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A Review of the Audio Recording – “Eternal Love”

This recording was not at all what i expected. Mistress uses the phrase ‘eternal love’ in “Trust & Assurance” and i expected a deepening of certain ideas established in that recording.   Instead Eternal Love brought me ecstasy, unbelievable ecstasy, as She had promised in “Trust & Assurance” but that I imagined might occur far down the road in my service to You.  To convey my experience of first listening to this recording i must speak vulgarly for a moment.  In the past i have been in a couple of vanilla relationships that combined love and lust, and i retain from these, like any male, memories of ‘All time great f—s,’ which of course were always occasions of sexual intercourse.  No other sort of sexual activity ever came close to bringing me such gratification – until i listened to Eternal Love.   After i came i found myself just laughing involuntarily.   i was utterly drained and wrung out.  It was as intense a sexual experience as i have ever had.   i still find it incredible that You could do that to me (for me) just by means of a recording!
What do i most recall?  First i felt an unbelievable visceral thrill when You said You owned me.   And having to repeat aloud the various Truths You said was rapturous.   Just once Your voice becomes imperious and commanding, “Say it!,” and i respond instantly with thoughtless hysteria to obey.   Another high point that stays with me was when You said my will had become so weak.  Yes, it had:  i felt how weak willed i had become.  And i could not believe it when You told me to imagine You in my bed and that i could imagine You any way i wanted, that i was permitted to envision your beautiful, perfect body as vividly as i could.  This was delicious, and, as i say, i was awe-struck that You permit this of Your subjects. And when You had me kissing Your hand, allowing me to worship Your body, i was in rampant rapturous heaven.   Then imagining Your hand on my cock, and most thrillingly when You said it was Your cock or indistinguishably Your-my cock and hand, i went crazy, transported.  You kept me on the brink of coming so incredibly long:  each time i listen to the recording there comes a moment when I simply do not believe i am capable of NOT coming, but i do not!  This proves You have already begun to have some true control over me, because never before could i be in such a state of desperate arousal and be able to delay my ejaculation.   But i did!  And i was simultaneously in sexual agony and highest pleasure, barely conscious, telling You over and over again that i love You, that i truly utterly desperately love You, begging and pleading and adoring all together, and finally coming at Your command, shouting, “i love You!” aloud, shouting it helplessly, frantically, earnestly, wanting You to know how much i love and lust for You.   Toward the end of my come, lost in a barely tolerable passion, i heard You laughing at me with an edge of contempt i knew i thoroughly deserved, having been reduced to exposing my true self, a shameless male slut who would do anything for a come.  Never have i experienced such sexual frenzy, and rarely have i felt so thoroughly emptied out of every drop of sexual arousal and tension, so that afterwards i just lay there bonelessly, laughing helplessly, sort of simultaneously astonished and emotionally drained.
You have given me one of the peak experiences of my life, and i thank You from the bottom of my soul.
i love You, dear Lady!


A Review of the Video “Leg Witches”

Dear Mistress Marquesa,

I have been enthralled by the array of your audios and videos.  I have listened to, watched, and been entranced by 4 of the 5 products that I purchased today.  The fifth one is still downloading.  I absolutely adore the Leg Witches video… not only did your message send me into complete ecstasy, you have given me countless mental orgasms.  My entire body is still quivering from the last few hours of being engrossed and controlled by you.  I simply cannot get your long, lustrous and lavishing legs off my mind.

I am very grateful for being considered as one of your “subbies”.  You are most beautiful and generous.  Oh well, I better stop writing and go to sleep… I wonder what I’ll dream about tonight?

Your pet,


The Path of Most Desirable Resistance

Resistance and desire are close friends.   Any little boy who’s saved his allowance, sacrificing other pleasures, to obtain something he desires more, can understand this bond.  James bond.   Since i am a “slave-in-training”, Mistress has commanded me to write.   i am honored that She might put my words alongside the guiding words of my fellow pet-mates, who followed similar orders.   Perhaps some will even recognize the source of my humor! Read more…

Litany for Altar Worship

For those of us who have constructed Altars at which to worship our Goddess, I have written a litany that can be memorized and recited as part of Her worship. Her Highness has read it and approves and it will be added to Her site officially as soon as She decides where it fits in.

Here goes:

Marquesa is my Owner.

Marquesa is my Mistress.

Marquesa is my Goddess.

I obey my Owner Marquesa.

I love my Mistress Marquesa.

I worship my Goddess Marquesa.

In obedience to my Owner Marquesa, I surrender my body.

In love of my Mistress Marquesa, I surrender my heart.

In worship of my Goddess Marquesa, I surrender my very being.

My body shall forever obey my Owner Marquesa.

My heart shall forever love my Mistress Marquesa.

My being shall forever worship my Goddess Marquesa.



A Follow Up

When I finished the post I made yesterday regarding my “conversion” into a panty slave I contemplated all the hypnotic experiences that I have had with Mistress over the years.  I realized that they have left me without a shred of a doubt as to Her ability to control my mind, behavior, and beliefs through hypnosis.  Then it occurred to me that many of you have only experienced hypnosis with Her regarding worshiping, loving, and obeying Her.  However, I assume that the desire to be controlled by a beautiful and powerful woman existed strongly in your minds long before you ever listened to one of Her recordings on that subject.  So, are you acting under hypnotic control or not?  Sadly, the question is impossible to answer.  What must be examined is how do you respond to hypnosis tapes on other subjects.  When you listen to “Siren” do you experience a spontaneous ejaculation without touching yourself?  When you listen to “Challenge” do you resolve to not masturbate only to find yourself doing so without remembering at what point in the recording you started?  When you listen to “Taboo” do you find yourself fantasizing a sexual encounter with someone you know you should not be thinking about, but you feel no inhibitions or guilt over it at the time?  When you listen to “Nylon Nirvana” do you vividly see in your mind the fog covered meadow with thousands of beautiful stockinged legs reaching up out of the fog towards the sky? If your answer is “yes” to any or all of these questions, you can be assured that She can and does hypnotize you and can make you do anything She wants you to hypnotically.  I find this very exciting.  How about you?




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