while his face turned tomato red of embarrassment.

Love was pleased with her slave as she slowly started the motion of her leg again. “See Johny you like hypnosis with Mistress Love, there’s no need to go baaack and foorth with that fantasy. You can just let your eyes go baaack and fooorth, going… deeper… with Mistress Love.”

John was hopelessly falling under the control of Mistress Love, he was sitting on the tip of the couch following the movement of her legs anxiously.

“You like to look at my legs moving left to right in front of your droopy eyelids, why don’t you come closer and take a better look Johny”

Mistress Love was so right, the motion was so mesmerizingly beautiful. He just had to take a closer look. Without being consciously aware of it John was now on his knees before Love, never taking his eyes of her beautiful legs.

“Good boy, you love my words in your sleepy little head. You know you are feeling my words deeper and deeper with each trance… and it is addictive, to be this drawn to a strong, dominant woman. That understands your sensual… submissive side” Love couldn’t help but giggle at the helpless boy in front of her. His jaw was now slightly hanging and his eyes where fighting a losing battle to stay open.

Love stopped swinging her leg and moved her foot underneath John’s chin. With the tip of her foot she closed his mouth and lifted his gaze to meet hers. The moment John’s eyes met the hypnotic stare of Love he was done for. Now totally entranced by Love, John’s eyes went wide, his mouth curled in a goofy smile and his body sacked down. The only thing still holding him up where the lovely pedicured toenails of his beautiful Mistress.

Mistress Love looked at the boy before her, who had so hopelessly fallen into her hypnotic control.

“Who do you trussst?” She asked

“Mistress Love” came the simple answer

“Who do you obey?”

“Mistress Love”

“Who do you love?”

“Mistress Love”

“Good little Johny, you have to understand. I simply took back what is mine, which is your mind. Now be a good boy and eat your Mistress out”

John complied without a wimp, happy to be given a task that would please his Mistress Love. Tomorrow he would go to his friend with no recollection of this evening, but for now he would just serve as Love’s sextoy.

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