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After “Hypnotic Hotel” and “Hypnotic Happiness” confirmed that Lady Krystal Mesmer was the perfect Hypnodomme for me I decided to venture further into her hypnotic world.
One prevalent topic on the web nowadays is Male Chastity and so I decided, perhaps somewhat ambitiously, to try her Goddess Marquesa’s “Kiss of the Keyholder – your New Life begins” and to experience for myself just how much is reality and how much fantasy.
Note: Lady Krystal Mesmer and Goddess/Mistress Marquesa are differing aspects and personas flowing from the same truly hypnotic and compellingly Dominant Woman hypnoteuse and Hypnodomme.

Her “Keyholder” file is, at 70 minutes, longer than most however I found that there is a reason for this.
All the elements of a Lady Krystal/Goddess Marquesa file are there; the sweet, compelling voice, the expert hypnotic induction, the ability to lose myself completely in her trance and voice. Her voice has for me an increasingly sensual, caressing feel such that as soon as I hear her my eyes close, my body relaxes completely and my mind opens eagerly to allow her in.


Where the first two files were soothing almost gentle, in the “Kiss of the keyholder” Mistress Marquesa, while still gentle, is more commanding and direct when needed. Even the all important Kiss is Goddess Marquesa kissing the listener not the other way.
Lady Krystal’s counterpart Goddess Mistress Marquesa makes it very clear that one’s “New Life” is a life of chastity to Her.


I will not elaborate any details but one is compelled to the solution of a full chastity with an interim virtual chastity. Before listening, and I do now listen everyday, to the file I would not really have believed this possible. However when the virtual device was fitted I could feel it mould to me and in accordance with Her order I have not been able to touch myself in a stimulative manner since. When I have the desire to somehow the desire and intention seem to lose focus and dissipate and the thought drifts off. This does not mean I no longer feel arousal but I cannot hang onto the thought to do anything about it.


Every day I find her voice and presence taking a more and more central role in my mind.
I am being allowed to remain in this virtual situation for a short while till I get used to my “New Life”.
So in all a very powerful induction which has definitely started me off on a “New Life”, a path of chastity controlled by Lady Krystal’s more dominant side Mistress Goddess Marquesa. Where it leads I will relate at a later date.


For more details about “KISS OF THE KEYHOLDER – your NEW LIFE BEGINS” click this link.

A Testimonial to Lady Krystal Mesmer

I have studied hypnosis since 2004 for various reasons. I have found it to be a useful tool for Stress Management.

Since those studies began, I have endlessly researched hundreds and hundreds of sites. While most were interesting and helpful, I finally found what I was searching for when I discovered Lady Krystal and her many, many tremendous talents.

There are no words, no phrases, no descriptions that can illustrate how wonderful she is. Simply put, she is the best at what she does. Her voice is one of an angel. Her awesome communication techniques through her incredible hypnosis talents are wonderfully endless, enchanting and spellbinding.

Lady Krystal will take you to peaceful and pleasurable places, places that most have only dreamt of. Her enchanting, captivating and powerfully hypnotic voice is the voice I have craved for many, many years.

Look no further. There is no hypnosis professional better than Lady Krystal. No one can match her fascinating and enchanting skills, her sweet, satisfying and soothing spells of positive energy and hypnotic peace. And there is more – she is a sincere, sweet and wonderful person filled with goodness.

Your search for “Hypnotic Heaven,” in my opinion, is over. Lady Krystal defines that term!

– Wizard Boy

More Than Just Play

I have had a wonderful relationship with Mistress Marquesa for several years now.
I am sure many of you know what I mean when I say that it is wonderful to see the Mistress in person.

It is so good to play with her in person, but is it just play? Of course the fantasy, that brings me back, is one in which I fantasize about being under Mistress’s total control.
It seems so real when I am with her. Then I go home and the fantasy fades until I reach a point where my need is so acute that I have to see her again.

Because she has so much control when I see her, and less when I do not, I have always thought that what we were doing is playing.
When Mistress found out that I was not using her files, she issued a challenge (command) for me to listen each day for a month.
Of course being a male I realized that I would need several files so that I could fulfill my need for new experiences.

I think it has been a couple of weeks now that I have been listening to files daily. I started with one a day, but when I can responsibly do so I will listen to multiple files in day.
The experience has been amazing.
First off, I became aware of just how much influence the Mistress has had over me. She often says that I have been, and always will be her slave. Now I know what she means.
I heard things in the files that made me realize that I have been begging her for years to do things that I thought were my own ideas, yet now I am not so sure.
She really has been programing, and brain washing me for years. It is amazing how patient she has been with me as I slowly but surely made progress.
Year after year I kept questioning in my mind what she was doing, rather than simply giving in and giving up.

But things have really changed. I have always wanted to obey, but I have always considered carefully what was being asked of me before I took an action.
I would profess undying obedience and then do what I wanted. I believed when I was with Mistress that I would obey her without question. I had an ever growing need to obey.
Now I know the need was being placed in my mind by Mistress.
Hypnosis is real and so was my need to obey, but as the days past between my sessions the power of the hypnotic suggestions weakened. Here is the thing if you really want to be enslaved the key is repetition. I know you knew that, if you are anything like me, but the world of troubles and cares always interfered with my training.

Mistress only has so much time in a day, and if I really want her to have the kind of control I crave, than I have to be continually and constantly placed in trance, and in trance I need constant brainwashing. The experience of becoming addicted to the files is a new one for me, so I do not know if it will last forever.
At this point in time I am never more than a trigger away from falling into a very very deep trance.
I have to be honest this freaks me out a little. However I not sure how I feel about it matter anymore. It’s so hard to imagine disobeying her. I will keep you posted on the progress of the experiment that is more than an experiment!



“i just watched a very powerful and mind blowing video from Goddess Marquesa called “Leading You On” . It is a painful and pleasurable experience that i believe is exactly what each submissive needs. Marquesa’s trance brings you to a deep, mind numbing, place of total peaceful relaxation and openness. You are willing to be guided and molded into Her puppet, Her play toy.
Just when your heart is longing to be totally Marquesa’s. She leads you to a place where you just want to, NO, need to follow Her…. no matter what She requires or desires of you. Then the fun begins! Marquesa’s blissful teasing and tormenting will have you into a frenzied obedience desiring to please Her. You heart will scream for more as you will be taken to new and glorious heights… Begging Marquesa to allow you to become Her object of amusement…
Once you get to this point you still have about a third of the video to still view…. The ending, ohhhh the ending! i’m not one to spoil a movie, but i’ll say this you’ll reach a pinnacle that few men have endured…”

Blessings Goddess Marquesa! You are a shinning light who’s beauty burns into the souls of those whom You choose to privilege with a glance of Your emerald eyes! Once again Thank You for leading me on!

*Oh, and as You slap my face (even though i may shrink back from Your power) i turn the other cheek for twice the pain/pleasure…

At Your feet,


Yearning for Mistress

Dear Goddess Marquesa,

How can a man ever thank You properly for all that You teach and demonstrate with Your feminine confidence. I answered or posted on Your blog or posting because of how You constantly move me in ways that are not possible to totally understand.
First time was when I called and You chatted with me through Lady Krystal, and moments of Yourself, since it was only one phone call I do not expect You would even remember.
Then Your banner add on Inraptured with the idea with one word You could make someone (cum), Goddess always has a repertoire of ideas through videos and mp3s that excite and direct emotional or erotic responses.
So now You make a posting with examples and it just sends me into a spin of admiration of You wanting to share or educate. If only it were not a fantasy, a business, but a random meeting of man and woman and Your gentle conversation crushing my bravado and then me following Your manner of direction until the reality of submission occupies every nerve, muscle, and fiber of my existence so that every breathe has Your scent filling my lungs, every touch a burning need, and every smile a knowledge that You are thinking of my next moment of adoration, succumbing to Your desire.




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